The cargo turnover of the oil harbor of Odesa port for 8 months of this year exceeded the mark of 1 million tons

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Published on Monday, 31 August 2020 14:27
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At the end of last month, the dispatchers of the fleet group of the port authority main dispatching office forecast the August volume of cargo transshipment at the berths of the oil harbor to be at least 120 thousand tons. In fact, 125 thousand tons were recorded. The forecast error was 0.5%.


Actually, the last month of the summer, two tankers under the Maltese flag, which entered the port in the last summer week, ‘made’ at the oil harbor. So, on August 24, the NAFTILOS AN m/v (L = 180m) moored to the berth 1N for loading 33.592 thousand tons of export fuel oil for Cyprus. The next day, the SEAMAGIC m/v (L = 250m) moored to the berth 2N and delivered 82.218 thousand tons of imported oil from the Croatian port of Omisalj. In total, it made 116.218 thousand tons. The rest of the volume in the statistics of the August cargo turnover of the oil harbor was recorded’ by four gas tankers.


According to Alexander Krikunov, the senior dispatcher of the fleet group of the main dispatching office, in January-August of this year, OH's cargo turnover reached 1.068,11 thousand tons, which is 82.11 thousand tons more than the result of the same period last year. As O. Krikunov noted, five tankers are expected to call in September: one with imported oil, one for export fuel oil and three gas carriers. The listed vessels must ensure the monthly turnover of oil and oil products at the same level as in August. If the error of this forecast is minimal, the port will end the third quarter also with a positive result of transshipment of liquid cargo in relation to the same period last year.


Odesa Sea Port Authority