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For prevention of anthropogenic, terrorist and other threats as well as in the events of corruption at the port. Odessa Sea Port Authority 24/7 hotline (048) 706-57-96. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us using the phone book on our web-site

“The port is itself an existence of Odesa”

— Count A.Lanzheron









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Widen business possibilities with TRANS EXPO ODESSA 2020!

In October 27 - 29 there will be the biggest event of Ukrainian transport branch – the international forum TRANS EXPO ODESSA 2020. It is a significant business platform for interaction of transport and infrastructure branch subjects of Ukraine and the world business-community


Organizers of the Forum: ANA MediaCompass and international magazine SHIPPING.


Under support: Ministry of foreign affairs of Ukraine, Ministry of infrastructure of Ukraine, Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority, Odessa city council.


Within the framework of the Forum:

23rd international conference “Ukrainian transport system development: prospects and challenges. FOCUS: dry ports, logistics hubs, industrial parks” together with:

Online bridge between Cyprus shipowners and shipping companies and crewing and shipping companies of Ukraine;

Also there will be 4 specialized exhibitions:
«TransRail Ukraine 2020» - railway sector
international exhibition on shipping, shipbuilding and ports development «Odessa 2020»
«Trans Ukraine 2020» - logistics sector;
«Commercial and municipal transport 2020» - automobile sector

A new hybrid format online and offline;
B2B meetings with shipownerrs and shipping companies;
Possibility to present your new projects within the framework of the business program of the event;
Exchange of experience and new technologies at the Forum;
Networking space for comfortable communication TRANS EXPO SPACE.

Target audience of the event: companies of transport and maritime branches, with activities related to internal and international transportation, shipyards, manufacturers of rolling stock and components for rail transport, agro-holdings, companies engaged in the design and construction of warehouses and warehouse equipment and terminals, avia-companies and air-terminals.

Geography: EU countries, Baltic countries, CIS countries, Middle East countries, Turkey, China.

TRANS EXPO ODESSA 2020 – is a unique possibility for you to open a new perspective market, to find reliable partners and investors, to declare about you to leaders of transport and marine community.
Possibility for networking at TRANS EXPO SPACE (evening party devoted to the oprning of the forum)

Every year the event gathers the great number of transport business leaders to solve their business problems and to increase efficiency of their companies with a help of communication.

We invite you to widen your business opportunities with TRANS EXPO ODESSA 2020!

The registration is open on the official web-page of the Forum

Organization committee of the Forum

tel: +38 (0482) 355999
e-mail: \n This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. \n This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.






Excursion to the Vorontsov lighthouse, a festive gift from the Odesa Sea Port Authority for people with hearing disabilities

In commemoration of the 226th anniversary of the founding of Odesa port, the authority of the enterprise made a gift to people with hearing disabilities. On September 4, this year, st the request of the Odesa Regional Youth Organization of the Ukrainian Society of the Deaf (USOD) an excursion ‘Lighthouse Path’ was organized for members of the said society.


‘It turned out to be difficult to work with this category of excursionists’, said Tatiana Yakovleva, an engineer of the external relations department. ‘These are big organizational problems, and it is very difficult to convey information through a sign language interpreter. But difficulties are forgotten when you see that people have received a positive emotional charge that they probably need more than we do.


The hearing loss of the UTOD members was a bit compensated by the virtuoso use of modern gadgets. The excursionists even managed to relay the walk to their friends. Thus, the two dozen members of the UTOD who were at the Vorontsov lighthouse were joined by the same number, and possibly a larger audience of virtual excursionists.


Despite the cloudy weather, the guests of the port were in high spirits. They expressed their gratitude to the organizers, only regretted that the interesting trip was limited in time.


Odesa Sea Port Authority








The cargo turnover of the oil harbor of Odesa port for 8 months of this year exceeded the mark of 1 million tons

At the end of last month, the dispatchers of the fleet group of the port authority main dispatching office forecast the August volume of cargo transshipment at the berths of the oil harbor to be at least 120 thousand tons. In fact, 125 thousand tons were recorded. The forecast error was 0.5%.


Actually, the last month of the summer, two tankers under the Maltese flag, which entered the port in the last summer week, ‘made’ at the oil harbor. So, on August 24, the NAFTILOS AN m/v (L = 180m) moored to the berth 1N for loading 33.592 thousand tons of export fuel oil for Cyprus. The next day, the SEAMAGIC m/v (L = 250m) moored to the berth 2N and delivered 82.218 thousand tons of imported oil from the Croatian port of Omisalj. In total, it made 116.218 thousand tons. The rest of the volume in the statistics of the August cargo turnover of the oil harbor was ‘recorded’ by four gas tankers.


According to Alexander Krikunov, the senior dispatcher of the fleet group of the main dispatching office, in January-August of this year, OH's cargo turnover reached 1.068,11 thousand tons, which is 82.11 thousand tons more than the result of the same period last year. As O. Krikunov noted, five tankers are expected to call in September: one with imported oil, one for export fuel oil and three gas carriers. The listed vessels must ensure the monthly turnover of oil and oil products at the same level as in August. If the error of this forecast is minimal, the port will end the third quarter also with a positive result of transshipment of liquid cargo in relation to the same period last year.


Odesa Sea Port Authority



The first stage, cleaning of the DELFI emergency tanker is completed. The tanker is placed on an even keel

Today, August 26, at 11:50, the DELFI tanker, which had been lying on the starboard side between the stones and the breakwater of the Odesa beach ‘Dolphin’ for 9 months, was placed on an even keel.


All works were performed in accordance with the Plan of execution of works (PEW) for the lifting of DELFI m/v developed by the Contractor - the ‘Kranship’ company and approved by the captain of the Harbor Master of Odesa port. The operation involved four units of the Kranship fleet: the Atlas-4 floating crane, the Diamond N and Topaz N main tugs, and the Avant auxiliary tug.


‘From 21.11.2019 to 20.07.2020 (Eight months !!!) the shipowner and the specialists hired by him were unsuccessfully lifting the tanker. Only on July 21, 2020, the right to perform the lifting went to the State Enterprise ‘USPA’, comprehensive and urgent measures were taken, which became possible thanks to the decisions of the Ministry of Infrastructure, Odesa Regional State Administration, SES of Ukraine and Odesa Mayor and granting the status of Emergency of local level. Already on August 10, 2020, a three-party agreement was concluded, and the lifting of the DELFI tanker was undertaken by USPA (represented by the Odesa port authority - Customer), the Transship Group (Contractor) and Brooklyn-Kyiv LLC (Payer). I would like to emphasize not only the support but also the constant strict control of Vladyslav Krykliy, the Minister of Infrastructure, personally’, Oleksandr HOLODNYTSKY said.


In less than two weeks, a tremendous amount of work has been done almost from scratch: dismantling the stones where the tanker lay, cleaning the interior of the vessel from sand and providing the vessel with additional buoyancy by repairing damaged hulls and sealing individual compartments. At the same time, the interior of the tanker was cleaned of oil residues using a hydraulic installation-oil catcher LamorLPP.


‘At least 15 people worked every day, including weekends, directly on the tanker, under water and on its surface. Additional specialists were involved in the course of the works. Every 2-3 days, brainstorming was conducted to analyze the implementation and adjustment of plans, with the involvement of designers, practitioners and scientists. The professional team working on lifting the tanker is focused exclusively on a positive result’, Ruslan SAKHAUTDINOV, General Manager of Odesa sea port authority commented.


The placing of the hull of the emergency vessel on the even keel was carried out by two tugs, Diamond N and Topaz N. Specially made steel trusses were welded to its hull to evenly distribute the efforts of tugs on as large an area of ​​the thin side of the old vessel as possible (DELFI is 50 years old).


The coordination of the work of both tugs involved in the lifting was carried out from aboard the Atlas 4 floating crane, where the operational headquarters of the operation is based. The crew of the Sea Ant multi-purpose oil garbage disposal vessel was also monitoring the environmental situation at the site and was ready to deal with emergency spills.


Completion of the operation of placing the emergency vessel on an even keel will be the minimization of the trim, ie the alignment of the stern and bow draught. At the second stage, a visual inspection of the hull, sealing and repair will be carried out. As a result, the work plan and deadlines can be adjusted.


The purpose of these and other operations is to ensure the buoyancy of the emergency vessel. After reaching these parameters, the vessel will be transported from the accident site using a pontoon and a floating crane of the Transship group of companies.




Odesa port. The opening ceremony of the Black Sea Cup sailing regatta

On August 24, at the 17th berth of Odesa port, the grand opening of the Black Sea Cup cruising yacht regatta, dedicated to the Independence Day of Ukraine, took place. The start of the ships under sail added a festive atmosphere to the port's passenger terminal.


Yachtsmen and all those who are not indifferent to sailing took part in the event. Those present were congratulated by Sergei Chervyakov, the chairman of the Odesa Regional Sailing Federation, honored guests and sponsors of the tournament.


Oleg Stashkevich, the most titled yachtsman of Odesa, captain of the Maestro yacht, who, moreover, along with S. Chervyakov, has been a participant of all Black Sea Cup regattas since 1973, described the Black Sea Cup as the best sailing competition in Ukraine:


- For example, long-distance night races are not held anywhere in Ukraine, and we have succeeded.


According to the results of previous races, the Maestro yacht, like all previous years, ranks high, another yacht of Odesa port, Maestro II, (Yuri Goncharov, captain) is also among the leaders in its group, the Sheriff sailing ship of the SE ‘Odesa Port’ (Evgeny Tarasov, captain).


After the grand opening of the regatta, the sailing ships staged a parade for the spectators in the New and Cabotazhnaia harbors of Odesa port, and then, past the Vorontsovsky lighthouse, decorated with a huge cloth of the State flag, they went to the start of the next race.


Odesa Sea Port Authority













On behalf of the port workers of Odesa, I sincerely congratulate you on the national holiday, the 29th anniversary of the Independence of Ukraine!

Dear friends!


On behalf of the port workers of Odesa, I sincerely congratulate you on the national holiday, the 29th anniversary of the Independence of Ukraine!


With every passing year of building our state, the feeling of personal responsibility of each of us for the country in which we and our children will live tomorrow becomes deeper. There is no secret that true political independence does not exist without economic independence. And we had the honor to ensure the activities of the industry, which plays a key role in the growth of the national economy: the stable operation of sea ports depends on the stability of the export and import pipeline and the attractiveness of Ukraine as a transit country on trade routes between Europe and Asia. Therefore, for each port worker, the contribution to strengthening the sovereignty of their state is his professionalism and honesty in the workplace, their efforts to move the company forward through progress and development!


So let the Independence Day be a stimulus for our joint inspired work for the sake of strengthening the economic independence of the state and increasing the welfare of its citizens.


I wish everyone health, self-confidence and inspiration in all endeavors for the prosperity of Ukraine!


Sincerely, R.SAKHAUTDINOV, General Manager of Odesa Sea Port Authority




Today, August 21, during a briefing at the press center, representatives of Odesa Sea Port Authority and Transship LLC, the direct contractors, announced up-to-date information on the preparatory work for lifting and removing the DELFI tanker. Denis Pavilianiti-Karpov, Deputy General Manager of Odesa Sea Port Authority, and Andriy Ivanov, Founder of the Transship LLC group of companies, took part in the briefing.


According to the information given by A. Ivanov, from August 10, Kranship mobilized and delivered to the site of the tanker accident the equipment and mechanisms necessary for lifting the half-sunk vessel and evacuating it from the beach area of ​​the Odesa coast. At present, the Atlas 4 floating crane (dismantling the stone ridge), diving stations, welding equipment (including those for underwater welding), self-starting injector pumps (for removing sand through holes in the hull of the vessel), hydraulic installation-oil catcher Lamor LPP (so-called skimmer, to remove oil residues from hard-to-reach places), as well as the ship-oil-garbage collector NMS 505-12 are involved in the preparatory work for the lifting.


‘The Atlas 4 floating crane performs several functions, first, we use it as a floating anchor, to which the emergency vessel is attached from the sea side’, A. Ivanov detailed information about the progress of work. ‘We plan to complete the first stage of preparatory activities in the near future, when we will use tugs to put the DELFI tanker on an even keel… During the second stage, a visual inspection of the hull of the emergency vessel will be carried out, as well as sealing and repair.


After providing the vessel with a sufficient level of buoyancy, it will be transported to a predetermined place by means of a floating crane and a pontoon.


According to A. Ivanov, preparations for the lifting of the emergency tanker are carried out around-the-clock. As of August 21, a large amount of work has been done to dismantle the stone ridge, more than 150 tons of sand have been rolled out of the ship's interior, a number of operations have been performed to seal the ship's hull and some compartments to ensure additional buoyancy; in a constant mode cleaning of tanks and water area from the remains of oil products with use of the latest technology (skimmer, sorbents) is carried out.


‘The port authority gained the right to organize the lifting of an emergency tanker only on July 21, when it became known that the shipowner lacks the strength, resources and qualified specialists to perform this operation’, Denis Pavilianiti-Karpov commented. ‘We were able to do this only after the port captain, guided by Article 124 of the Merchant Shipping Code, did not allow the contractor to continue the work. In connection with the decision of the Expert Commission to determine the levels and classes of emergencies of the SES of Ukraine to classify the situation with the DELFI sunken bunkering tanker as a man-made emergency of the local level, the port authority announced procurement under a simplified procedure. We have done a lot of work to attract potential bidders from Romania, Turkey, the USA, Germany and Ukraine. However, no representative of the participating companies was admitted to the procedure due to failure to provide the full package of documents required by the customer. However, a way out was found. An agreement was reached between the Odesa Sea Port Authority, Kranship LLC, and the Brooklyn-Kyiv to lift and remove the Delfi tanker by the forces and means of Kranship LLC. The latter has extensive experience in ship lifting and has agreed to mobilize technical resources as soon as possible and begin work immediately, and Brooklyn-Kyiv LLC has confirmed its intention to finance the work. The result of these agreements was the signing of a tripartite agreement and preparations were made for the lifting of the tanker.


According to the participants of the briefing, in the near future rescuers will begin the second stage of the preparatory work, during which water will be pumped out of the DELFI tanks and filled with air, and a stern and bow support will be installed to ensure the vessel`s even keel, etc.


Odesa Sea Port Authority




Odesa port will host the traditional sailing regatta, timed to coincide with the Independence Day of Ukraine soon

In August, 21-26, in the waters of the Odesa Gulf and beyond, the Black Sea Cup 2020 sailing regatta races, timed to coincide with the Independence Day of Ukraine, will be held.


According to the chairman of the Odesa Regional Sailing Federation Sergei Cherviakov, three dozen teams have submitted applications for participation in the regatta from Odesa, Dnipro, Yuzhniy, Chornomorsk and Sergeevka. They include yachts of Odesa port. Crafts with nonresident registration will arrive at the port of Odesa on Friday 21, August. The official registration of participants will take place until 18:00. On the same day, night races to Berezan Island and in the opposite direction will start.


Inshore (along the coast) and offshore (with access to the open sea) races will be held every day. Following their results, the winners in groups in accordance with the class of yachts, as well as the winners in absolute speed and in the best calculated time will be determined.


The grand opening of the regatta will take place on August 24 at 11 o'clock at the berth No.17 of Odesa port (passenger terminal, St. Nicholas Church). The results of the competition will be announced on August 26. The winners and prize-winners of the regatta will be awarded with cups, medals and honorary diplomas.


Odesa Sea Port Authority




The work of Odesa port was recognized with a prestigious award by MedCruise Association

In early August, the Second Mare Nostrum MedCruise Awards ceremony took place, an international award for shipping lines, ports, travel agents and tour operators that have made a significant contribution to the development of the cruise industry in the Mediterranean countries. According to the results of the anonymous voting of the expert jury, the award in the nomination ‘Port of the Black Sea region, which demonstrates active and purposeful activity during the pandemic’ was given to Odesa port.


‘Despite the difficult epidemiological situation, the port authority with our partners from the MedCruise Association does not suspend activities aimed at reviving cruise shipping in the region,’ Ruslan Sakhautdinov, General Manager of the Odesa branch of the Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority, comments. - We are in constant contact with cruise lines, we take an active part in conferences organized by the Association with the involvement of European health experts, our specialists are actively working in the MedCruise Covid Committee expert group. This group, created under the Executive Directorate of MedCruise, is engaged in strategic planning for the restoration of cruise traffic, develops protocols for the reception and maintenance of cruise ships in the ports of the Mediterranean and Black Seas in the post-COVID period ...


The First Mare Nostrum MedCruise Awards ceremony took place last year in Genoa, Italy, and Odesa port was also awarded the title of laureate in the Best Port of the Black Sea Region nomination.


As already reported, for the 2020 season, Odesa sea port Authority had 11 applications for calls from cruise ships. However, all of them were canceled due to the quarantine measures in most European countries related to the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19. As of mid-August, the port has 20 applications for calls of white ships next season.

Odesa Sea Port Authority



Odesa Sea Port Authority takes part in the work of the MedCruise Committee of Experts, which is developing a strategy for the revival of cruise traffic

Today, July 15, the first meeting of the Post COVID-19 Committee of Experts, a new expert committee established under the executive directorate of the MedCruise, the International Association of Cruise Business entities, took place online. The Committee acts as a communicator between cruise companies and passenger ports in the Mediterranean and the Black Seas, monitors and analyzes the epidemiological situation in the specific coastal cities, and performs other functions aimed at resuming cruise traffic stopped by the pandemic crisis. The Post COVID-19 Committee of Experts also includes a representative of Odesa Sea Port Authority.


‘The global pandemic crisis has equally blocked the operations of absolutely all cruise companies, regardless of the region of navigation and fleet class’ Ruslan Sakhautdinov, General Manager of Odesa Sea Port Authority, stated. ‘In particular, all companies whose cruise ships were supposed to visit the port of Odesa this season, were forced to suspend the organization of sea voyages until mid-September with a possible further extension of lockdown. The cruises were suspended by Azamara Cruises (part of the Royal Caribbean Cruises holding), Phoenix Reisen, the world-famous German concern, Fred Olsen Cruise Line, the Norwegian shipping company, and so on …’


According to R. Sakhautdinov, the Committee of Experts of the MedCruise Association sees the priority steps to restore the global cruise industry in this difficult epidemiological situation in the implementation of so-called ‘health protocols on board’ on passenger ships. They provide for a number of mandatory security measures: contactless embarkation and check-in of tourists, disinfection of luggage, improvement of ventilation system onboard, compliance with certain restrictions both on board the ship and during excursions in the ports of call, etc.



Schedule of gradual recovery from the coronavirus crisis and resumption of cruise voyages between the ports of the Mediterranean and the Black Seas by the world's leading shipping lines (from the official website of the MedCruise Association -



A record rush in the transshipment of metal products exceeded losses from the grain decrease, the results of cargo handling in Odesa port for 5 months of 2020

According to the updated information of the Economics Service of the Odesa branch of the State Enterprise ‘Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority’ (OB SE ‘USPA’), this year, in January-May, the stevedore companies of the port provided transshipment in total 10449.8 thousand tons, which is 324.5 thousand tons or 3.2% more than the same indicator in 2019. The dynamics of bulk cargo transshipment for the main items of the nomenclature in the reporting period is generally positive, excluding grain, and looks in the following way:

- grain in bulk: 3 590.1 thousand tons (- 457.3 thousand tons compared to the same period in 2019);

- metal products: 2 511.5 thousand tons (+ 608.6 thousand tons);

- containers in tons: 3 312.2 thousand tons (+ 96.2 thousand tons);

- containers in TEU: 271.869 TEU (+ 21,924 TEU)

- bulk cargo: 780.8 thousand tons (+ 158.6 thousand tons).


Concluding the results of the cargo transshipment for 5 months of this year, specialists of the OB SE ‘USPA’ emphasize several trends that appeared in the spring months.


So, the most dramatic and positive event for the port was a rush in volumes of receipt and dispatch of metal products. In particular, as reported, in May, a record of recent years in terms of monthly transshipment of metal exports was set - 616.8 thousand tons. Experts account this for the next redistribution of the specified cargo flow between Ukrainian ports.


At the same time, the stable situation with containers, the increase in oil transshipment and the decrease in grain are due to external factors.


The port explains states that the lockdown of many industries in China caused by coronavirus quarantine did not affect the volume of container flows from this region too much, imported goods ordered before the pandemic continued to arrive in Ukraine. Besides, the same pandemic caused a slight increase in demand for Ukrainian raw materials for the food industry, which made it possible to keep export cargo flows’ indicators in containers.


The port's production performance was also affected by the rapid drop in global oil prices. Anticipating a possible ‘price rebound’ in the future, domestic oil refiners are trying to make the largest possible stock of raw materials at a favorable price. This explains the increase in the number of tankers calling, incl. those from the USA.


Specialists of the OB SE ‘USPA’ note that the flip side of the coin of the global economic crisis and the resulting drop in oil prices was the decline in global production of ethanol from corn. This factor has already led to a reduction in Ukrainian grain exports, which affected the performance of grain transshipment in the port. The trend of balancing corn prices to parity with oil prices will put pressure on the dynamics of grain transshipment in the port in the future. And, since grain accounts for 35-40% of the total port transshipment, this factor can swing the overall cargo turnover indicator in the 3-4 quarter both to the zone with the plus sign and to the zone with the minus sign.


Odesa Sea Port Authority