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The Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine, Vladimir Kozak: The European Integration movement of Ukraine will keep on

The Europen Integration processes are not finished, they will be kept on, - the Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine, Vladimir Kozak said at the meetings with representatives of worker’s association of transport department, students, and teachers of specialized universities. But in a very difficult situation, which developed in National economy because of the loss of big number of export to Russia and counties of Custom Union and general complication in trade and economic cooperation with our east neighbors, the rushed signing of Association Agreement will bring Ukraine more risks, dangers and losses than profits, advantages and stability. So, in spite of repeated attempts of Ukrainian government to discuss the business of contingent consideration with European colleagues, in the form of wide access of Ukrainian goods to European market and giving Ukraine a credit on reasonable terms at transition period, the representatives of EU didn’t give any concrete answers. In fact, Ukraine didn’t receive any hands-on assistance , except for naked addresses of European politicians to Russian and was left alone with its problems.


That’s why ,with all the responsibility, government came to a decision to pause a process of signing Association Agreement with EU  and proposed to discuss further prospects of European integration of our country with saving normal , good neighborhood and mutually beneficial trade and economic cooperation with Russian and counties of Custom Union  in three-side form: Ukraine- EU- Russia.


“  The cooperation of Ukraine with EU keeps on and the Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine goes on actively cooperate with European colleagues in preparation of the variety of common and mutually beneficial agreements for Ukraine and counties of EU” , -the Minister remarked. On November, 27 , the Vice Prime Minister , Alexandr Vilkul, signed an agreement , in Brussels , according to which , the EU will supply our country the funds for modernization of aero navigational system, it will lead to flying safety  in full compliance with European standards.


Exactly during Vilnius summit a treaty about Common Aeronautical Space ,open-skies, will be initialed.


Such a treaty will open our market to European air carriers , and will give a possibility to Ukrainian carriers to add new routes, and create  more competitive terms. It will help the Ukrainians the get more manifold service at a low price”,- Vladimir Kozak said.


(The full text of the article of the Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine, Vladimir Kozak, can be read on the site


Trade Unions of port branch suggest their representatives to take part in the process of preliminary agreeing terms and conditions of the investment projects

The previous week in the specialized sea port “Oktiabrsk” the regular meeting of Coordination Council of the chairman of union of  sea transport of Ukraine took place.

In the course of the meeting, the Trade Union leaders noted that the first stage of the reformation of domestic marine branch in accordance with the dispositions of the statue “About Sea Port of Ukraine” goes with the observance of rights and guarantees of the worker’s association in matters of preservation of the existing quantity of working places, wage level, specialized usage of the facilities intended for social needs, etc.

At the same time the participants of the discussion were solid that the prosperity of the forthcoming stage of the reform would depend on the presence of the constructive dialogue between an employer and worker’s association in the person of their elected body of Trade Union.

On this account, Coordination Council made a decision to address to Minister of Infrastructure, Vladimir Kozak, with a suggestion to attract Trade Union to take part in the process of preliminary agreeing terms and conditions of transmission to business corporations in circulation (concession ,lease) of integral property complex, which are on the balance of government facilities.

The Normative fastening of such practice will permit Trade Union to inform the strategic investor properly about standards existing in social field, and it will become a factor of confidence towards information about port administration’s plans when carrying out explanatory work in worker’s association, it will give a possibility to avoid misunderstandings and social tension at the beginning of one or another project and will help the acceleration of its realization.


Yuriy Vaskov : Year 2013 was marked as a breakthrough in cruising in Ukrainian ports : plus 33% ship entries

On 19th of November there was a press-conference under the chairmanship of CEO of “Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority” Yuriy Vaskov, which was dedicated to the results of the cruise season of 2013.  As the CEO of “Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority” declared, the domestic ports accepted 293 cruise liners ( it is plus 98 if to compare with the year 2012 ) .Port of Odesa (106 ship entries, 81 367 passengers )and Yalta  (109 ship entries, 77 880 passangers) became favorites. Altogether 186 496 foreigner passengers arrived with cruise ships, it is 54 825 people more if to compare with previous season. Such a result has been achieved for the first time since the Independence of Ukraine. As Yuriy Vaskov noticed “ it became possible thanks to continuous and systematic work, which is directed at reconstruction and development relationships with major international cruise companies… 99,9 % of cruise operators are foreign companies of Caribbean region and western Europe”.


The revival of the cruises by North and North –East Black Sea region ( which was popular as Crimean Caucasian when USSR ) on the motor ship ADRIANA with calling at the ports of Odesa ,Sevastopol, Yalta, Feodosiya, Novorossisk and Sochi was referred  by the head of “Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority ” as a significant progress of the previous season.
60 ship entries were made that season.

The first round cruise by Black Sea of the liner AZAMARA QUEST, which belongs to one of the major cruise corporations of the world ROYAL CARIBBEAN was an event of the previous season. “As to our information, the cruise company is satisfied with the made cruise and is planning to develop that tendency the next year. In such a matter, the next season we will have two, or even three operators of cruise transport in the region. If three companies will be competing with each other , then it is possible to expect to more moderate prices for the cruises by Black Sea”, - Yuriy Vaskov noted.


  At the same time, the CEO of “Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority” underlined that the growth of ship entries of cruise companies obliges to develop the infrastructure as of the ports, and  of the seaport towns and regions. “ The potential tourist product will increase the interest only then when it will represent something absolutely new on the market , and when the investments are put into the creating conditions for the service for ships and passengers” – Yuriy Vaskov underlined.

The port of Odesa is one of the advanced for ship-entries and passenger service. The infrastructure of other cruise domestic ports of Black sea, and first of all of the port of Yalta, doesn’t correspond to up-to-date requirements.



To solve this problem,- Yuriy Vaskov kept on, - in 2014 “Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority” planned to start the reconstruction of the berth infrastructure of the port of Yalta at their own cost. This pass the standards of the statue “About Sea Port of Ukraine” .According to the positions about public and private partnership, set in law, the government represented by  “Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority” should provide proper conditions of berths, depth for the safe navigation, and the investor will develop the coast infrastructure. I suppose, that within 2014-15, we will be able to provide everything needed to receive and service the liners in Yalta, with length up to 300 meters.


 In this  speech , and then followed answers on questions , Yuriy Vaskov raised a question about the condition of passenger terminal in ports of neighboring states ( Sochi, Istanbul , Burgas, Constantsa) ,commented on work of creating regulatory system in order to transfer to concession passanger terminal in Odesa and Yalta, etc.

In summary ,the chairman of “Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority” made a conclusion about a persisting potential of Ukrainian ports , it is about annually 10 % increasing ship entries of cruise liners. The result in this year is plus 33,4 % , which Yuriy Vaskov characterized as “ leap-head and giving a chance for attracting new tour operators “.




This year Ukrainian sea ports accepted 293 cruise lines

As to cruise navigation Ukrainian sea ports accepted 293 cruise ships in 2013, which is 98 ship entries more than previous year.

For the first time over the years , the cruises of the Black Sea on the vessel” Adriana”  revives again with embarkation and debarkation in every port of call, that is Odesa, Sevastopol, Yalta, Feodosiya, Novorossiysk and Sochi. The vessel made 60 ship entries in Ukrainian ports during the navigation in 2012.

In particular, Odesa sea port accepted 106 cruise liners and 7780 passengers, Sevastopol sea port accepted 58 liners and 23400 passengers, Feodosiya sea port 18 liners and 3479 passengers, and Yevpatoriya and Kerch sea ports accepted one liner each.

All in all, 186 496 foreign passengers visited Ukrainian ports, which is 54 825 more than in 2012.

In last 5 years, the number of ship entries into Ukrainian ports increase u to 40 %, and the quantity of passengers up to 53,4 %.  Mostly, tourists from German (23,2%), Great Britain (17,7%) , Italy (12,4) visit the Black Sea region.  The share of cruise tourists of CIS, in the ports of Ukraine, is 6,1% ( it was 1% less in 2012)

The fact that the increasing quantity of passengers takes the lead over the number of ships, attests that the ships with bigger dimension and bigger passenger-carrying capacity started to enter the region more often.


Ukraine and Azerbaijan close in economic relationships

In the context of official visit, the president of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliev met with Prime-minister of Ukraine, Nikolaj Azarov.

Nikolaj Azarov pointed out and important meeting of the minds and activation in the spheres of energetics, transport and agriculture. Also he pointed out the importance of intensification in humanitarian cooperation, which will contribute to bringing nations and states together.

The President of Azerbaijan, in his turn, underlined that relationships between Azerbaijan and Ukraine develop very dynamically and new spheres of cooperation are opening.  In particular, Ilham Aliev said that the participation of Ukrainian companies in the building Baku metros a very promising project: in years to come the quantity of stations here is planning to increase from 23 to 70.  Also, Azerbaijan hails cooperation of Ukrainian companies, which acquired great experience over the last years in building complicated infrastructure facilities, which developed in Azerbaijan.

Besides, both parts agreed to intensify the cooperation in transportation hydrocarbon crudes, in using advanced agro-technologies, creating logistics centers of fruit and vegetable production, etc.

Ilham Aliev offered to hold business forum between Ukraine and Azerbaijan, which would help wholly use new opportunities for investments, which are created both in Ukraine and in Azerbaijan. 


The cargo size between Ukraine and EU formed 39,4 mnl.t. for 10 months in 2013

The cargo size transited by rail in January- October in 2013 between Ukraine  and EU increased 4% up to 39,4 mn.t. Press-center of “Ukrzaliznytsia” reported.

The cargo carriage between Ukraine and with counties of tariff unions shortened 8, 4% to 79,96 mn.t.

The biggest part of cargo size carriage with EU countries made export carriages, that is 35,2 mn.t. (it is 2,7% less to compare January-October in previous year) The size of trough traffic from EU countries made 880,7 thousands of tones  ( -3.8%), the cargo carriage with counties of tariff unions  developed unevenly. The material flow between Ukraine and Russia shortened 6% to 65,4 mn.t. in 1- months, between Ukraine and Kazakhtan shortened t 60,3 to 6,5 mn.t. Meanwhile, the cargo size cariiage between Ukraine and Belarus increased 14, 9% to 8,1 mn.t.

“Ukrzaliznytsia” reminded that the infrastructural potential of Ukrainian railways has a possibility to increase the cargo size carriage both eastward and westward. (to 10-50%) 


The Ratification of the convention “About Maritime Labor “ will defend the rights of Ukrainian seamen

The ratification of convention in Ukraine of International organization of labor “Maritime Labor “will help to defend our seamen against unfair employer’s actions. To bring the Ukrainian legislation in accordance with document the interagency working group is going to be created, under the general superintendence of vice-chairman of Ukrmorrechinspection, Nicolaj Sevirin. The Vice- Minister of Infrastructure in Ukraine, Dmitry Demidovich, told about it on 12th of November, 2013, at interdepartmental meeting.


“ Convection -2006 assigns absolutely plain concept of terms and conditions of seamen’s labor, and ensure the right on rest, on receiving salaries, on medical care, etc, so it allows to protect them 100%  against unfair employers and against enterprises of mediation in recruitment and employment of seamen , which bear no responsibility nowadays, -Dmitry Demidovich pointed out,- and we should use every effort to make this document ratified as fast as it is possible in Ukraine, as fate of more than 75 thousand of seamen depend on it.


As Nicolaj Sevirin said, the key problem of Ukrainian seamen, whose professionalism cannot be doubted in the whole world, is that with rare exceptions, they have to work without even conclusion of employment agreement.


One should remind that on August 20, 2013, the Convention mentioned before came into force. Up to date, 51 countries ratified it, with the whole 76, 2 %tonnage of the fleet of worldwide range. The document, united in itself more than 70 regulatory legal acts in the field of maritime navigation law added a number of important regulatory document, such as Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea 1974 ( Solas -74) ,International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships 1973 , MARPOL 73/78) , The International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers (STCW  -78/95) 


Trade turnover between Ukraine and China increased by $1 billion for 8 months of 2013

During first 8 months of 2013 trade turnover between Ukraine and China totaled $7.3 billion, which is 16.6% more ($1 billion)  more compared to January-August 2012, the press service of the Ministry of Revenue and Duties informs.


According to the Ministry, the volume of trade with China takes the second place among 217 countries - trade partners of Ukraine. The share of export-import operations with China amounts to 8% of the total turnover of Ukraine.


 The specialists of the Ministry suppose that foreign trade between Ukraine and China in the current year is on the rise due to increase both import (9.2%)  and exports (46.4%).


 Resuming 2012, trade turnover between Ukraine and China amounted to $10 billion


U.S. to increase forecasts of grain harvest in Ukraine in 2013 by 1 million tones

U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) increased the forecast of grain harvest in Ukraine in 2013 by1 million tons, compared with its August estimation up to 59.97 million tons. This was reported by Interfax-Ukraine.


Estimations of wheat, in particular, increased by 0.5 million tons up to 22 million tons.


As much as grain was increased the forecast of bread crops (excluding corn) up to 8.97 million tons, while the forecast of corn was left at the same level of 29 million tons.


According to experts, grain export from Ukraine in 2013/2014 marketing year, will total 20.38 million tons, which is 0.2 million tons higher than the August estimations. At the same time the figures for corn and wheat left unchanged - 18


Freight rates remain low due to redundancy of ships

Freight rates for container traffic between Europe and Asia fell from early September by $110 per container, despite the efforts of shipping companies to increase them up to $500 because of redundancy of ships on the route. This was reported by the Interfax referring to MarketWatch.


From the beginning of the year, freight rates on this itinerary, where about 17% of the world's container capacities engaged, fell by 16 % and totals about 1 thousand dollars per container.


The reason of this is redundancy of ships, which the largest container operator Maersk Line estimates at the level of 10%. Market participants try to get a contract by all means, outbidding rates from each other, which leads to the fact that the rates remain at low level.


Shipping companies suffer losses. Last year, only 7 of the 30 largest carriers received profit. According to research companyAlphaliner, in last 4 years the total losses of the industry reached $7 billion.


"In the next 3-4 years small and less efficient ships in terms of fuel consumption will be replaced from the itinerary because they can not compete, but up to now freight rates will experience pressure , if the world economy does not show a stable increase", - considers the Head of the Danish company SeaIntel Maritime Analysis Lars Jensen.


Cabinet approved concept of industrial development program until 2020

The Cabinet approved the Concept of national targeted program of industry economic development for the period up to 2020. The corresponding decree № 603- p was approved at a meeting on 17 July 2013, the press service of the government informs.


Cabinet of Ministers considers the main problems of Ukrainian industry a significant lag in the use of information technologies, dependence of economy on foreign markets, decrease of the share of high-tech industries, which leads to reduction of demand for domestic research and applied productsand hampers technology transfer development.


It is noted that the implementation of the previous industrial development program for 2003–2011 has increased the volume of industrial production in the country as a whole during this period by 17.5 percent.