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Published on Friday, 26 October 2012 11:10
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Our qualified personnel warrants performance of proper ships maintenance and wide range of ships repair works.

We are able to organize and perform the following kinds of repair whilst a ship is in shipyard/port or being underway by means of riding squads:

Main and auxiliary engines & other machinery.

- Overhauling and repair of main & auxiliary engines; - Overhauling and repair of turbochargers, boilers, pumps & ship mechanisms; - Machinery parts reconditioning; - Overhauling and repair of refrigerating plants and conditioning systems; - Control devices test and repair; - Repair of electrical equipment and rewinding of all types of electrical motors. - Navigational equipment repairs; - Automation and control systems as well as the other specialized equipment and mechanisms. - Deck machinery repairs and adjustment;

Hull works.

- Replacement of steel structures; - Repair of any type watertight closures including hatch covers; - Repair / renewal of pipes; - Flaw detection of hull constructions; - All kinds of hull structure repairs; - Deck equipment repair; - Cranes repair; - Hull thickness measurements; - Cleaning & painting of hull constructions.

Traveling Repair Squads

We can arrange qualified traveling repair squads capable to perform repair works whilst a vessel underway, staying in port or in yard.

The gangs are capable to carry out a wide range of maintenance, overhauling and repair works of deck equipment, main engine and auxiliaries as well as hull repair, radio/navigation or new equipment installation prescribed by SOLAS or on Owners` request.

Lifesaving gears servicing & maintenance.

Our Company certified by Bureau Veritas Register Quality Assurance for maintenance and annual and five years inspection of Lifesaving appliances in accordance with IMO regulation (MSC.1/Circ.1206 SOLAS Chapter III).

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