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Dredging works is a priority of USPA for 2015

(from the materials of the press conference of the SE “USPA” CEO Andrey Amelin on  March 18, 2015, Odesa).


During  2014, Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority has performed a number of dredging works.


Thus, one of last year's most important infrastructural achievements was the creation of the deepest-water area in the Black sea in Yuzhny sea port. Dredging works on the reconstruction of the marine approach canal and inland waterway approaches to deep-water berths were completed in the harbor. This dredging works created the conditions for safe acceptance and servicing of heavy Capesize type vessels with a draft of 18.5 meters. Thus, from July to December, the port additionally received 7.5 million dollars.  
Also maintenance dredging in the port area and on the approach channel of Berdyansk sea port during the past year was carried out. The excavating was carried by own means, i.e. with a help of dredger "Meotida". 200 thousand cubic meters of soil was extracted, and the conditions for the safe calling of vessels with a draught of 7.5 meters were created.


Depth were brought to the nominal 8.5 meters in Mariupol sea port. When performing work, using the dredger "Meotida", 190 thousand cubic meters of soil were extracted.


The dredging of the seabed was also carried out in the internal waters of the Odesa sea port (90 thousand cubic meters of soil was extracted), at the Bugsko-Dnieprovskij lake channel (1 million cubic meters) and the "Deep-water navigable channel Dunaj-Black sea" with own means, i.e. dredge "Ingulskij" (300 thousand cubic metres). 


Among other things, dredging works on the Dniester lake channel and at the approach channel of the Dniester-Tsaregradskoje delta arm of Belgorod-Dniestrovskij sea port.


The actual depth in harbor waters and on the approach channel to Skadovsk sea port also been brought to the nominal 6 meters. The dredger "Ingulskij" performed dredging in a volume of 80 thousand cubic meters (including the approach channel that is 45 cubic meters and the water area which is 35 thousand cubic meters). Thanks to the dredging the operation of the ferry line Skadovsk-Zonguldak was restored.


It must be underlined that a performance of large-scale dredging works became possible due to centralized system management of these works and due to own specialized USPA fleet.


“Today the works are being performed in large ports and harbors, which couldn’t allow earlier such expensive works as dredging and even the support of nominal characteristics. This is an obvious example of realization by Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority one of the main goals of its creation, overseen by the Law “On Ukrainian sea ports”, - commented CEO of the SE “USPA” Andrej Amelin


SE “USPA” spent appr. 900 million UAH on dredging works.

As for plans of the SE “USPA” for 2015, the CEO of the enterprise said that this year's plans are even more ambitious.


In Illichevskij seaport the reconstruction of the sea approach canal with bringing depths up to 16 m and waters of the 1st basin of Dry lake with bringing depths up to 15 meters is planned. In addition, the support of navigation depths at the Bugsko-Dnieprovskij lake channel (11.2 meters), Kherson sea channel (8.25 meters) and at water navigable channel Dunaj-Black sea (5.5 m) will be given. Scope of scheduled work on all channels will be about 2 million cubic meters of soil.


Also dredging works will be carried out in the port of Odesa with reaching the design depth of 14 m, and it is planned to extract more than 130 thousand cubic meters.


Planned dredging works with reaching nominal depths in Nikolaevskij port up to 11.2 meters, with a volume of more than 170 thousand cubic meters, Reni port to 4.5 meters, with a volume of more than 30 thousand cubic meters, Kherson port to 8.25 m, a volume of about 50 thousand cubic meters, Mariupol port - channel is 9.15 m, the harbor waters 9.75 meters, with a volume of about 550 thousand cubic meters, Berdyanskij port - channel to 8.55 m, harbor waters 8,40 m, a volume is about 280 thousand cubic meters, SSP "Octiabrsk" to 11.2 m, volume is about 260 thousand cubic meters.


Also the dredging works are being carried in port “Yuzhnij”


Among other things, dredging works at the approach canal of Dniester-Tsaregradskoje delta arm of Belgorod-Dniestrovskij sea port should be noted. Dredging of the marine part of the canal will be conducted by own means of the SE “USPA”. It is planned to extract 200 thousand cubic meters of soil that will allow you to restore the design depth of 6.5 m.


The continuation of the dredging works on the Dniester lake channel is planned. Length of the lake part is more than 14 kilometers, it is planned to remove about 800 thousand cubic meters, with reaching nominal characteristics, i.e. 5.5 m.


Also last week in Izmail port dredging works on reaching nominal depths of 4.5 m. Works are beong performed by means of hopper dredger "Meotida", it is planned to remove about 300 thousand cubic meters of soil.


To conduct dredging works in 2015 the enterprise has planned about 1 billion UAH.


Press-centre SE “USPA”