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Moles and harbours


Military Mole is one of the first three main moles of the port together with the Quarantine Mole and Platonovsky Mole. Its construction began simultaneously with the construction of the port – on 22 August 1794. At the foundation of it laid Small zhete (French – ‘small mole’) designed by De-Volant. In 1795 the foundation with the length of 238 m and depth of 5.8 m was built. The created harbor was a reliable shelter for the fleet of De Ribas. Below the harbor three shipyards for the military ships were constructed.

Until the Crimean War the mole was being extended for three times (in 1812, 1832, and 1833). Every time it was extended at different angles that is why by the early XX century the mole had a polygonal shape. With the construction of the Military mole Practical (former – Merchant) harbor was forming.


In 1807 the Military Mole had length of 370 m. The further fate of the mole depended on the engineer Fon-der-Fliss. After being damaged in winter of 1827-1828 under the guidance of Fon-der-Fliss the Military Mole was reconstructed and in 1832 it was lengthened. The further construction of the Military Mole was also designed by Fon-der-Fliss. The construction started in 1847 and was completed in 1877. During the Crimean War on the mole there was a battery of Shcheglov.


In early XX century at the base of the Military Mole there were packhouses. On the right there was the Black Sea marina. At the Military Mole ships following to Akkerman moored. 


During the Soviet times the mole continued accepting cargo-passenger vessels. At the root of the mole passenger terminal (now marine interclub) was constructed and near it there was a famous at those times restaurant “Volna”. The Military Mole accepted passenger vessels sailing on the route Crimea-Caucasus and rare for those times foreign cruise vessels.


In early 60s on the berths of the Military Mole Odessa citizens were meeting the first Cuban students arriving on the Soviet passengers liners “Russia”, “Georgia” to study in the Soviet universities.  War ships from India, Bulgaria, Romania and other countries also moored at the berths of the Military Mole. As the result of the reconstruction in 1969 the Military Mole lost its narrow part, became symmetric and only for cargo. Currently the mole is operated by Novotech-Terminal Ltd.


O. N. Sevostyanova