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Published on Monday, 22 October 2012 15:26
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With the aim of the increase of the SE "OCSP" throughput on May 13, 2005 the Logistics Park (TGT) was put into operation with the total area of 51,500 sq.m.

List of services, performed by the Logistics Park:

• Information about the transport availability;

• the warehouse space providing, including ramp for customs procedures, connected with import, export and transit of cargoes;

• coordination of actions of the port services, customs and other state controlling authorities during the passing through the Logistics Park;

• providing of the skilled dockers services and handling equipment;

• handling, relaying, repacking, formation of the freight shipment (from a container to the warehouse, from a container to a car, from a container to a container, from a cargo truck to a cargo truck, intra-depot operations and other);

• cargo storage at the open area;

• random reweighing of cargo packages on the scales;

• lease of the offices for clients and other services.

For high quality of the above-mentioned services providing Logistics Park disposes: parking, warehouses, examination areas and handling equipment. The "single window" is situated on the territory of the Logistics Park, where all the services (customs inspection, border checkpoint, plant quarantine service, sanitary inspection, sanitary and epidemiological service, environmental inspection), which are necessary for the containers/cargoes registration procedures, are situated. It allows decreasing the time of the consignment details registration for forwarders. Thus, the main quantity of containers passes through the technological cycle within 6 hours. Also, there were all the conditions created for 24/7 service of the controlling services, forwarding and transport companies.

Two warehouses have been put into operation. The total space of the both is 2,363.8 sq. m., the total capacity is 3,650 pallet space. There is the section for the valuable cargo storage with the space of 60.3 sq. m. and capacity of 66 pallet space at the warehouse territory. Also the warehouses are equipped with the racking systems. The working hours of warehouses are round-the-clock. The warehouses are equipped with the ramp, allowing performing the simultaneous parking of nine trucks. The warehouses are equipped with the security alarm, cameras, fire protecting systems, ventilation system.

Documents, regulating transport vehicles treatment:

1. The Instruction of documentary registration of motor vehicles following to the territory of Odesa Port container terminal for transloading of containers in the «Import-40» mode.

2. With the purpose of acceleration of registration of motor vehicles which follow in «IM-40» mode, advance notification/ advance declaration (AN/AD), of transit and increase of registration of transport, it is allowed to register transport loaded with the import containers in the admissions bureau of departure without stamps of SE «HPC UKRAINE» employees on an expense warrant, at presence of the proper seals and stamps of customs and boundary services.

3. From September, 8, 2008 at registration of motor transport arrival in the AN/AD mode the presence of the second seal of the Customs Control on the order is not required.

4. Motor transport, passing in the AN/AD/transit mode and not requiring the x-ray photography, is subject to inspection from 20.00 p.m. till 8.00 a.m. in a priority order on the concordance with the administration of Logistics Park and filling in of the proper stamps on orders.

5. From August, 22, 2008 the entrance of motor transport loaded with containers to the port with the subsequent execution of identification inspection is carried out from 19.00 p.m. till 3.00 a.m., conduction of the identification inspection is carried out from 21.00 p.m. till 9.00 a.m.

6. At registration of arrival of motor transport in IM-40 mode presence of the seal of the Customs Control on an account warrant is not required.

7. Instruction of the documentary registration of motor transport following to the territory of Odesa Port for transloading of loaded containers, which have already passed customs registration before entering the port.

8. With the purpose of city streets unloading from the super size motor transport following to the port, input of the new technological scheme is planned: « Registrations of motor transport following for transloading at berths of the port and Odesa Port Refrigerator with temperature-controlled cargo and other general cargo» according to which the entrance to the port for transloading of import cargoes will be carried out at the storage transit platform of "Euroterminal" LTD.

In this connection, it is necessary for all involved forwarding companies to apply to "Euroterminal" LTD for the conclusion of the corresponding contract.

Contact phones : +38 (048) 32-54-24 (34)

Please, apply to the Administration of the Logistics Park for more information by phone: 729 42 04

Address: Andriyevskogo Str., 2, Odesa, Ukraine, Logistics Park (TGT) of the Odesa Commercial Sea Port.

Director: 729-31-57, E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Economist: 729-43-31

Shift dispatcher (24/7 work): 729-42-04, E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Head of the cargo warehouse: 729-36-84 Fax: 729-73-74