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Published on Friday, 21 August 2020 15:27
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Today, August 21, during a briefing at the Odessit.ua press center, representatives of Odesa Sea Port Authority and Transship LLC, the direct contractors, announced up-to-date information on the preparatory work for lifting and removing the DELFI tanker. Denis Pavilianiti-Karpov, Deputy General Manager of Odesa Sea Port Authority, and Andriy Ivanov, Founder of the Transship LLC group of companies, took part in the briefing.


According to the information given by A. Ivanov, from August 10, Kranship mobilized and delivered to the site of the tanker accident the equipment and mechanisms necessary for lifting the half-sunk vessel and evacuating it from the beach area of ​​the Odesa coast. At present, the Atlas 4 floating crane (dismantling the stone ridge), diving stations, welding equipment (including those for underwater welding), self-starting injector pumps (for removing sand through holes in the hull of the vessel), hydraulic installation-oil catcher Lamor LPP (so-called skimmer, to remove oil residues from hard-to-reach places), as well as the ship-oil-garbage collector NMS 505-12 are involved in the preparatory work for the lifting.


The Atlas 4 floating crane performs several functions, first, we use it as a floating anchor, to which the emergency vessel is attached from the sea side’, A. Ivanov detailed information about the progress of work. We plan to complete the first stage of preparatory activities in the near future, when we will use tugs to put the DELFI tanker on an even keel… During the second stage, a visual inspection of the hull of the emergency vessel will be carried out, as well as sealing and repair.


After providing the vessel with a sufficient level of buoyancy, it will be transported to a predetermined place by means of a floating crane and a pontoon.


According to A. Ivanov, preparations for the lifting of the emergency tanker are carried out around-the-clock. As of August 21, a large amount of work has been done to dismantle the stone ridge, more than 150 tons of sand have been rolled out of the ship's interior, a number of operations have been performed to seal the ship's hull and some compartments to ensure additional buoyancy; in a constant mode cleaning of tanks and water area from the remains of oil products with use of the latest technology (skimmer, sorbents) is carried out.


‘The port authority gained the right to organize the lifting of an emergency tanker only on July 21, when it became known that the shipowner lacks the strength, resources and qualified specialists to perform this operation’, Denis Pavilianiti-Karpov commented. ‘We were able to do this only after the port captain, guided by Article 124 of the Merchant Shipping Code, did not allow the contractor to continue the work. In connection with the decision of the Expert Commission to determine the levels and classes of emergencies of the SES of Ukraine to classify the situation with the DELFI sunken bunkering tanker as a man-made emergency of the local level, the port authority announced procurement under a simplified procedure. We have done a lot of work to attract potential bidders from Romania, Turkey, the USA, Germany and Ukraine. However, no representative of the participating companies was admitted to the procedure due to failure to provide the full package of documents required by the customer. However, a way out was found. An agreement was reached between the Odesa Sea Port Authority, Kranship LLC, and the Brooklyn-Kyiv to lift and remove the Delfi tanker by the forces and means of Kranship LLC. The latter has extensive experience in ship lifting and has agreed to mobilize technical resources as soon as possible and begin work immediately, and Brooklyn-Kyiv LLC has confirmed its intention to finance the work. The result of these agreements was the signing of a tripartite agreement and preparations were made for the lifting of the tanker.


According to the participants of the briefing, in the near future rescuers will begin the second stage of the preparatory work, during which water will be pumped out of the DELFI tanks and filled with air, and a stern and bow support will be installed to ensure the vessel`s even keel, etc.


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