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Odesa Port Cargo Transshipment Complex

The main course of the Complex is to export and import of liquid bulk edible cargoes.


Technical particularities enable the Complex to handle the cargoes, as follows:

- palm oil and its fractions, coconut oil, beef fat, raw glycerin, sunflower seed oil and its high-oleic grade as well.  


OPCTC has below mentioned particularities and facilities:

- the tank battery of 16 tanks with total capacity of 50 000 cub.m, where 43 200 cub.m are fitted with the systems for heating and circulation of condensed tropical oils to be intake for storage with separate export and import pipeline system, that is duly drainage fitted;

- Pipeline overpass for loading-unloading of RW wagons;

- Checkpoint for loading/emptying of auto-tankers and flexi containers;

- Industrial laboratory approved by the State Standard Authority subject to ISO 9001 & ISO 22000;

- The pipeline stations geared with the pumps for loading oils aboard a vessel and r/w and other roving tanks with the rate up to 320 cb.m per hour;

- A berth to handle the vessels of LOA up to 185 m and 9,75 m draft. The Complex is fitted with self-contained electrical power supply, what enables “OPCTC” to ensure high-quality and smooth operations;

- the outstanding feature of the Complex is not only heat-keeping tanks for tropical oils, but its automatics as well, what is bearing all processes ranging from the tanks level measuring and temperature control to the flow indicator, which serves to indicate the quantity has been loaded aboard of a vessel;

- 48 own railway tanks of 60 mts capacity each.


Besides the oils transshipment, OPCTC offers below services:        

1.Cargoes movement monitoring;

2.Shifting railway wagons in/out of the terminal by means of own switcher and r/w scales weight check;

3.Laboratory analysis and tests of oils;

4.Custom clearance and brokerage services;

5.Freight forwarding service;

6.Documents execution and cargo certification;

7.Lease of r/w


40, Primorskaya str., Odesa, 65026 Ukraine
phone: +380 482 377 182, +380 482 378 568
fax: +380 482 377 133,
E-mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.