Odesa port. The opening ceremony of the Black Sea Cup sailing regatta

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Published on Monday, 24 August 2020 14:27
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On August 24, at the 17th berth of Odesa port, the grand opening of the Black Sea Cup cruising yacht regatta, dedicated to the Independence Day of Ukraine, took place. The start of the ships under sail added a festive atmosphere to the port's passenger terminal.


Yachtsmen and all those who are not indifferent to sailing took part in the event. Those present were congratulated by Sergei Chervyakov, the chairman of the Odesa Regional Sailing Federation, honored guests and sponsors of the tournament.


Oleg Stashkevich, the most titled yachtsman of Odesa, captain of the Maestro yacht, who, moreover, along with S. Chervyakov, has been a participant of all Black Sea Cup regattas since 1973, described the Black Sea Cup as the best sailing competition in Ukraine:


- For example, long-distance night races are not held anywhere in Ukraine, and we have succeeded.


According to the results of previous races, the Maestro yacht, like all previous years, ranks high, another yacht of Odesa port, Maestro II, (Yuri Goncharov, captain) is also among the leaders in its group, the Sheriff sailing ship of the SE ‘Odesa Port’ (Evgeny Tarasov, captain).


After the grand opening of the regatta, the sailing ships staged a parade for the spectators in the New and Cabotazhnaia harbors of Odesa port, and then, past the Vorontsovsky lighthouse, decorated with a huge cloth of the State flag, they went to the start of the next race.


Odesa Sea Port Authority


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