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“The port is itself an existence of Odesa”

— Count A.Lanzheron









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Dear porters, dear veterans!

Let us congratulate sincerely all of you on the outstanding anniversary, the 75th anniversary of the Great Victory over Nazism in the Second World War!


The events of 1941-45 are inscribed in golden letters in the biography of the staff of Odesa port. We will never forget 1,200 shippers, engineers, sailors of the port fleet, and representatives of other port professions going to the front at the call of military enlistment offices in the first days of the war. The memory of 73 days of the heroic defense of Odesa will not fade, when the port under continuous bombardment and artillery shelling of the enemy provided supplies to the Primorskaya Army and sent hundreds of thousands of people and tens of thousands of tons of valuable factory equipment in the opposite direction. Far beyond our country, people remember how Odesa port workers organized the transshipment of land lease cargo in the ports of the Caspian Sea, the Far North and the Far East during the occupation of our hometown.


 These May days we remember again the names of our relatives and friends who bravely fought the enemy at the front and brought the Victory closer with their dedication in the rear, raising the country's economy from the ruins in the postwar years. Eternal memory to those who are not with us, and deep respect for the living!


Today we bow our heads to the ground before the veterans of the Odesa port, participants in the fighting in 1941-45: Lydia Gassiy, a front nurse, Mykola Debel, a guards mortar gunner, Oleksiy Kolesnikov and Alla Pastushenko, Black Sea sailors, Oleksandr Luchenkov, a marine, Petr Revnyuk and Vasily Tsymbal, infantrymen. You are a living history of a national feat, an example of courage, unbroken spirit, and love for the Motherland!


The Great Victory unites us and makes Ukraine stronger. Wishing our children a happy fate, we must preserve peace and regard it as the highest value.


We wish you good health, well-being, kindness, and joyful spring mood!


Happy Victory Day!

R. Sakhautdinov, General Manager of Odesa Sea Port Authority,

O. Myaskovsky, Acting Head of the SE ‘Odesa Port’,

M. Pavlyuk, Honorary President of Odesa port,

V. Zaikov, Head of the Odesa Port Maritime Transport Workers Trade Union


Odesa port celebrated the 75th anniversary of the Great Victory by laying flowers to the ‘eternal flame’

May 8, on the Day of Remembrance and Reconciliation, workers of the Odesa branch of the State Enterprise ‘Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority’ laid flowers to the ‘eternal flame’ at the monument to the port workers who had died during the Second World War.


As the country is quarantined, the traditional Victory Day rally on Customs Square was canceled. However, employees of departments and services had the opportunity to individually honor the feat of the winners with a minute of silence at the foot of the memorial. In order not to create a crowd of people, the representatives of each structural unit came to the monument at a predetermined time.


The 75th anniversary of the Great Victory was also celebrated by Ruslan Sakhautdinov, General Manager of the Odesa branch of the State Enterprise ‘Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority’, Nikolai Pavlyuk, Honorary President of Odesa Port and Hero of Ukraine, and Vladimir Zaikov, the Chairman of the Odesa Port Trade Union.


‘It seemed that we knew everything about the horrors of that war. But recently, declassified data was published. According to them, the losses of the Soviet Union during the Second World War are not 27 million, but 41 million people ... Yesterday we honored our esteemed veterans who had gone through that war and had accomplished a feat in peacetime, attained the 75th anniversary of the Victory. Despite their age and state of health, their appearance and optimistic mood demonstrate the resilience and will to life inherent in the military generation. Communication with front-line veterans mobilizes and calls for responsibility for our future, the future of our children and our country. Today, the memory of the price paid by the peoples of the planet for the Victory over Nazism should become a moral law, encourage us to protect the world and every human life…’ R. Sakhautdinov specifically stated.


Odesa Sea Port Authority





Cruise business discusses ways out of the crisis provoked by the pandemic: Odesa port participated in the VI Black Sea Working Group Meeting

Quarantine, introduced in most European countries due to the coronavirus pandemic, raised an issue of the 2020 cruise season in the Black Sea passenger ports. The port authorities of Istanbul, Trabzon, Constanta and Varna are already receiving letters from tour operators about the cancellation of cruise ship calls scheduled for May-June. A similar situation is seen in Odesa, where 3 of 11 declared cruise vessels with a foreign flag were canceled for ship calls, as well as all 27 calls of river-sea vessels. But, despite the closed borders and international traffic, the tourism community continues the activity.


These and other facts were announced at the 6th Black Sea Working Group meeting on cruise tourism development (MedCruise Black Sea Working Group Meeting) held on May 5 as an online conference. The moderators of the conference were Airam Diaz Pastor, President of MEDCRUISE, the Association of Cruise Companies of the Mediterranean and the Black Sea Region, and Theodor Patrichi, Director of MEDCRUISE for the Black Sea Region.


The Odesa branch of Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority was represented at the conference by Denis Karpov, deputy general manager of Odesa branch of the ‘USPA’ for operational services, and Julia Strikh, deputy head of the external relations department.


During the meeting of the Working Group, the world cruise industry was noted, in particular, to be among the sectors most affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Today, almost all cruise companies have suspended their work for several months. The market price of cruises daily loses value, and large shipping companies bear huge losses. The Black Sea region, where a breakthrough in the cruise shipping development was expected this year after five years of forced pause, feels the impact of the pandemic especially sharply.


Due to these circumstances, the participants of the meeting agreed to postpone the 56th General Assembly of MedCruise, which was supposed to be held at the end of May in Costa Brava (Spain). At the same time, it is still planned to hold all the main events of the General Assembly: plenary meetings, sessions of directions, negotiations with representatives of cruise lines, etc. in Skype conference format.


Besides, the agenda of the meeting was the priority of the Seatrade Cruise Med 2020 exhibition, subject to be held in mid-September in Malaga (Spain). Given the cancellation of the main world cruise industry forum this year, the global Seatrade Cruise Global 2020 (planned for April), the leading cruise market players were optimistic about an exhibition in Spain. However, the difficult epidemic in most countries of the continent, the closure of borders and the suspension of air traffic reduce the possibility to conduct this event every day too.


According to the President of MedCruise, the situation is changing almost daily and it is safe to assume that Spanish international borders will be closed until the end of summer.


Mr. Airam Diaz Pastor noted that the situation is influenced by the fact that the participation in the Seatrade Cruise Med 2020 of representatives of the leading world companies of cruise business, which have to come from the USA, Great Britain, France, Italy and Germany, was questioned. The listed countries have not yet announced the lifting of quarantine restrictions. Therefore, the Secretariat of the MedCruise Association has set itself the challenge of holding the necessary consultations with all interested parties by the end of May and deciding on the feasibility of conducting the Seatrade Cruise Med 2020 exhibition.


As a separate issue on the agenda, the participants of the VI Black Sea Working Group meeting discussed the Black Sea region situation and agreed that the Medcruise Executive Directorate, the Black Sea Working Group entities, along with representatives of other ports participating in the association will join forces to restore cruise shipping as soon as possible after quarantine cancellation.


‘An expert committee created by the Medcruise Association will implement this decision’, D.Karpov said. ‘The committee will act as a communicator between cruise companies and the passenger ports of the region. The experts will observe the quarantine situation in specific coastal cities, analyze the effectiveness of security measures undertaken by the authorities regarding the requirements of the cruise business. At first, the working conditions of service enterprises, cultural institutions, and tour services will come into their view. Thus, each member of the Black Sea Working Group will contribute to obtaining objective information on the cruise ports situation during the pandemic and at all stages of quarantine exit’


As D. Karpov further noted, the VI Black Sea Working Group meeting was held in an atmosphere of cautious optimism, facilitated by the fact that tour operators held back on announcing the cancellation of cruise programs approved for the near future. Thus, for example, today, Odesa port has 19 applications for calls of cruise ships for the next year and 10 applications for the season 2022.


The next meeting of the Black Sea Working Group is preliminarily scheduled for mid-end June this year.


Reference. Odesa Sea Port Authority initiated an international conference on the revival of the Black Sea cruise shipping in Odesa in October 2018. To solve the tasks enshrined in the resolution of the conference, a permanent working group, the Black Sea Working Group, was created, which included representatives of the passenger ports of Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria and the MedCruise Association. In 2019, Turkish ports joined this advisory body.





ISABELLA MANX and EKATERINA: two bulk carriers are loaded at Odesa port simultaneously (photo report)

Today, on April 29, the Brooklyn-Kiev LLC dockers are processing two grain bulk carriers at the berths No.46-47 of the Sugar Pier, Khlebnaia Harbor. At the berth No. 46, holds of the m/v EKATERINA (L = 165.5 m, Malta flag) are accepting maize. A consignment of 25650 tonnes was loaded onto the ship. Handling of the m/v ISABELLA MANX (L = 199.9 m, the United Kingdom flag) on the next berth No.47 looks more sophisticated in technological terms.


According to Vitaliy Kugut, the senior stevedore, several consignments were loaded onto the vessel: wheat with protein 12.5% into the holds No.1,2,4, wheat with protein 11.5% into the hold No.5, maize into the hold No.3. The total weight of the vessel`s consignment is 53.990 tonnes.


The senior stevedore points out that the m/v ISABELLA MANX is still a completely fresh vessel built in 2019; and this is one of its first voyages. As the bulk carrier runs under the ‘expensive’ flag, seafarers sign contracts with all the requirements of the ITF; and the shipowner's management pays a decent wage and allocates money for the timely maintenance of the vessel`s machinery.


The new ISABELLA MANX attracts attention with the original design. The ship was built following the requirements for operation in the northern latitudes, as evidenced by the contours of the bow, carried far overboard anchor fairlead and the semi-closed tank semi-closed to prevent the flood deck caused by storm waves and icing deck mechanisms.







Dear port colleagues, business partners and friends!

I sincerely congratulate you all on Easter!


This year, we have to meet the Resurrection of Christ, not as we used to, by refusing from the traditional rite of celebration. However, the restrictions we go to are because of caring for our loved ones, the desire to secure their lives. And these noble intentions are fully in keeping with the spirit of Holy Easter, which symbolizes the beginning of a new life for the whole Christian world. So, let the part of this faith that is in your hearts support you in a difficult moment and will provide the inspiration to overcome the trials.

On the eve of one of the biggest church holidays, I wish everyone good health, peace, abundance and fulfillment of all cherished desires! Let it bring to your homes every day only good news and excitement for joy.


Keep yourselves! Christ is Risen!


General Manager                                                                                           Ruslan Sakhautdinov

Odesa sea port Authority


USPA will carry out operational dredging on the Approach channel of Odesa port internally

Yesterday, April 15, 2020, in the afternoon, the dredging convoy ‘Rion’, owned by the Delta-Pilot branch of the State Enterprise ‘Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority’ (the SE ‘USPA’), redeployed to the port of Odesa. The convoy consists of three watercraft: the multi-bucket dredging convoy ‘Rion’, the dump diesel scow ‘Krymskaya-9’, and the tug-anchor handler “MZ-318”. These watercrafts will be used to perform operational dredging in several sections of the water area. It was reported by the Hydraulic structures and major construction department (HSMCD) of the Odesa branch of SE ‘USPA’.


‘Dredging convoy will carry out work on the 2nd bend of the port approach channel, on the communication section of the 1st and 2nd bends, and in the water area of ​​Oil harbor’, Alexander Vargin, HSMCD engineer, says. ‘To restore the passport depths (14.0 meters from ‘0’ of Odesa sea port) at these facilities, the dredger must raise more than 43 thousand cu. m of soil from the bottom. The work is scheduled to be completed by May 31 this year. During the dredging, the Vessel Traffic Regulation Service ‘Odessa’ will monitor the safety of navigation at the Approach Canal and in the Oil harbor, and the work will also be managed by the Harbor master service and the Main port dispatching office, in accordance with the current ‘Compulsory regulations for Odesa sea port’.


Last week, the informative resource of the SE ‘USPA’ reported that the total volume of operational dredging of sea ports and channels carried out by the in-house fleet of Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority and contracting organizations commissioned by the SE ‘USPA’ in the 1st quarter of this year exceeded 2 million cu. m of soil. The work was carried out at the Deep water midchannel ‘Danube-Black Sea’ State Port Authority, the Bug-Dnieper-Estuary and Kherson Sea channels, as well as at the approach channels of Mariupol, Berdyansk and Belgorod-Dniester ports.


‘The operational dredging is accompanied by measures of continuous comprehensive environmental monitoring of the impact on the environment and payments to the appropriate budgets for compensation of water and fish resources’, USPA noted in the statement.


Odesa Sea Port Authority




Port of Odesa lit ‘eternal flame’ in honor of the 76th anniversary of the liberation of the city from Nazi invaders

Due to the quarantine declared in Ukraine, the traditional rally in honor of the next anniversary of the city liberation from German-Romanian occupation on April 10, 1944, was canceled for the first time in many decades in Odesa port. At the same time, the enterprise celebrated the memory of the feat of liberators at, as before, by the lighting of the ‘eternal flame’ and the laying of flowers at the foot of the sculptural composition ‘To the lost port workers’. The event was attended by Ruslan Sakhautdinov, General Manager of the Odesa branch of the State Enterprise ‘Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority’, and Vladimir Zaikov, the chairman of the Trade Union of Odesa port.


‘On March 26, 1944, the Odesa operation began. On the 27th, the troops of the 3rd Ukrainian Front crossed the Yuzhniy Bug River, and have already attacked the enemy on the outskirts of Odesa on the night of April 10. With the help of the partisans, at 10 am the city was liberated from the Nazis ... Why should we remember this day? In order not to forget the 907 days of occupation, when 82 thousand people died and 78 thousand inhabitants of Odesa were sent to forced labor in Germany’, R. Sakhautdinov said in his speech at the flower laying ceremony.


According to archival sources, during the hostilities in 1941-44. 33 of 38 OSCP berths were bombed and blown up, the enterprise’s infrastructure was damaged by 218 million then rubles. Allied experts who had examined the port for the possibility of its restoration to accept the fleet, concluded that it would take at least five years. But, the inhabitants of the coastal city did the impossible: they raised the enterprise from ruins in 5 months.


The main burden of the workload during this period fell on the shoulders of women, who constituted the majority in the first recruitment after the occupation (2200 people as of May 1944). The teams of loaders, builders, and general laborers were formed from the women.


On October 7, 1944, Odesa port accepted for unloading a caravan composed of three merchant ships: Kalinin, Dimitrov, Anatoliy Serov. Since February 1945, the port has already accepted caravans of American ships with Lend-Lease cargo.


In the summer of 1970, on the Odesa Customs Square, opposite the OSCP management building, a monument to port workers who died during World War II was inaugurated. At the turn of the 2000s, the sculptural composition was supplemented with a bronze wreath with ‘eternal flame’, which is lit twice a year: on April 10 and May 9.


Odesa Sea Port Authority





Due to an increase in coronavirus cases, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine is intensifying the quarantine measures introduced before April 24 throughout the country. Since April 6, the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers forbids in Ukraine:

- to stay in public places without a mask or respirator;

- to leave the observation points (isolation);

- to be on the street without identification documents;

- to move in groups of more than two persons, except in cases of emergency and accompanying children;

- to stay in public places for persons under 14 years of age, unaccompanied by adults;

- to visit parks, squares, recreation areas, forest, parks and coastal areas, except for walking pets for one person and in case of emergency;

- to visit athletic fields and playgrounds;

- to visit palliative care institutions, social protection institutions, and institutions providing social services.


Persons crossing the state border are subject to mandatory 14-day observation (except for diplomats, members of international organizations, truck drivers, crew members of aircraft and ships, unless there is reason to believe that they have been in contact with a sick person).



2020: The worries and hopes of the Black Sea cruise industry

According to all forecasts, after an almost three-year absence of ‘white ships’, 2020 was supposed to be a breakthrough in cruise shipping of the Black Sea region and, in particular, Odesa port. Preliminary applications shows that Odesa port expected 11 calls of cruise liners. However, the coronavirus pandemic has made adjustments. The first vessel MS Albatros owned by the German company Phoenix Reisen, which was supposed to call at the port of Odesa on May 4, canceled the ship call. The company suspended all operations until May 11 of this year. The second cruise company Aegean Experience Maritime Company, whose ship Aegean Odyssey planned to visit Odesa port on May 10, has to suspend all routes until the end of May.


The cruise industry is very sensitive to any political and geopolitical changes. But, no one expected the world to be gripped by a terrible infection. The cruise business was one of the first to react to this. The current situation began with a drop in demand for all types of vouchers, revision of routes by cruise companies: ship calls to the Asian region, then to Italian ports were excluded. But, these measures were not enough soon, and then the massive closure of the cruise lines began.


The Princess Cruises company was one of the first to suffer, which had to quarantine 2 vessels: the Diamond Princess liner anchored in Japan for more than 2 weeks. The whole world was anxiously watching this vessel. Then the second vessel, Grand Princess was on demurrage at the coast of California, when the first cases were revealed on board.


The Princess Cruises immediately took measures and, since March 12, completely stopped all routes for 2 months. A similar tactic was applied by other world cruise market players. For example, the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, Celebrity Cruises, and Azamara have ceased operations worldwide since March 13th. These world-famous cruise companies plan to resume operations on May 12, 2020. Costa Cruises cease operations around the world until April 30. Fred Olsen Cruise Line stopped all ocean cruises until May 23. Silversea Cruises plans to return no earlier than May 13; TUI Cruises canceled all cruises until May 3.


Definitely, this whole difficult situation effected the cruise business in the countries of the Black Sea region. Strict quarantine measures have been introduced at every port to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection.


‘For the restore of cruise shipping on the Black Sea, in 2018-2019, Odesa Sea Port Authority conducted a tremendous amount of work. In 2018, during the 52nd General Assembly of the MedCruise Association, the OB SE ‘USPA’ initiated the creation of the Black Sea working group, which included the ports of Constanta (Romania), Varna and Burgas (Bulgaria); a joint action plan was signed, and in October 2018, the first meeting of the Black Sea Working Group was held in Odesa. Representatives of the port authority took an active part in subsequent meetings of the working group, international exhibitions of the cruise industry Seatrade, meetings of the General Assembly; many complex negotiations were held with leading players of the cruise business etc. Unfortunately, all our efforts were crossed by the coronavirus that hit the world’, Ruslan Sakhautdinov, General Manager of Odesa Sea Port Authority said.


General Manager further noted that the nearest neighbors of Odesa also got refusals for cruise ship calls to ports. So, along with Odesa Romanian port of Constanta received cancellation of cruise ship calls in May this year. The port of Varna, which was preparing to receive Aegean Odyssey in May, also became a hostage of the circumstances. The Bulgarian port expects the next calls in July. Burgas will host the only cruise ship in October. In its turn, Istanbul, which was preparing to open the largest Galataport cruise terminal on the Black Sea coast in April, plans to postpone the launch of the project. In total, the new terminal of Turkey planned to be visited by 61 cruise ships. However, their number is gradually decreasing.


To conclude on a positive note, it should be said that the German company Phoenix Reisen plans two more calls of the MS Amera ship on June 11 and September 9. We hope that these calls will take place. Besides, MS Amera was the first sign that visited the port of Odesa on October 30, 2019, after almost two years of international cruise ships absence. In addition, there is hope that on October 15, the ship Aegean Odyssey will visit the port of Odesa. Other declared vessels are expected to call at the Odesa port in July-October.


Press Service of Odesa Sea Port Authority



Odesa port and stevedores help fight coronavirus

These days, news of the Odesa Port Stevedoring Association reminds of reports from the front. The Association has been actively involved in the work of the regional COVID-19 Coronavirus Staff. So, in the second half of March, several million were transferred to equip hospitals and to purchase protective suits for ambulance crews and medical staff. Port workers coordinate their humanitarian activities with the largest in the Ukraine volunteer organization "Monster Corporation" (recognized by UNISEF) and with the aforementioned Staff, which promptly receives up-to-date information on the needs of hospitals in the city and region, ambulance stations, etc.


‘The personnel of Brooklyn Kiev and its president Yuriy Gubankov were one of the first to respond to the staff's call: the company purchased 40 thousand respirators worth about 3 mln’, Svetlana Yarova, a representative of the Odesa Port Stevedoring Association, commented. ‘Today, Brooklyn is providing transportation assistance to the City Staff on an ongoing basis. On March 30, 2020, Brooklyn Kiev purchased 500 faceshields with 10 interchangeable displays. The total cost is 240 thousand UAH. 300 masks were transferred to Vodnikov Hospital, 200 masks went to Chornomorsk. Now, at the request of Vodnikov Hospital, the company purchases containers for disinfection of protective suits and a batch of disinfection carpets. Besides, the companies ‘Container Terminal Odessa’ and ‘Novotech Terminal’ paid 2.5 million UAH for the purchase of another 50.4 thousand respirators for maternity hospital No. 5, city clinical hospital No.1, regional, infectious and pediatric regional hospitals. Other port stevedoring companies are also considering further participation in the project.


I would like to add that the stevedoring Association continues to work actively within the COVID-19 world action to combat the coronavirus - Stay Home! This work is aimed at social support of Odesa port veterans who were the first to enter the risk zone and were forced to self-isolate in their apartments. To date, the port's veteran organization has about 1,000 people. Food kits, which Odesa port workers carry around the homes of pensioners, are purchased.


O.GIREYEVA, a coordinator of the ‘Stay home!’ project from the Odesa Port Stevedoring Association




Odesa port moored the first tanker of this year with American oil to the berth

Today, on March 25, 2020, a tanker with 80.5 thousand tons of Bakken grade oil was delivered to the port 2H berth. According to media, on February 27, this year the vessel Minerva Kythnos (L = 249 m, the flag of Greece) was loaded at Port Neches (USA, Texas). The cargo is intended for processing at the Ukrainian enterprise, the Kremenchug refinery.


M/v Minerva Kythnos with the first batch of American oil this year was brought to the Oil Harbor in rather difficult weather conditions (northeast wind up to 10 m/s) by Alexander Shadrin - senior pilot of the PPS ‘Odessa’ of the branch ‘Delta-Lotsman’ of the SE ‘USPA’.


According to the main dispatch office of the Odesa branch of the SE ‘USPA’ (the OB SE ‘USPA’), at the end of this month, another oil tanker is expected to call with Azerbaijani oil. The Sea Jaguar vessel (L = 250 m, the flag of the Marshall Islands) with 83.7 thousand tons of Azeri Light oil was loaded last week in the Turkish port of Ceyhan.


‘For port workers, it is important that every batch of crude oil entering Ukraine comes to the Ukrainian refinery, this is an additional argument for maintaining the competitiveness of the domestic producer’, Ruslan Sakhautdinov, General Manager of the OB SE ‘USPA’ says. ‘Ukrainian refineries process mainly raw materials mined in Ukraine. If it is not enough, the plants are additionally loaded with imported oil. In 2019, for example, shale oil was first purchased in the United States. In total, Odesa port accepted three tankers shipments of American oil with a total volume of 250 thousand tons last year. We hope that this year the volume of this particular cargo flow will not be lower than last year ...


Odesa Sea Port Authority