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Nikolay Pavlyuk


Nikolay Pavlyuk, the General Manager of the State Enterprise "Odesa Commercial Sea Port", a Hero of Ukraine, a holder of an Order "For Merits", the Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of the 4th convocation, an Honorary citizen of Odesa. On his initiative and under his leadership has been carried out the most ambitious in the last half a century modernization of the port, introduced a efficient marketing model of economy.


The son of a serviceman, after finishing school in 1958 he went to Odesa and got a job at the shipyard named after "50 years of Soviet Ukraine". Two years later he transferred to the port of Odesa as a docker. At the same time he begin studying on evening classes at Odesa Institute of Maritime Transport Engineers.


Pavlyuk passed all stages of career grow: a stevedore, the Dispatcher, the Senior Dispatcher, the Deputy General Manager of the 2nd operational district, the Chief Dispatcher, the DeputyGeneral Manager in Operation. In 1985 he was appointed the General Manager of the port.

Serious strength test for Pavlyuk became the 90s, when the USSR collapsed economic relations have ruptured. Port of Odessa has lost about 80 percents of the cargoes. To hold the company’s positions and keep the team of specialists it was wanted non-standard solution. And Pavlyuk have found it: foreign investors came to the port with its freight traffic. The decision was absolutely correct, but unusual for that time: to restructure the port and create handling complexes with foreign investments.


In 2002, Pavlyuk was elected as the Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada. In 2005 he returns to the port to continue its development. In the same year he presents Master Plan of Development of the port of Odessa, which includes five investment projects with the total volume of investments of up to 1.5 billion USD. It is about building the first phase of "dry port" on disposal fields, the 5th and 6th stages of the main overpass, building container terminal at the berth #42, the construction of berth #36 (2 "z") for handling of vessels "ro- ro" type, inwash of container terminal at the Quarantine Mole with total area of 19 hectares.


All of these projects, except the last one have been already implemented. The implementation of the most ambitious of these projects entered its final stage - deep-water container terminal in the port of Odessa is created now.


At the end of 2011 Pavlyuk became an Honorary President of the port of Odessa.