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Mikhail Sokolov

sokolovСоколов Михаил Юрьевич - начальник Одесского филиала государственного предприятия «Администрация морских портов Украины» (администрации Одесского морского порта), кандидат технических наук. Назначен на должность 16 июля 2013 г.


Родился М.Соколов В 1975 г. в г. Одессе. В 1998 г. окончил Одесскую национальную морскую академию по специальности «судовождение на морских путях, инженер-судоводитель».


С 1998 по 2002 гг. работал третьим, вторым, старшим помощником капитана на судах государственной судоходной компании «Черноморское морское пароходство» и  компании V SHIPS. 2007-2008 гг. - капитан на судах-контейнеровозах компании V SHIPS. С 2008 по 2010 гг. работал в гг. Ильичевск и Одесса директором частных компаний в сфере портовой логистики.


2010-2011 гг.- заместитель начальника службы флота государственного предприятия «Одесский морской торговый порт». 2011-2013 гг. - первый заместитель начальника государственного предприятия «Одесский морской торговый порт».


Yuri Vaskov


Васьков Юрий Юрьевич, кандидат технических наук, Член-корреспондент Транспортной Академии Украины, депутат Одесского городского совета, первый Вице-президент ассоциации «MedCruise» (2011-2014 гг.). Награжден орденом «За заслуги» III степени, знаками «Почетный работник морского и речного транспорта», «Почетный работник транспорта Украины».


Родился в 1979 г. в Одессе в семье, связанной с морем. Имеет 4 высших образования: ОНМА (2002 г.), ОНЮА (2004 г.), ОНМУ (2006 г.),  Международный институт деловых отношений (Нойштадт, Германия).


Трудовую деятельность в Одесском порту Ю.Васьков начинал в 2002 г. заместителем главного диспетчера, а с октября 2011 г. по 12 июля 2013 г. занимал должность начальника порта.


На посту руководителя предприятия Юрий Юрьевич продолжил курс своего предшественника Н.Павлюка. Был одним из инициаторов внедрения в Одесском порту трансшипмента и обработки судов в режиме «свободной практики», внедрения электронного документооборота и создания Информационной системы портового сообщества (ИСПС).


Nikolay Pavlyuk


Nikolay Pavlyuk, the General Manager of the State Enterprise "Odesa Commercial Sea Port", a Hero of Ukraine, a holder of an Order "For Merits", the Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of the 4th convocation, an Honorary citizen of Odesa. On his initiative and under his leadership has been carried out the most ambitious in the last half a century modernization of the port, introduced a efficient marketing model of economy.


The son of a serviceman, after finishing school in 1958 he went to Odesa and got a job at the shipyard named after "50 years of Soviet Ukraine". Two years later he transferred to the port of Odesa as a docker. At the same time he begin studying on evening classes at Odesa Institute of Maritime Transport Engineers.


Pavlyuk passed all stages of career grow: a stevedore, the Dispatcher, the Senior Dispatcher, the Deputy General Manager of the 2nd operational district, the Chief Dispatcher, the DeputyGeneral Manager in Operation. In 1985 he was appointed the General Manager of the port.


Valentin Zolotarev


Valentin Zolotarev (1925-1985) – the Head of Illichevsk and Odesa (1980-85) ports, a holder of Orders of Lenin, “Red Banner of Labor", “October Revolution", military decorations, the Bulgarian Order of “Labor".


After returning from the front in 1945 Zolotarev entered the Marine Fleet University of Odesa and graduated it in 1951. During one year (1950-1951) he worked as a shift dispatcher of the port of Odesa. For five years (1952-1957) Zolotarev worked in the Far Eastern port of Vanino as a senior dispatcher. In 1957 he came back to the port of Odesa as the Director of the warehouse and then as a Senior Dispatcher of the 4th district of the port, which had been later reformed into an independent port of Illichevsk.


In the port of Odesa Zolotarev implemented the idea of a container terminal at the Quarantine Mole (berths #1-2). Its area (15 hectares), including the rear areas was created by man-made ground. It had to sacrifice the Austrian beach. As a building material was used construction waste and sand. In 1984 the first container ship "Knud Jespersen" which delivered 319 containers with Vietnamese import cargoes was handled at the terminal.


Victor Senko


Victor Senko (1935-1996), the General manager of the port of Odesa, a prominent economic and party leader of the maritime industry, a holder of three Orders of Labor Red Banner, a holder of an Order "Badge of Honor", an Honorary Worker of the USSR Navy.


Native of Sumy region. After graduating Ivannitskaya school in 1952 he entered the operating department of the Odesa Institute of Maritime Engineers. In August, 1957 he was assigned to work at the port of Odesa as a stevedore. Then he worked there as a foreman, after that a dispatcher. In 1960 he was appointed the Chief of the 1st district. And in February 1962 – the Deputy Director of the Personnel Department. In 1966 Senko was elected the secretary of the Party Committee of the port. In February 1976, Victor Senko was assigned the General Manager of the port.



Oleg Tomas


Oleg Tomas (1930-1989) - the Head of the port of Odesa from 1962 to 1979. He is a holder of Orders of Lenin, Labor Red Banner, "Badge of Honor", and numerous medals.


After graduating from the Odesa Maritime University in 1953 he worked as a dispatcher at the Eastern District of Novorossiysk port. In 1954 he moved to the port of Odesa on the position of port fleet manager. Then he worked in the main control room of the port, led the third cargo district and was the Deputy Head of the port in operation.


At the age of 32 years, Oleg Tomas led the largest trade port of the USSR.


His contemporaries and followers mention of his contribution to the modernization of the port. Together with the Senior Engineer M. Kalin they have embarked on demolition of old buildings, such as warehouses, offices and creation of modern storage facilities. Under the building of marine passenger terminal, which was also built under O.Tomas in 1968, were built a complex of warehouses.



Chariton Grecu


Chariton Grecu (1914-1980) was a prominent figure in the maritime industry. In the mid-1950s he was engaged in organizing the first Soviet expedition to Antarctica. Grecu was also the chief of several sea ports major seaports.


Greku was born in Khabarovsk, the son of the Comptroller Excise. From 1932 till 1936 he was studying at the Vladivostok Maritime College at the Department of Seaports Mechanization. His further career had the following stages: 1936-1945- an engineer in the service of the mechanization of the port of Vladivostok; 1946-1955 - the Head of the Kaliningrad sea port; 1955-1957 - the Deputy Head of the First comprehensive Antarctic expedition and the Head of shore base "Mirnyy"; 1957-1961 - the Head of the port of Nikolayev; January-June 1962 - the Head of the port of Odesa; 1962-1978 – the First Deputy Chief of the Black Sea Maritime Shipping.



Mikhail Kotov


Mikhail Kotov (1911 - 1990) is a prominent figure in the maritime industry. He was awarded with the Order of Lenin, two Labor Orders, Order of the Great Patriotic War and four medals.


He was born in Krasnodar in a working class family. In 1934 he graduated from the Moscow Transport Engineers Institute as an engineer-economist of water transport and after that he was sent to Vladivostok port. Hiswork history: 1934 - 1941 - the Senior Engineer of technical standardization; 1941 - 1945 - the Deputy Head of the Port; 1945 - 1950 – the Head of the port; 1950 - 1953 - the Head of the port of Kerch; 1953 - 1954 - the Chief of the port economy of the Black Sea Shipping Company; 1954 - 1956 - the Deputy Head in operations of the port of Odesa; 1956 - 1958 - the Deputy Head of Development Department of the port of Illichevsk; December 1958 - December 1961 - the Head of the port of Odesa.


Yuriy Volkonovich


Yuriy Volkonovich (1913-1986) was the organizer of ports economy on the Black and Azov Seas, the head of major sea ports, a veteran of the World War II, a holder of an Order of the Red Star and the Order of Red Banner Labor, medals for valor in work during the war and peacetime.


He was born in Volyn region, the son of a teacher. He received a degree in teaching and worked as a teacher at the school in 1932-1937. In 1937-1943 he was a student at the Operations Faculty of Odesa Institute for Maritime Engineers in Samarkanda. During the war he worked in Makhachkala port and participated in organizing the landing operations on the Danube.


In 1950-1954 - the chief of the Rostov seaport. In 1955-1956 – the Head of Kherson seaport.


Victor Vakulenko


Victor Vakulenko (1906 - 1982) - the Head of the port of Odesa, the captain of the famous series of shipping companies. He was born in the village of Novo-Zburevka of Kherson region in the family of a sailor. In 1927 he graduated from the Kherson Maritime college. The second education he got at the Odesa Maritime High School in1954. His work history: 1927-1938 - the sailor, the third, second and senior navigator, the Captain onboard the Northern Shipping Company; 1938-1940 – the Captain of Arkhangelsk Commercial Sea Port; 1940 - 1941 - the Deputy Head of Arkhangelsk port; 1941 – 1942 - the Captain of Mariupol, Zhdanov and Krasnovodsk ports; 1942 - 1945 - the Head of Raid base and the Deputy Head of the port of Krasnovodsk; 1945 - 1948 - the Captain on various vessels of the Black Sea Shipping Company; 1948 - 1949 - the Captain-coach and the Head of Marine Inspection of the Black Sea Shipping Company; 1949 - 1953 - the Captain of the port of Odesa, the Deputy Chief in Operations; 1953 - 1957 – the General Manager of the port of Odesa.


Alexey Danchenko


Alexey Danchenko (1904-1983) – the famous organizer of the maritime industry, the head of Black Sea Shipping (1949-53), the General Director of the third rank, the Chief of the Black Sea and Azov Sea Joint Shipping Company, a Hero of Socialism Labor, a holder of 3 orders of Lenin and other government awards.,


Alexey was born in a family of sailors. His father - Evgeniy sailed on merchant navy as a boatswain. After graduating from a vocational school A.Danchenko received a profession of a turner. In 1919 he volunteered for the battlefront, fought at the 1st International Crimean Regiment.


In the 1920s he sailed as a stocker onboard the merchant navy fleet.