The first stage, cleaning of the DELFI emergency tanker is completed. The tanker is placed on an even keel

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Published on Wednesday, 26 August 2020 13:34
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Today, August 26, at 11:50, the DELFI tanker, which had been lying on the starboard side between the stones and the breakwater of the Odesa beach ‘Dolphin’ for 9 months, was placed on an even keel.


All works were performed in accordance with the Plan of execution of works (PEW) for the lifting of DELFI m/v developed by the Contractor - the ‘Kranship’ company and approved by the captain of the Harbor Master of Odesa port. The operation involved four units of the Kranship fleet: the Atlas-4 floating crane, the Diamond N and Topaz N main tugs, and the Avant auxiliary tug.


‘From 21.11.2019 to 20.07.2020 (Eight months !!!) the shipowner and the specialists hired by him were unsuccessfully lifting the tanker. Only on July 21, 2020, the right to perform the lifting went to the State Enterprise ‘USPA’, comprehensive and urgent measures were taken, which became possible thanks to the decisions of the Ministry of Infrastructure, Odesa Regional State Administration, SES of Ukraine and Odesa Mayor and granting the status of Emergency of local level. Already on August 10, 2020, a three-party agreement was concluded, and the lifting of the DELFI tanker was undertaken by USPA (represented by the Odesa port authority - Customer), the Transship Group (Contractor) and Brooklyn-Kyiv LLC (Payer). I would like to emphasize not only the support but also the constant strict control of Vladyslav Krykliy, the Minister of Infrastructure, personally’, Oleksandr HOLODNYTSKY said.


In less than two weeks, a tremendous amount of work has been done almost from scratch: dismantling the stones where the tanker lay, cleaning the interior of the vessel from sand and providing the vessel with additional buoyancy by repairing damaged hulls and sealing individual compartments. At the same time, the interior of the tanker was cleaned of oil residues using a hydraulic installation-oil catcher LamorLPP.


‘At least 15 people worked every day, including weekends, directly on the tanker, under water and on its surface. Additional specialists were involved in the course of the works. Every 2-3 days, brainstorming was conducted to analyze the implementation and adjustment of plans, with the involvement of designers, practitioners and scientists. The professional team working on lifting the tanker is focused exclusively on a positive result’, Ruslan SAKHAUTDINOV, General Manager of Odesa sea port authority commented.


The placing of the hull of the emergency vessel on the even keel was carried out by two tugs, Diamond N and Topaz N. Specially made steel trusses were welded to its hull to evenly distribute the efforts of tugs on as large an area of ​​the thin side of the old vessel as possible (DELFI is 50 years old).


The coordination of the work of both tugs involved in the lifting was carried out from aboard the Atlas 4 floating crane, where the operational headquarters of the operation is based. The crew of the Sea Ant multi-purpose oil garbage disposal vessel was also monitoring the environmental situation at the site and was ready to deal with emergency spills.


Completion of the operation of placing the emergency vessel on an even keel will be the minimization of the trim, ie the alignment of the stern and bow draught. At the second stage, a visual inspection of the hull, sealing and repair will be carried out. As a result, the work plan and deadlines can be adjusted.


The purpose of these and other operations is to ensure the buoyancy of the emergency vessel. After reaching these parameters, the vessel will be transported from the accident site using a pontoon and a floating crane of the Transship group of companies.