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Ukraine expects the answer from Romania to the offer on joint ecological monitoring of the Danube delta

Deputy minister of surrounding environment of Ukraine Dmitry Gursky informed about it from Bruxelles. "The Romanian site has apprehended a research-and-production program which was offered by the Ukrainian site, it has worked, made the remarks then the meeting of experts took place, and now we expect a final position of the Romanian site to dot one's "i's" and to begin such monitoring", - he has told. "It would be final and good, if in this commission on joint monitoring there were independent European experts", - the deputy minister has added.
D.Gursky has reminded that Ukraine sounded such offer even in the autumn 2009 during the session of the Committee of high level between ministers of ecology of two countries within the limits of the presidential Ukrainian-Romanian commission.
According to D.Gursky, in January of this year the Ukrainian party has directed the Committee a report on implementation to Convention ESPOO (Conventions of the United Nations on an estimation of influence on environment in a transboundary context) about performance of all necessary measures. «It is all, we have executed all procedures regulated by Convention ESPOO», - D.Gursky has told. In April, 2008 The Implementation committee of Convention ESPOO suggested to recognize infringement by Ukraine of positions of articles 2, 3 and 4 of Convention at channel building «Danube – the Black sea» in the mouth Bistroye.
In particular, the committee has come to conclusion that Ukraine has not given enough information to the Romanian site, concerning the project on mouth deepening and has not given possibility of the Romanian public to take part in an estimation of consequences of this project for an environment.
Romania accused Ukraine of infringement of international law norms at channel building "Danube – the Black sea" since 2004 when Ukraine began renewal of activity of the channel in the mouth Bistroye. Romania tried to prove ecological danger of works which were carried out by Ukraine on deepening of the navigable course, involving the Eurocommission in it.
Information. On May, 12th, 2004 the Cabinet made a decision on building of the 3,5-kilometre deep-water channel "Danube – the Black sea" in the Ukrainian part of the Danube mouth Bistroye. On August, 26th, 2004 in the Odesa region a solemn opening of a first stage of this channel took place.

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