Trainings on civil defense are held in Ukrainian seaports

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Published on Wednesday, 18 February 2015 15:35
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During the previous week, as well as the current practical trainings in civil defense were held in seaports of Ukraine.


So, on February 17, Head of Mobilization and Civil Defense Department of SSP "Oktiabrsk" carried theoretical exercise for port workers on issues of shelters in the defense constructions of civil defense and provision with personal protective equipment.


In the course of the classes, employees got acquainted with the alert of civil defense, the procedure of obtaining personal protection equipment, and procedures in case of real threat.


Also, exercises in civil defense took place in Belgorod-Dnestrovskij sea port. According to the information of the specialist in mobilization work of the port authority Sergey Kovalenko, the evacuation of the entire working group of the port authority was held for the first time.


Along with the exercises on use and appliance by stuff of protective equipment, coordinated placement in shelters, in the course of practical training there was also brief narration on the rules of personnel behavior in case of terrorist threats.


Also trainings in civil defense well carried at all the production departments of the branch “Delta-Pilot” of the SE “USPA”.


 Complex of practical exercises included evacuation and shelter of staff in the defense constructions of civil protection (shelters) in accordance with the evacuation plans, check status of individual means of respiratory organs and skills of the personnel on their use, as well as the skills of first aid to the injured due to an emergency.


The results of the evacuation and exercises in shelters showed a high level of practical training of port workers to act in an emergency.


Press centers of Belgorod-Dnestrovskij Sea Port Authority,

SSP "Oktiabrsk", and branch of the SE “USPA” “Delta-Pilot”