The port of Odesa: the visit of the British ship

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Published on Monday, 06 May 2019 11:25
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On May 6, HMS Echo (H87), the ship of the Royal Navy of Great Britain, moored to the 18th berth of the passenger terminal of the port of Odesa.


HMS Echo is a survey ship designed for researching and hydrographic work to ensure the action of submarines and amphibious operations. Additionally, it can act as a platform for minesweeping.


H87 was introduced to the Navy in 2003. In December 2018, the ship had already visited the port of Odesa as part of a NATO mission to ensure freedom of navigation in the Black Sea.


According to the Chief Dispatching Office of the SE USPA, HMS Echo is going to be deployed in the port of Odesa until May 9.


Press Service of Odesa Sea Port Authority