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Dear porters, dear veterans!

Let us congratulate sincerely all of you on the outstanding anniversary, the 75th anniversary of the Great Victory over Nazism in the Second World War!


The events of 1941-45 are inscribed in golden letters in the biography of the staff of Odesa port. We will never forget 1,200 shippers, engineers, sailors of the port fleet, and representatives of other port professions going to the front at the call of military enlistment offices in the first days of the war. The memory of 73 days of the heroic defense of Odesa will not fade, when the port under continuous bombardment and artillery shelling of the enemy provided supplies to the Primorskaya Army and sent hundreds of thousands of people and tens of thousands of tons of valuable factory equipment in the opposite direction. Far beyond our country, people remember how Odesa port workers organized the transshipment of land lease cargo in the ports of the Caspian Sea, the Far North and the Far East during the occupation of our hometown.


 These May days we remember again the names of our relatives and friends who bravely fought the enemy at the front and brought the Victory closer with their dedication in the rear, raising the country's economy from the ruins in the postwar years. Eternal memory to those who are not with us, and deep respect for the living!


Today we bow our heads to the ground before the veterans of the Odesa port, participants in the fighting in 1941-45: Lydia Gassiy, a front nurse, Mykola Debel, a guards mortar gunner, Oleksiy Kolesnikov and Alla Pastushenko, Black Sea sailors, Oleksandr Luchenkov, a marine, Petr Revnyuk and Vasily Tsymbal, infantrymen. You are a living history of a national feat, an example of courage, unbroken spirit, and love for the Motherland!


The Great Victory unites us and makes Ukraine stronger. Wishing our children a happy fate, we must preserve peace and regard it as the highest value.


We wish you good health, well-being, kindness, and joyful spring mood!


Happy Victory Day!

R. Sakhautdinov, General Manager of Odesa Sea Port Authority,

O. Myaskovsky, Acting Head of the SE ‘Odesa Port’,

M. Pavlyuk, Honorary President of Odesa port,

V. Zaikov, Head of the Odesa Port Maritime Transport Workers Trade Union