Odesa port was awarded the prestigious award of the Mediterranean cruise community

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Published on Wednesday, 26 June 2019 15:10
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On June 25, as part of the traditional Shipping Week in Genoa, there was the first ceremony of the Mare Nostrum MedCruise Awards, an international award for shipping lines, ports, travel agents and tour operators, industry media, and others that made a significant contribution to the development of the cruise industry in the countries of the Mediterranean basin. The ceremony took place in one of the most beautiful buildings of the Italian city, Palazzo Doria-Tursi, built in the 16th century, which has been the headquarters of the municipality of Genoa.


Selection of nominees, the voting procedure and the award ceremony for the winners of the rating were organized by the world's largest Association of cruise shipping ports in the Mediterranean and adjacent seas, MedCruise, together with the port authorities of Genoa and Savona and the editors of Grimaldi Magazine Mare Nostrum.


Winners in 19 nominations were selected for the first awards ceremony of the Mediterranean Cruise Oscar for achievements in 2018, when the number of cruise tourists in the region exceeded 25 million. The title of laureate in the nomination ‘The Best Port of the Black Sea Region’ was awarded to the port of Odesa by a panel of authoritative jury.


Igor Tkachuk, the General Manager of Odesa Sea Port Authority, called the victory in the rating ‘reward for resistance’.


‘You know that in recent years, due to the geopolitical reasons, the number of cruise ship calls to Odesa Sea Port under foreign flag has begun to decline rapidly and last year this figure dropped to zero,” I. Tkachuk comments. - But all these years we have not given up and have made efforts to return the white ships to the Black Sea. First of all, this is a systematic work within the MedCruise Association. Twice a year, our representatives hold a series of meetings and talks with cruise companies during the Association's General Assemblies. We also provide the promotion of the tourist brand of Ukraine at the main international cruise forum Seatrade Cruise Global. Furthermore, the Odesa Sea Port Authority took the initiative to create an international working group of the representatives of the Black Sea cruise ports, which is actively working with cruise companies and others, informing them about the development of cruise infrastructure in the region, the safety situation and so on. The reward we received in Genoa is essentially the support of our work and at the same time, it is a signal to the market that the situation in the region has stabilized and cruise companies can include Ukrainian ports to the itinerary plan…

In order to confirm his words about the stabilization of the safety situation, I. Tkachuk gave two figures: by 2020, Odesa Sea Port had already received 11 requests for ship calls of cruise liners under a foreign flag and 8 applications had been received for the 2021 season.


Receiving the Mare Nostrum Award in one of the most beautiful ceremonial halls of Genoa, Ruslan Sakhautdinov, Deputy General Manager of Odesa Sea Port Authority, warmly thanked the President of the MedCruise Association, Mr. Airam Diaz Pastor, and the Secretary General of the Association, Mr. Jordi Caballe, for supporting the efforts of the Black Sea ports to restore cruise shipping in the region. This support, in particular, was expressed by the organization of international conferences MedCruise Black Sea Working Group Meeting, which were held in October last year in Odesa and in February of this year in Constanta, Romania.


In April of this year, at the exhibition-conference Seatrade Cruise Global in Miami (USA), also with the support of MedCruise, the ports of Odesa, Constanta, Varna and Burgas jointly presented the tourist potential of the northwestern part of the Black Sea region.


At the end of his speech, a representative of Odesa Sea Port Authority said words of gratitude to the cruise companies that return to the Black Sea and expressed appreciation to journalists from specialized media who objectively cover the situation in the Black Sea region. The words of gratitude for the warm welcome were also addressed to the municipality of Genoa, the Italian city, which Odessa has been linked with by ties of fraternal relations since 1957.



The Association of Mediterranean Cruise Ports and adjacent seas MedCruise was founded in 1996. Today it is the world's largest association of ports, shipping companies, tour operators and other structures operating in the cruise tourism industry. This brand comprises more than 70 ports of the Mediterranean, Black and Red Seas, the Middle Atlantic and 35 international corporations (107 members in total). The port of Odessa renewed its membership in the Association in 2008.

Palazzo Doria-Tursi (Palazzo Niccolo Grimaldi) was one of three palaces, the apartments of which were provided only to the most high-ranking guests of Genoa, who came with official visits, the popes, kings and emperors. The building is located in the center of Genoa at Via Garibaldi, 9. 2006, in July, this palace, along with another 41st palazzo, was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List (Wikipedia).


Press office of Odesa Sea Port Authority