Yuriy Volkonovich

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Yuriy Volkonovich (1913-1986) was the organizer of ports economy on the Black and Azov Seas, the head of major sea ports, a veteran of the World War II, a holder of an Order of the Red Star and the Order of Red Banner Labor, medals for valor in work during the war and peacetime.


He was born in Volyn region, the son of a teacher. He received a degree in teaching and worked as a teacher at the school in 1932-1937. In 1937-1943 he was a student at the Operations Faculty of Odesa Institute for Maritime Engineers in Samarkanda. During the war he worked in Makhachkala port and participated in organizing the landing operations on the Danube.


In 1950-1954 - the chief of the Rostov seaport. In 1955-1956 – the Head of Kherson seaport.


From 1956 to 1962 Volkonovich activity was associated with the port of Odessa. Yuriy worked as thr Deputy Chief in Operations, and from July 1957 to November 1958 - the Head of the port. In 1958-1960 – the Head of Handling district of the port of Odessa on Dry Terminal (future port of Illichevsk).


In the difficult period of the Illchivsk port establishment Volkonovich showed the talent of organizer in berthing and storage facilities, actively create industrial infrastructure and essential services, laying the foundations of social groups of large industrial and transport enterprises.


In the port Ilichevsk he worked until 1966. In the following year he was transferred to the management of the Black Sea Shipping Company as the Head of ports service. In 1974-1983 worked in the Office of "Cherazmorput". Retired in 1983.