Odesa Sea Port Authority takes part in the work of the MedCruise Committee of Experts, which is developing a strategy for the revival of cruise traffic

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Published on Wednesday, 15 July 2020 14:58
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Today, July 15, the first meeting of the Post COVID-19 Committee of Experts, a new expert committee established under the executive directorate of the MedCruise, the International Association of Cruise Business entities, took place online. The Committee acts as a communicator between cruise companies and passenger ports in the Mediterranean and the Black Seas, monitors and analyzes the epidemiological situation in the specific coastal cities, and performs other functions aimed at resuming cruise traffic stopped by the pandemic crisis. The Post COVID-19 Committee of Experts also includes a representative of Odesa Sea Port Authority.


‘The global pandemic crisis has equally blocked the operations of absolutely all cruise companies, regardless of the region of navigation and fleet class’ Ruslan Sakhautdinov, General Manager of Odesa Sea Port Authority, stated. ‘In particular, all companies whose cruise ships were supposed to visit the port of Odesa this season, were forced to suspend the organization of sea voyages until mid-September with a possible further extension of lockdown. The cruises were suspended by Azamara Cruises (part of the Royal Caribbean Cruises holding), Phoenix Reisen, the world-famous German concern, Fred Olsen Cruise Line, the Norwegian shipping company, and so on …’


According to R. Sakhautdinov, the Committee of Experts of the MedCruise Association sees the priority steps to restore the global cruise industry in this difficult epidemiological situation in the implementation of so-called ‘health protocols on board’ on passenger ships. They provide for a number of mandatory security measures: contactless embarkation and check-in of tourists, disinfection of luggage, improvement of ventilation system onboard, compliance with certain restrictions both on board the ship and during excursions in the ports of call, etc.



Schedule of gradual recovery from the coronavirus crisis and resumption of cruise voyages between the ports of the Mediterranean and the Black Seas by the world's leading shipping lines (from the official website of the MedCruise Association - www.medcruise.com).