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Sea ports of Ukraine to join terminals of all forms of ownership

Release of the press-service of SE "Ukraine Sea Port Authority" by the results of the press conference of the Acting Chairman of the State Enterprise "USPA" Yuriy Vaskov on  30 July 2013 (RUS .doc)


Ukraine to harvest record corn crop in 2013

The Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food expects corn production in Ukraine at the level of over 25 million tons in 2013, which will become a record.


Earlier, the Ministry predicted that the corn crop this year will total 22-23 million tons.


According to reports of the Ministry, Ukraine, as of July 23 harvested 23.5 million tons of grain, including 17.2 million tons of wheat, 5.6 million tons of barley and 0,341 tons of rye.


Recall that the Ministry of Agrarian Policy forecasts grain harvest in 2013 at the level of 53-54 million tons compared to 46.2 million tons in 2012. According to the State Statistics Service, corn harvest in Ukraine in 2012 amounted to 20.9 million tons, which is 8.4% less than in 2011.


Heads of Ukrainian seaports were appointed

The Ministry of Infrastructure has appointed 18 heads of seaports. Thus, according to the third part of the 15th Article of the Law "On seaports of Ukraine", which entered into force on 13 June 2013, the head of a seaport is the head of the Authority of the seaport.


According to the Ministry, from 16 July 2013 were appointed the following heads of Ukrainian seaports:


Head of Berdyansk seaport Authority - Vyacheslav Reznikov;
Head of Belgorod-Dniester seaport Authority - Alexey Khaimenov;
Head of Evpatoria seaport Authority- Evgeniy Pyatachov;
Head of Izmail seaport Authority - Nikolai Ilyin;
Head of Ilyichevsk seaport Authority - Alexey Koshelev;
Head of Kerch seaport Authority- Alexey Shatskykh;
Head of Mariupol seaport Authority - Alexey Rosinskiy;
Head of Nikolaev seaport Authority - Vasiliy Ivanchuk;
Head of Odesa seaport Authority - Mikhail Sokolov;
Head of specialized seaport of "October" Authority- Andrey Egorov;
Head of Reni seaport Authority - Sergei Stroya;
Head of Sevastopol seaport Authority - Sergei Tarakanov;
Head of Skadovsk seaport Authority - Oleg Protochenko;
Head of "Ust-Dunay" seaport Authority - Vladimir Korovin;
Head of Feodosia seaport Authority - Anatoly Mazila;
Head of Kherson seaport Authority - Sergey Ignatenko;
Head of Yuzhniy seaport Authority - Maxim Shirokov;
Head of Yalta seaport Authority - Alexander Kotovskij.



The Cabinet approved delegation to participate in negotiations on Free Trade Agreement between Ukraine and Israel

The Cabinet appointed the delegation of the Government of Ukraine to participate in negotiations on a free trade agreement with Israel.


The Head of the delegation became the Director of the Department of Cooperation with the WTO on trade defense under the Ministry of Economic Development Sergey Kryuchkov.

In accordance with the appropriate Order the Head of the delegation is empowered:

- To make alterations in composition of the delegation in consultation with the heads of central executive bodies;

- To involve to work of the delegation the government officials, employees of foreign diplomatic missions in Ukraine, enterprises, institutions and enterprises in consultation with their heads, as well as scientific advisors and experts.

In addition, the government approved directions of the delegation to participate in the negotiations. The content of the directions is not disclosed, they are available only for official use.


Government approved Regulations on carriage of goods through rail-ferry service between the ports of Ukraine and Turkey

Today, on July 17, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved the Rules for the organization of operation of freight through the international railway-ferry service between the Ukrainian and Turkish ports and approved the Draft Law on their ratification.

According to the Minister of Infrastructure Vladimir Kozak, the adoption of the Rules will be the legal basis for cooperation in the field of international rail-freight ferry services between Ukraine and Turkey.


"These rules define operating procedures of railroad freight cars, containers and other vehicles and their numbered account of freight cars, containers in international transportation via the ports of Ukraine and the Republic of Turkey", - said Vladimir Kozak. The Rules are also set out the principles of the calculations for the carriage of goods, cars and containers.


US begins certification of Ukrainian grain

The United States begins certification of Ukrainian grain. This was announced by the Minister of Agricultural Policy and Food Nykolay Prisyazhniuk at a briefing in Kharkov, UKRINFORM reports.
"We stated that we are ready to supply Ukrainian grain to the U.S. market. Initially they were surprised, and now they forced to start its certification", - said the Minister.
According to him, certification is a prerequisite for supplies of grain to the United States and contracts conclusion. "Our task is to receive confirmation that our grain meets all international requirements, including the requirements of the United States of America", - added Prisyazhniuk.


The Minister did not mentioned how much time the certification may last.


Direct foreign investments in Ukraine will total $6 billion in 2013 – EBA

Direct investments in Ukraine this year will total 3.4% of GDP, or $6 billion. This was stated by the President of the European Business Association Tomas Fiala, the correspondent of RBC-Ukraine reports.


"As for direct foreign investments, last year they amounted to $7 billion, or 4% of GDP. This and next year we expect 3.4% of GDP. Overall, this figure is not bad compared to the 20 countries in our region, we will be in the top four countries. But this is less compared to pre-crisis, when the figure reached 6% of GDP", - said Fiala.


He also added that the crisis has changed the structure of the foreign direct investments. "Before the crisis, 3-4 years ago, it was diversified, and now investments from Cyprus are prevailing, although there are investors from the U.S. and Western Europe. They arrange investments through Cyprus, because there is a law on the avoidance of double taxation and every company is looking for ways to minimize taxes.


Ukrainian government to stimulate grain export - N.Prisyazhniuk

Ukrainian government will stimulate the export of grain, which will help faster relieving of the internal market of grain. This announced the Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine Nikolay Prisyazhniuk on 15 July, the press service of the Ministry reports.


"The state helps to relieve the internal market of grain through the Agrarian Fund. However, one of the main methods to stabilize prices in the domestic market is export policy. So, to relieve the surplus of grain till the beginning of 2013/14 MY, the state encouraged its exports. Sales of grain abroad increased by at least 1 million tons", - he said.


The minister also noted that before the harvesting campaign started, the government has done its best in order to open the way of domestic grain to world markets.


"During the 12 days of new marketing year, Ukraine delivered abroad almost 300 thousand tons of grain. In total this year's grain export to become the largest in the history of independence. It is predicted that Ukraine export will total 24-26 million tons of grain", - summed up N.Prisyazhniuk.


Ukraine and Russia decide to recreate grain pool

Ukraine and Russia agreed to return to idea of grain pool, said a spokesman of the Prime Minister Nikolay Azarov Mr. Vitaliy Lukyanenko in Sochi, Kommersant-Ukraine informs.


"At this meeting (the Prime Ministers of two countries Nikolay Azarov and Dmitry Medvedev) discussed how to return to idea of creating grain pool”, - he said.


In addition, during the meeting the sides discussed cooperation projects in the space industry and aircraft industry.


In 2009, the Ukrainian Grain Association stated that establishment of a joint union with Russia and Kazakhstan is not profitable for Ukraine.


In 2007, the Russian Grain Union initiated the creation of the Black Sea grain pool with Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan, with the possibility of the accession of other countries, such as Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey.


Ukraine approved the Strategy for development of seaports till 2038

To ensure the implementation of the Law "On the seaports of Ukraine" the Ministry of Infrastructure developed and submit for consideration to the Cabinet of Ministers the draft Order "On the Strategy of development of Ukrainian seaports for the period till 2038". The Cabinet approved the document at a meeting on 11 July 2013, the press service of the Ministry of Infrastructure informs.


The strategy was developed in accordance with the Law "On Sea Ports of Ukraine" on the basis of analytical and expert advices on the current state and prospects of development of sea ports of Ukraine.


The document defines the main directions for industry development for the next 25 years.


The main goals and directions of development of sea ports, according to the Strategy are:


- An integrated development and competitiveness of port industry;


- Ensure proper maintenance, efficient management and use of the strategic port infrastructure;


- Involvement for the long term partnership of private investments for the development of port infrastructure;


- Creating the conditions for economic activities in the seaport, equal access to the services provided at every seaport;


- Ensuring the safety of navigation, life, health, and economic activities in the seaport, the safe operation of port infrastructure;


- Ensuring environmental safety in accordance with international standards.


Ukraine to harvest a minimum of 22-23 million tons of corn in 2013

Corn harvest in Ukraine may reach at least 22-23 million tons this year, predicts the Deputy Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food Aleksandr Sen. This was reported by Interfax-Ukraine.


"I think that this year we will harvest 22-23 million tons, and even more in case of good weather conditions”, - told the Deputy Minister to reporters in Kiev on Thursday.


He added that now the weather has a positive effect on the formation of the corn crop.


According to him, most of the crops are in good condition.


At the same time, Sen said that forecasts of gross yield are approximate and will be corrected depending on the situation on the fields.