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Victor Vakulenko


Victor Vakulenko (1906 - 1982) - the Head of the port of Odesa, the captain of the famous series of shipping companies. He was born in the village of Novo-Zburevka of Kherson region in the family of a sailor. In 1927 he graduated from the Kherson Maritime college. The second education he got at the Odesa Maritime High School in1954. His work history: 1927-1938 - the sailor, the third, second and senior navigator, the Captain onboard the Northern Shipping Company; 1938-1940 – the Captain of Arkhangelsk Commercial Sea Port; 1940 - 1941 - the Deputy Head of Arkhangelsk port; 1941 – 1942 - the Captain of Mariupol, Zhdanov and Krasnovodsk ports; 1942 - 1945 - the Head of Raid base and the Deputy Head of the port of Krasnovodsk; 1945 - 1948 - the Captain on various vessels of the Black Sea Shipping Company; 1948 - 1949 - the Captain-coach and the Head of Marine Inspection of the Black Sea Shipping Company; 1949 - 1953 - the Captain of the port of Odesa, the Deputy Chief in Operations; 1953 - 1957 – the General Manager of the port of Odesa.


At that time, it was necessary to continue the further recovery of the port after the World War II: to raise its social sphere and at the same time to think about the growth of cargo turnover (in 1950 the turnover of Odessa port 1.2 times exceeded the prewar level). Cargo and passengers traffic on domestic and international destinations began to expand. Under the management of Vakulenko was opened a new lines, such as regular circular coal line Poti - Mariupol - Odessa - Nikolaev - Poti, a regular shipping line Odessa - India, the Crimea-Caucasus line with foreign tourists. In 1957 passenger turnover on the line Crimea-Caucasus amounted to almost 500,000 people. The initial turnover on the Indian line totaled to 100 - 150 thousand tons and later exceeded one million tons.


In the early 1950s has begun the era of modernization of the port and construction of new warehouses. In 1954 under his management was built a new covered warehouse at the rear of the current 8th berth. In 1955, after a 14-year break, the Vorontsov lighthouse light up once again. This event marked a new era in development of the port.


From 1957 to 1967 Vakulenko was a captain on various vessels, the captain-coach at the Black Sea Shipping Company. He retired in 1971. He was awarded with the Order of Lenin, breast signs "The Best Captain of the Ministry of the Navy" and "Honored Worker of the Navy," the medal "For Valiant Labor", etc.