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«Brooklyn-Kiev» LLC has been operating in the transport services market since 1992 and today it is one of the leading companies in the transport industry in Ukraine with a reliable business reputation.


Terminal presentation


The production activity is carried out on the basis of the transshipment complex No. 5, located in the Khlebnaya harbor of the Odesa sea port.


Highly qualified staff of the company provides high level stevedoring services: loading and unloading operations of various types of cargo, stuffing and unstuffing of containers, storage of cargoes in the customs territory of the Odesa Sea Port.


The dispatching unit of the transshipment complex ensures coordination and efficiency in the vessels positioning, clear control of the loading/unloading process of cargo, provision of operational reports to shipowners, clients and forwarders.


The terminal technological capabilities provide handling of export/import cargoes: rolled metal, cast iron, pellets, coal concentrate, ferroalloys, grain, raw sugar, packaged cargo, cargo on pallets, in big bags; container stuffing.




The transshipment complex of Brooklyn-Kiev LLC includes 6 berths: No. 38, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47.


Berth No. 38 has the following characteristics: berth length - 174.51 m, projected depth - 9.75 m.


Berth No. 43 (all types of cargo are handled): berth length - 256.63 m, projected depth - 13.5 m.


Berth No. 43 is equipped with: 2 cranes on the rails of the "Condor" type with a lifting capacity of 40 tons each; grain handling machine of LLC "Ukrelevatorprom".


Berths No. 44, 45 (for grain cargo) have the following restrictions: Berth No. 44: length - 198.29 m, projected depth - 9.75 m; Berth No. 45: length - 198.29 m, projected depth - 9.75 m.


Berths No. 44, 45 are equipped with a grain ship loader for grain handling from the Odesa port elevator of the SJSC "Khlib Ukrainy".


Berths No. 46, 47 (all types of cargo are handled): Berth No. 46: length - 234.30 m, projected depth - 11.5 m; Berth No. 46: length - 234.30 m, projected depth - 11.5 m.


Berths No. 46, 47 are equipped with: 3 "Sokol" type cranes with a lifting capacity of 16 tons, 20 tons, 32 tons; 2 cranes of the "Kangaroo" type with a lifting capacity of 16 tons. The following types of cargo are handled at berths No. 46, 47: rolled metal, billet, roll (strip), rebar, wire rod, sheet in bundles, sheet piece, slabs, corner, channel, raw sugar, grain crops, ferroalloys.


Covered storage areas: raw sugar warehouse, warehouse status - “customs license warehouse”, simultaneous storage of 10,000 tons of cargo; two warehouses with the status of “temporary storage warehouse” for storing any cargo, the total simultaneous storage is 3000 tons.


The terminal has a large fleet of reloading equipment: tractor units of the "Terberg" type; trucks; bulldozers; diesel locomotives; conveyor lines with a length of 750 m.


Address: Ukraine, Khlebnaya Harbor, 6, Odesa, 65003

Tel.: + 38 048 729-38-48

Tel./Fax: + 38 048 729-30-01

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