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LLC “FUMICOM UKRAINE” is regarded as one of the leading companies at the fumigation market in Ukraine, which offers full range of services on decontamination of cargoes at ships, in containers and in warehouses. We are represented and operate in the main ports of Black and Azov seas of Ukraine, and particularly in ports of Odesa, Nikolayev, Reni and other ports, we proclaim and show in practice our mobility and efficiency in work.


The staff of the company is represented by high-qualified specialists, who has broad experience in work and knowledge and are motivated to qualitative work performance in the shortest time possible.


Such leading traders as Nibulon S.A., ADM Germany GmbH (Ex. Alfred C.Toepfer International GmbH), Louis Dreyfus Commodities, Soufflet Negoce SAS, Cargill, Noble Resources, HTU S.A., Black Sea Commodities and others are in the list of our clients.


Our company offers such services connected with fumigation in all the directions and has partners, who are the members of the IMFO in all the ports of call.


We provide a full course of fumigation and work by scheme "port to port fumigation", that oversees the full control over all the steps of the process of fumigation - from the port of embarkation of the vessel with providing all the fumigation services to accepting of the vessel in the port of disembarkation, with carrying the degasification of bulges and issuing of Gas-free Certificate and withdrawal of fumigation materials with a full control on the quality of the work.


FUMICOM UKRAINE is also regarded as an exclusive supplier of the product Phostek in Ukraine that is a leading fumigant in the world, of the company Bernardo Quimica (Brazil)


Fostek is a fumigant based on the gas phosphene, which is not occluded by grain, pulses and other agricultural products, is not accumulated in the human body and due to high drilling property is not kept in open areas, its intolerable concentration are created only in isolated area.