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Government approved the order of opening and closing of ports and the Register of sea ports maintenance

Opening and closing of seaports in Ukraine will be carried out by a single well-defined order. All the information about operating on the territory of our state seaports and services provided by them will be accumulated in a single specially designed electronic database – Ukrainian Seaports Register.


"The purpose of the Register is to provide the data needed to perform the tasks in the field of maritime safety, environmental protection, as well as for state supervision (control)", - said the Minister of Infrastructure Vladimir Kozak.


According to the Law "On Sea Ports of Ukraine" and approved Order, the Register contain the following information: registration number of the seaport and the date of registration, the name and address, the name and location of the seaport Authority, the date and reason of opening of the sea port, the boundaries of its territory and water area, the main technical characteristics of the port (including its cargo handling capabilities, maintenance of ships and/or passengers), the list of berths and marine terminals within the seaport, etc.


The maintenance of the Register will be carried out in Ukrainian and English languages ​​in electronic form.


Maritime lawyers proclaimed Charter for provision of legal services for seafarers

The International Organization of legal protection of seafarers Seafarers' Rights International (SRI) has proclaimed the Charter to provide legal services to seafarers - Charter of good practice for the provision of legal services to seafarers. This was reported by PortNews with reference to the press service of the Russian Trade Union of Seafarers.


The Charter focuses on the problems of seafarers and is the quintessence of all the codes of professional ethics. According to SRI, it will bring together lawyers all over the world, and seafarers to receive a real help.


According to the SRI Executive Director Deirdre Fitzpatrick, by virtue of office she often has to deal with the seamen who need legal advice. Now, after the proclamation of the Charter the crew member can independently choose a specialist from among those who signed the document and accepted the rules.


Currently, more than 100 lawyers from 50 companies of 34 countries worldwide have already signed the Charter.


Seafarers' Rights International calls for cooperation qualified lawyers who wish to sign the Charter and to assist mariners.


Farmers have already harvested 12 million tons of grain

On 50 percent of the total cropping areas the harvest to be gathered just by the end of this week, said the Head of general agriculture, use of chemicals and land reclamation department under the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine Anatoly Rudyuk.


He recalled that the cropping started in all regions of Ukraine and early grain and leguminous crops at the moment have been threshed on an area of ​​almost 4.5 million hectares, which is 41 percent of the projected area. Productivity is high and totals an average 26.8 quintals per hectare, which is 7 quintals more than the previous year (an increase of more than 30%).


According to Rudyuk, about 12 million tons of grain has been cropped. "Workers of the number of regions gathered over 1 million tons of grain, and workers of Odesa region until the end of the week, we hope, will report on 2 million tons of grain", - said the representative of the agricultural department.


US and EU to remove trade barriers

Negotiations between the United States and the European Union on creation the world’s biggest free trade zone started in Washington.


The first round of negotiations started in Washington on Monday. The case in point is creation of the trade zone, which will involve a half of the world’s economy. The meeting is for members only and the details are not enclosed yet, but the parties are optimistic:


“All will be fine. This is a great outlook for everybody”, - said one of the representatives of the EU delegation before the beginning of the negotiations.


If all really will be fine, so the trade zone will start functioning from 2014.


“In case of successes, this deal will become the greatest step forward in the transatlantic relations since the times of cold war.


Navigators of small vessels will be exanimated

Starting from July 1, 2013"Ukrmorrechinspektsiya" began inspections of educational and training centers carrying out trainings of navigators throughout all the country, reports Seafarers Journal.

Recall that these check ups are carried out in accordance with the Order of the Ministry of Infrastructure #283 of May 7, 2013.

This document defines the procedure for admission of candidates who want to con small-sized ships, to assess their knowledge and passing the relevant examination before members of the Qualification Commission.

In accordance with the previously compiled schedule inspections are conducted in the following cities: Kiev, Sevastopol, Feodosia, Kerch, Odesa, Nikolaev, Kherson, Izmail, Kiliya, Vilkovo, Mariupol, Zaporozhye, Cherkassy, ​​Kharkov.

All inspections and examinations are free of charge. On all matters relating to the tests of knowledge navigators must apply to the territorial authorities of the Ukrmorrechinspektsiya.


Level of trade and economic relations does not correspond to economic potential of Ukraine and France – Azarov

The level of trade and economic relations does not correspond to economic potential of Ukraine and France. The prospects for intensifying these relations are currently exist. This opinion voiced the Prime Minister Nikolay Azarov expressed in an interview to «Le nouvel Economiste» (France), the press service of the Secretariat of the Cabinet informs.


According to him, Ukraine has a number of projects that are interested for French investors. In addition, our government is actively modernizing the economy and develops domestic market.


The Premier believes that Ukraine is becoming an attractive destination for investments. "For example, we already have clinics equipped on a higher level compared to European ones, modern agricultural systems, steel plants, environmental facilities, etc., which are better equipped due to they were built in recent years”, - he said.


Transport workers will ensure carriage of all volumes of harvest in 2013 - V.Kozak

Transport workers will ensure carriage of all volumes of harvest in 2013 – said the Minister of Infrastructure Vladimir Kozak.


"Every year we have a good harvest and we cope with its carriage", - said the Minister.


The Minister pointed out that the analysis of previous years shows irregularity of handlings. "If from Monday to Friday the daily rate totals 1700 wagons of grain, then on Saturday and Sunday this figure is reduced by half".


According to Kozak, on behalf of the Prime Minister, the railway workers, motorists, customs officials, farmers must work together to organize a stable grain transportation. "We have to arrange work around the clock. And it's not just the railways or motorists, but also regulatory authorities, customs"- said the Minister of Infrastructure.


Control and clearance of cargo at the ports will be simplified

Control and registration of vehicles and cargo in Ukrainian ports will be optimized in accordance with the world practice. Instead of today's paper workflow in ports an electronic information system, similar to those now being used successfully in Europe will be created. The Cabinet of Ministers supported the relevant initiative of the Ministry of Infrastructure today.


According to the Minister of Infrastructure Vladimir Kozak, the document provides for implementation of port community information system, which will be connected to the ports, carriers, shipping agents, freight forwarders, customs, sanitary, veterinary, quarantine and other services, contractors of ports.
All of these participants through the Information system will carry exchange, checks, registration, calculation and transmission of any information, documents sufficient for control and clearance of goods.

"Information system of port community will allow minimization of paper work, reduce the time of clearance of goods, optimize transportation process, reduce the cost of key players in the process, increase the productivity of the terminals by providing all participants of transport process with correct and legitimate information”, - said the Minister.


Nikolay Azarov: Ukraine intends to join the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development

Ukraine intends to join the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), said the Prime Minister of Ukraine Nikolay Azarov at a meeting with the Chairman of the Parliament of the Council of States of the Swiss Confederation Filippo Lombardi.


"We count on the support of Switzerland in this issue", - Nikolay Azarov said.

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) is an international organization of 34 most developed countries of the world - mostly from the European Union, the USA, Australia, Korea, Japan and others. Headquarter is located in Paris.


The agreement on the OECD establishment was signed on 14 December 1960 in Paris, came into force on September 30, 1961. The Agreement aimed at coordination of economic policy in OECD countries and to help developing countries. The OECD is also actively cooperating with the countries of the world which are not the members of the organization, within the framework of special programs, international events, and so on.


Maersk Line launches the world's largest ship

This week, Maersk Line, a member of the Danish conglomerate AP Moeller-Maersk, launches the world's largest cargo ship (EEE class), The Wall Street Journal informs.

The ship was built in Korea and has a length of almost 400 meters and a height of 20-storey building is 35% more economical than the current fleet of ships and can carry 18 thousand containers. However, the first time a new vessel is likely to be navigate with a load of maximum 14 thousand containers, as not all ports, even certified to service the vessels of EEE class (16 ports in toto) have the necessary equipment.


The ship, which was named after the recently deceased son of the founder of Maersk McKinney Moeller, will leave the shipyard on Friday. The first flight is scheduled for July 15: after loading in the largest Korean port of Busan, the ship will head to Europe via Singapore, and will continue to work on Asia-Europe routes.

The cost of the ship is $185 million, Maersk ordered 20 such type vessels. Only three shipping companies have ordered the ships of EEE class, now the largest one is the ship, which is capable to carry 16 thousand containers is owned by CMA CGM.


Cabinet approved the list of ports opened for foreign vessels

The Cabinet approved the list of ports, which are open for foreign vessels. This was stated in the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers № 466 of June 26.


The list includes the following ports: Reni, Izmail, Ust-Dunaisk, Belgorod-Dnestrovskiy, Illichevsk, Yuzhiy, Odesa, Nikolaev, Kherson, Skadovsk (Kherson region), Sevastopol, Evpatoria, Yalta, Feodosia, Kerch, Berdyansk (Zaporozhye region), Mariupol (Donetsk region), a specialized seaport Oktjabrsk (Nikolaev).


Recall, the program of reforming Ukrainian port industry is in progress. For example, on 27 May 2013 was established Ukrainian Seaports Authority, under the authority of which will be transferred all the strategic assets of harbors (berths, water areas, canals, general infrastructure). The administration has a branch in every seaport. Other assets go on the balance of port state enterprises (handling equipment, port fleet, ship repair plant, vehicles, etc.).