Excursion to the Vorontsov lighthouse, a festive gift from the Odesa Sea Port Authority for people with hearing disabilities

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Published on Friday, 04 September 2020 15:20
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In commemoration of the 226th anniversary of the founding of Odesa port, the authority of the enterprise made a gift to people with hearing disabilities. On September 4, this year, st the request of the Odesa Regional Youth Organization of the Ukrainian Society of the Deaf (USOD) an excursion ‘Lighthouse Path’ was organized for members of the said society.


It turned out to be difficult to work with this category of excursionists’, said Tatiana Yakovleva, an engineer of the external relations department. These are big organizational problems, and it is very difficult to convey information through a sign language interpreter. But difficulties are forgotten when you see that people have received a positive emotional charge that they probably need more than we do.


The hearing loss of the UTOD members was a bit compensated by the virtuoso use of modern gadgets. The excursionists even managed to relay the walk to their friends. Thus, the two dozen members of the UTOD who were at the Vorontsov lighthouse were joined by the same number, and possibly a larger audience of virtual excursionists.


Despite the cloudy weather, the guests of the port were in high spirits. They expressed their gratitude to the organizers, only regretted that the interesting trip was limited in time.


Odesa Sea Port Authority