The port complex of Ukraine has reduced handling up to 1 % in the I quarter

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Published on Tuesday, 27 April 2010 03:00
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According to the State committee of statistics of Ukraine, the volume of cargo handling by the enterprises of port complex during the I quarter 2010 makes 37,513 million tons that is 0,99 % less than the last year’s index. Let's remind, year before, for the same period, decrease in volumes made 8,2 %. The stake of cargo handling by seaports for the specified period c.y. makes 37,18 million tons,-0,98 % by the similar period of the previous year (the corresponding last year’s dynamics –5,6 %). Situation improvement became the result of sea export growth (by 6 %, up to 20,53 million tons) and import (by 71,7 %, up to 4,32 million tons). At the same time, transit significant for sea ports was reduced to 20,2 %, up to 11,83 million tons). Sea cabotage has decreased even more – up to 40,8 %, to 0,49 million tons. Last year transit decreased by 14 %, cabotage - by 0,6 %. Renewal of river cargo handling highly grows. Here the falling for a quarter made only-1,3 % (to 323,8 thousand tons) whereas in January-March of the previous year river-transporters have lost 78 % of cargoes. River export makes 212 thousand tons,-4,12 % by January-March, 2009. River cabotage increased in 1,4 times, to 79,1 thousand tons, import - in 1,9 times, to 32,4 thousand. At the same time the transit component of river transfer has come to naught. RZD-PARTNER