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Port of Odesa improves the system of control over the navigation safety

The Odesa Branch of the State Enterprise Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority (OB SE USPA) and the State Enterprise Odesa Sea Commercial Port (OSCP) are establishing a joint permanent working group on the maintenance of the proper safety level of the navigation system in the harbor. One of the first tasks of the new advisory body will be the coordination of efforts to prepare the port fleet ships of these enterprises for the precise fulfillment of production tasks in the autumn-winter period of 2018–19, considering the requirements of the order of the Ministry of Infrastructure on the rules of vessels` ice channeling.


This and the other issues were reached by the agreement at the joint brief meeting held in October, this year, participated by the heads of the relevant departments of the OB SE USPA and the SE OSCP. The port Authority explains the necessity of meeting holding by the need to improve the system of control over the navigation safety that emerged in 2013 after the entry into force of certain provisions of the Law on Ukrainian Sea Ports.


‘According to this Law, the functions, technical means and funds directly related to the navigation safety were distributed between two economic entities,’ Igor Tkachuk, General Manager of OB SE USPA, commented. ‘In a result, the issues of port operation in the context of ice channeling, cure of emergency situations` effects environmental pollution of the harbor, organization of special staff training and everything that was once solved by a single order of the port General Manager needs some time for correspondence between the services of two enterprises or for conclusion of relevant agreements. However, there are situations when the decision must be taken immediately, because the navigation safety means the protection of human lives and expensive material values. In our opinion, establishment of the joint working group comprising the specialists of two state-owned enterprises will improve the port`s efficiency and mobility in this area, respecting the legal framework...


As I. Tkachuk stated, the working group included responsible officials of the departments of navigation safety and environmental safety, as well as units of the port fleet of the two state-owned enterprises. The advisory body was headed by Vitaly Gorobchuk, Deputy General Manager on security services of the OB SE USPA. Mikhail Chernykh, Head of the port fleet of the SE OSCP was appointed his deputy. During their absence, their duties will be performed by the other specialists. The port Harbor Master was also involved in the activity of the working group.


Press Service of Odesa Sea Port Authority