There is the Council on navigation safety created in the marine branch

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Published on Tuesday, 06 April 2010 03:00
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Ukraine initiated creation of the new authority in the field navigation safety – Council on navigation safety.
The new authority is created on the base of the profile department - State administration of sea and river transport of Ukraine, the basic state enterprises which are responsible for navigation safety– SE "Delta-pilot", SE «Agency of sea safety», SE sea telecommunications "Morkom", SE «Sea salvage and rescue service», State fleet inspection of Ukraine.
Heads of the mentioned enterprises were the part of the Council management. As specifies in the Ministry of transport and communications, the primary aims of the Council is a stating of recommendations to the ministry regarding answering the international contracts demands in the field of navigation safety.
Powers of the new authority will be applied to vessels, navigable companies and sea and river ports. According to the ministry, the Council acquires the recommendatory right in the sphere of formation and perfection of a strategy of sea and river transport development (including development programs, plans, and also concrete projects of the enterprises). «The Council will be focused on increasing of the efficiency of the state control and supervision and sea safety», - declares the Ministry of transport and communications, making comments on the project.