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Nikolai Kremlyansky

Kremlyanskiy Nikolay (1877-1938) - participant of the revolutionary movement of merchant mariners, an organizer of the recovery of ports in Southern Russia after the October Revolution and the Civil War. In 1917 he was one of three delegates of the Congress of Soviets from Odesa. A member of the "Council of 9" on the nationalization of the Black Sea merchant fleet. The Chief of the port of Odesa port in 1920-1931.


He was born on May 9, 1877 in a working class family in Sevastopol. At the age of 9 he used to be a cleaner of steamer pots. From 1892 he worked as an apprentice locksmith at Sevastopol Marine Plant, since 1902 – a maritime engineer.


After leading the port of Odesa in 1920 Kremlyanskiy laid the project of A. Bakhmetev for recovery and development of capacities of the enterprise.


He gained significant funds for the implementation of these projects in the port.


In the short terms the foundation for mechanization of handling works in the port was laid. In 1924 was solved the problem of mechanized shipment for grain export, which ensured steady cash flow. By this time were built two granaries, reloader for grain with the capacity of 200 tons/h.


One of the major achievements of Kremlyanskiy was radical reorganization of the management of the operational and financial activities of the port.

He brought commercial service, warehousing, and later the stevedoring business under the management of the port. To arrange the port’s fleet were introduced zoning and dispatching. For the first time since the existence of the port handling works as well as hiring and upkeeping of loaders were transferred under the management of the port.


In the time of Kremlyanskiy the port’s throughput increased almost 10 times, from 582 thousand tons in 1925 to nearly 5 million tons in the mid-30s. By the volume of cargo handling the port of Odessa took the first place in the USSR. From 1928 to 1932 23.5 million rubles was invested in the development of capacities and mechanization.


Life of N.Kremlyanskiy ended in 1938 during Stalin's repressions.