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Odesa Sea Port Authority expressed respect to the Captain of the cruise ship MS AMERA

Today, October 30, 2019, representatives of Odesa Sea Port Authority expressed respect to the administration of the first foreign cruise ship visiting Odesa after more than a two-year break. Denis Karpov, acting General Manager of the Odesa branch of the State Enterprise ‘Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority’, Ruslan Sakhautdinov, Deputy General Manager on operation services of the branch, and Ihor Panchenko, head of cruise infrastructure and external relations service boarded the MS AMERA liner (204 m, flag - Bahamas). Jens Thorne (German), Captain of MS AMERA, hosted the guests on the ship’s bridge. The parties exchanged souvenirs and impressions from today's call of the cruise ship to the Odesa port.


‘Today's visit of AMERA was a joyful event for the inhabitants of Odesa, who have been deprived of observing the silhouettes of large familiar to the city passenger ships at the berths of the passenger terminal for more than two years,’ D. Karpov noted. ‘This is also a significant moment for us since the arrival of the vessel was the result of the constant and systematic efforts of port Authority towards the restoring of cruise shipping in the Black Sea after the events in Ukraine and Turkey in 2014-2016. Despite unfavorable circumstances, Odesa port has not stopped coordinating with its cruise business partners a single day, took part in international tourism forums and has been an active member in the framework of the Medcruise Association. During negotiations with our partners, we reasonably proved that Odesa, being called the sea capital of Ukraine, is still hospitable and safe for foreign tourists. I hope you have made sure of that today.’


During the conversation, D. Karpov also emphasized the symbolism of MS AMERA's call: the “first swallow” of the white ships` return to the Black Sea has the logo of the shipowner Phoenix Reisen on its pipe, a white seagull against the Sun. Others will follow the first seagull: the port expects 11 cruise liners with a foreign flag next year and 16 applications were received for 2021


The captain of the MS AMERA vessel, in his turn, admitted that it is not his first call of a passenger ship to Odesa harbor. He had an opportunity to verify the hospitality of Odesa residents more than five years ago. When a severe storm arose on the sea and his vessel was forced to stay in Odesa port for three days, the cruise administration received all kinds of assistance from local travel agencies, which expanded and diversified the program for tourists in our city. At the same time, the captain maintained close contact with port Authority: the vessel was provided with everything necessary.


‘This is not the first time I have been visiting you, and I gladly accepted the news of the opportunity to see your port and the Potemkinskaia stairs again, which I have already climbed earlier,’ Captain Jens Thorn concluded his speech.


At the end of the meeting, the captain kindly invited the guests to take a short tour around the vessel, which has been renovated for several tens of millions of dollars this year.


As previously reported, MS AMERA will leave Odesa port today at 18:00 and head for Istanbul.


Press Service of Odesa Sea Ports Authority