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Port chiefs

Pahom Makarenko


Pahom Makarenko (1904-1983) - a prominent worker of the maritime industry, the Chief of three major ports, including Odesa, the Head of the Black Sea Shipping Company. He was awarded with two Orders of Lenin, two Orders of the Red Banner of Labor, other government awards.


P.Makarenko was born in a family of a laborer. Having lost his father early, together with sister was determined in an orphanage. At the age of 15 he entered the merchant navy, became a cabin bo onboard a m/v "Svet". For almost 10 years he sailed on various ships and then he entered Odesa Marine College. In 1932 Makarenko graduated from college and sailed as a mate on the ships of Black Sea Shipping Company.


In April 1939 P.Makarenko was appointed the Head of port of Odesa. The War has found him on this position.


Under the leadership of Pachom Makarenko was carried perfect evacuation of Odesa defense units to the Crimea in the first half of October 1941.


Semyon Temkin


Temkin Semyon (1895-1965). A sea captain, the General Manager of the port of Odesa (1937-1938, October 1944-December 1945), Holder of an Order of Lenin and the Red Banner of Labor.


S.Temkin was born in Nikolaev in a working-class family. He started his working life at the age of 14 as a toolmaker at the shipyard. He took part in the revolutionary movement. In 1915 he was called to the Black Sea Fleet and served on the destroyer "Derzkiy" as a steersman.


After the October Revolution he commanded a cavalry squadron and was appointed the Commissioner of the Division of gunboats.

After demobilize he was a sailor onboard a tug "Sarych", "Crimea", etc.


From 25.11.1938 to 15.05.1939 – the Head of the Black Sea Shipping Company.


After the liberation of Odesa he took over revival of the port destroyed by the Nazis.


Stepan Muzalev

Muzalev Stepan (1898 198__) - a prominent organizer of port’s production, a member of the revolutionary movement and the Civil War, led the major seaports of the USSR, the Chief of the port of Odesa in 1935-1937. He was awarded with an Order of Red Star, numerous medals, a banner of "Honorary Navy Worker".


S.Muzalev started career in Feodosia, where he finished a craft school, after that he worked as a mechanic at the tobacco factory, then he sailed as a stocker and engineer on the ships "Russia", "Kolyma", "Peter Reger."


During the Civil War he fought with White Guards, was wounded, survived after epidemic typhus.


After the establishment of Soviet government in the Crimea he led naval departmnet of the port of Feodosiya. In 1930-1935s – the Deputy Chief and the Chief of the port of Nikolaev. In 1935 he led the port of Odesa.


Under the management of S.Muzalev Odesa port took the leading positions among the ports of USSR.


Nikolai Kremlyansky

Kremlyanskiy Nikolay (1877-1938) - participant of the revolutionary movement of merchant mariners, an organizer of the recovery of ports in Southern Russia after the October Revolution and the Civil War. In 1917 he was one of three delegates of the Congress of Soviets from Odesa. A member of the "Council of 9" on the nationalization of the Black Sea merchant fleet. The Chief of the port of Odesa port in 1920-1931.


He was born on May 9, 1877 in a working class family in Sevastopol. At the age of 9 he used to be a cleaner of steamer pots. From 1892 he worked as an apprentice locksmith at Sevastopol Marine Plant, since 1902 – a maritime engineer.


After leading the port of Odesa in 1920 Kremlyanskiy laid the project of A. Bakhmetev for recovery and development of capacities of the enterprise.


He gained significant funds for the implementation of these projects in the port.


In the short terms the foundation for mechanization of handling works in the port was laid. In 1924 was solved the problem of mechanized shipment for grain export, which ensured steady cash flow. By this time were built two granaries, reloader for grain with the capacity of 200 tons/h.


One of the major achievements of Kremlyanskiy was radical reorganization of the management of the operational and financial activities of the port.