Oleg Tomas

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Oleg Tomas (1930-1989) - the Head of the port of Odesa from 1962 to 1979. He is a holder of Orders of Lenin, Labor Red Banner, "Badge of Honor", and numerous medals.


After graduating from the Odesa Maritime University in 1953 he worked as a dispatcher at the Eastern District of Novorossiysk port. In 1954 he moved to the port of Odesa on the position of port fleet manager. Then he worked in the main control room of the port, led the third cargo district and was the Deputy Head of the port in operation.


At the age of 32 years, Oleg Tomas led the largest trade port of the USSR.


His contemporaries and followers mention of his contribution to the modernization of the port. Together with the Senior Engineer M. Kalin they have embarked on demolition of old buildings, such as warehouses, offices and creation of modern storage facilities. Under the building of marine passenger terminal, which was also built under O.Tomas in 1968, were built a complex of warehouses.


Tomas implemented the idea of creating a specialized complex for grain and raw sugar handling at the Khlebnaya harbor. Besides, under his management creation of container terminal has started.


Tomas was named the "producing person number 1": he often was on the berths, ships, well-informed on the operational situation. Before him, the heads of the port were mostly 'office workers".


In 1971 he was sent to Cuba as an advisor of the Minister of Merchant Fleet and Ports. In 1973 Oleg Tomas returned to Odessa and then headed the port of Odessa. In 1976 he was appointed the Chief of the Black Sea Maritime Shipment. But he had not achieved harmony in work withfleet elite and in May Tomas for the third time returned to the post of the Head of Odessa port.


In 1979 he joined the Odessa National Maritime University. His last place of work was the Yuzhniy Research and Development Institute. (now Ukrainian Research and Development Institute).