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Trade turnover between Ukraine and Lithuania increased by 16% and totaled €1 billion in 2012

Trade turnover between Ukraine and Lithuania increased by 16% and amounted to €1billion in 2012. This was announced by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania Linas Lynkyavichus.


"We reached a turnover of up to 1 billion Euros. This figure may not be high but we do have a great and it growing. In the past year, an increase totaled 16%", - said the Head of the Lithuanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


He also emphasized the active growth of the indicators in the field of tourism, "Tourism is also actively developing - an increase amounted to 65%. Last year we issued 27 thousand visas for your residents".


U.S. may revise import duties on rods from Ukraine and Moldova

United States International Trade Commission (USITC) has announced the possibility of reviewing of anti-dumping duties levied on imports of steel wire rod from Brazil, Indonesia, Mexico, Trinidad and Tobago, Moldova and Ukraine, said on the official web portal of the Federal Register, Interfax-Ukraine.


According to the document, the statements from interested parties as part of this review must be filed no later than July 3 this year, notes for clarification - until August 16.


The Commission, depending on the number of requests to review the duties will make a decision for a review by full or shortened procedure.


Revision of the introduced sanctions is a procedure that is applied after the action within five years of previously imposed duties in order to determine whether the import of products affects local producers of similar products.


U.S. Department of Commerce introduced anti-dumping duties on wire rod from Brazil, Indonesia, Mexico, Trinidad and Tobago, Moldova and Ukraine on October 29, 2002. Thus the greatest duties were imposed on the supply of these products from Ukraine (116.37%) and Moldova (369.1%).


Ukraine is interested in attracting French investments in sugar industry - Ministry of Agrarian Policy

The second meeting of the Ukrainian-French Working Group on Agriculture was held in Paris on May 30. The event was attended by the Director General of Agricultural Policy, Food and Territories of France Eric Allen and the First Deputy Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine Ivan Bisyuk. The press service of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy informs.


According to the report, the Ukrainian side expressed interest in attracting investments and the development of bilateral cooperation in the sugar industry, in particular the optimization of the sugar mills, the introduction of energy-saving technologies, production and use of biofuels.


At the meeting was also discussed the issues of sanitary, technical and trade cooperation in the field of animal husbandry, cooperation in crop production (seeds and protection of rights on agricultural crops), in the development of agricultural market infrastructure in the area of ​​land policy, agricultural education and researches.


The parties reached an agreement on the active involvement of French investments in Ukraine and to contributing to the activities of French companies that are already working in the agricultural sector in Ukraine.




Ministry of Infrastructure considers promising development of multimodal transport network with minimal involvement of motor vehicles

The Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine considers the most promising development of multimodal transport network with the maximum use of railways, water transport capacity and with minimal involvement motor transport.

There are 18 sea ports of the Azov-Black Sea basinin Ukraine as well as operate a lot of railroad crossings and ferry lines in the direction of Bulgaria, Georgia, Russia and Turkey. At present, in Ukraine also operates an extensive system of container trains and combined transport trains in the direction of Asia, Central and Eastern Europe, Scandinavia and the Baltic States. Ukraine has also initiated an organized movement Piggyback train in the direction of Italy, Austria, Hungary and Ukraine and further to the east.


Development of intermodal transport in the direction of the Caucasus-Black Sea-Baltic Sea with usage of ferries and block trains of combined transport has also considerable potential. On the initiative of the Ukrainian side was decided to establish a working group that will determine the prospects for the development of transport in the Black Sea region.

In addition, Ukraine offers the Black Sea countries to develop tourism potential, in particular cruise tourism. For the formation of tourism industry it is necessary to work out issues of development of seaports in the region.


Ukraine will export 120-130 thousand tons of sugar in 2012-2013 MY - "UkrTsukor"

Ukraine in 2012-2013 marketing year will export about 120-130 thousand tons of sugar. This said the General Director of the National Association of sugar producers of Ukraine "UkrTsukor" Nikolay Yarchuk.


"About 120-130 thousand tons of sugar will be shipped in this marketing year. To date, for September-April, we have already exported to foreign markets 76 thousand tons of sugar",- said Yarchuk.


Grain harvest in Ukraine may total 50 million tons in 2013

Grain harvest in Ukraine is expected at the level of 50 million tons in2013, said the Executive Director of the Ukrainian Agriculture Business Club Alexander Verzhihovskiy, the correspondent of RBC-Ukraine reports.


"According to our forecasts, the trend to increase exports of agricultural products will continue, because the harvest this year will be slightly better than last year's, which will allow to sell these products on foreign markets. According to our estimates, in case of disasters absence, we can expect the grain harvest at the level of 50 million tons, which is about 19 ​​million tons of wheat, 23 million tons of corn and about 8 million tons of barley", - said Verzhihovskiy.



Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine Vladimir Kozak opened the International Exhibition and Conference "INTER-TRANSPORT 2013"

Today, on May 29, in Odesa the Minister of Infrastructure Vladimir Kozak opened the 12th international exhibition and conference "Inter-transport" as well as the exhibition stand of the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine.

"21 years has left since the organization of the BSEC and 12 years since the exhibition "Inter-Transport". Today, this exhibition is one of the largest areas of Black Sea region, gathering industry players, where they can demonstrate their achievements, share offers, and organize cooperation with a large number of enterprises. Among the participants are 165 organizations from 27 countries.


In particular, the exhibition and conference "Inter-Tranport" in 2013 gathered together the participants in the field of transport infrastructure, ports and port facilities, handling equipment, construction, marine engineering and port hydraulic structures and transport vehicles; multimodal transport and logistics, warehouses and so on.

"This event is of great importance for all countries in the Black Sea region. We will take part in the transport week. And today, we are going to hold a meeting of ministers of transport of the BSEC member states. I am convinced that these meetings will give a new impetus to the development and prosperity of all the inhabitants of the Black Sea region", - said the BSEC Secretary General Victor Tsvirkun.

The key issues of the conference are the worldwide development of transport policy, the development trend of the transport system of the Black Sea and Caspian Sea regions, as well as the interaction between rail, sea and road transport and ferry services.


Ministry of Agrarian Policy intends to simplify grain trade

Ministry of Agrarian Policy proposes to return to the voluntary certification of the quality of grain and grain products. The mandatory certification should remain only for the export-import operations, writes Kommersant-Ukraine in the article "The sign of quality."


The Ministry has prepared a draft law on amendments to the Law "On Grain and Grain Market".


The head of the Agrarian Union Gennadiy Novikov believes that the abolition of mandatory certification of grain quality and services will reduce the number of permits that must be received by farmers to conduct their activities. The CEO of the Association "Ukrainian Agriculture Business Club" Vladimir Lapa agrees with him. In his opinion, the certificates are not wanted now, and create a bureaucratic pressure.


Container ports of Ukraine increase handling of containers with grain

Container ports of Ukraine in the first quarter of 2013 increased handling of containers with grain by 4.5 times compared to the same period in 2012. This information was made public at the international conference "Grain Forum-2013", held in Odesa, RZD-Partner reports.


According to the Director of the Department of Economic Development and Agricultural Market under the Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine Sergey Petrenko, for 3 months of the year was handled 4,995 containers with grain against 1,102 in the first quarter of 2012. Thus, increase touched the ports of Odesa and Illichevsk.


For example, container terminal of the port of Illichevsk handled 702 containers with grain , the port of Odesa - 4293 ones.


In the weight equivalent the volume of handled grain in containers amounted to 113.8 thousand tons.


Social guarantees for workers of state enterprises of maritime transport after the transferring to the SE "Ukrainian Seaports Authority" and its branches will be saved

All social guarantees of state owned enterprises of maritime transport that were in effect for the employees, which will be transferred to the State Enterprise “Ukrainian Seaports Authority” will be maintained. According to this principle will be the concluded new collective agreements at newly created enterprise and its branches. The immediate Plan of Actions related to the development and conclusion of collective agreements was adopted today, on 20 May 2013 at a joint meeting of the Ministry of Infrastructure specialists, representatives of the Trade Union of Maritime Transport of Ukraine, Union of Maritime Transport Workers, the Federation of Trade Unions of Ukraine and others.

"The “Ukrainian Seaports Authority” should sign their own collective agreements, which in each branch must keep the social guarantees for workers in each port", said the Deputy Minister of Infrastructure Dmitriy Demidovich.

The Plan clearly provides that the draft of new collective agreements, which are currently prepared by working committees, must preserve all the social guarantees under existing collective agreements of the reorganized companies, with the specifications provided by the Law “On Sea Ports of Ukraine" and guarantees stipulated by the Industry Agreement.


A.Vilkul: Ukraine is open for investments in tourism sector

Ukraine has a great potential for tourism. Holding of sporting events, such as "Euro-2012" and the finale of the European Basketball Championship "EuroBasket 2015" contributes to the development of tourism in Ukraine. Investors are interested in participating in the development of tourism cluster, and the state creates the appropriate conditions for it. This was stated by the Vice Prime Minister Aleksandr Vilkul during a meeting with representatives of international companies - the members of the American Chamber of Commerce.

"Ukraine is open for investments in the tourism industry. In particular, we expect to arrive about one million fans of "EuroBasket 2015". In order to accept them, we are going to build terminal facilities, runways, also were implemented projects for the development of road infrastructure in the cities, where the competitions take place. We invite investors to develop the hotel business, providing demand for air transportations and so on", - said Alexander Vilkul.


In preparation for the Championship it is planned to build six modern multifunctional arenas designed for 15,000 seats. In the future they will be used for exhibitions, concerts and cultural events of international level, including competitions in more than 100 kinds of sports, including basketball and hockey.