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Dear colleagues, friends, partners!

Today, on the last working day before a series of Christmas and New Year holidays, a sea rescue operation was successfully carried out in the port of Odesa to prevent the sinking of the non-self-propelled vessel MB-2. In this regard, I express my gratitude to all specialists and companies who took part in the operation for clear, quick and competent actions in an emergency.


It so happened that this event ends another period in my personal career as a specialist in sea transport - the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine made a decision to change the management of the Odesa seaport Authority. And today is my last working day as the General Manager of the Odesa branch of the SE “USPA”.


In this position I had the opportunity to work with you for only one year. But this year the joint efforts of the port authority and partner companies have managed to implement more infrastructure projects than in the previous five years. Thanks to our unity and determination, such a difficult and unpredictable year for the whole planet, 2020 became a year of victories for the Odesa port:

- commissioning of the 1st launch complex of the reconstructed berth №7 of the Quarantine pier;

- the first stage of the port's main overpass was reconstructed;

- the berth 1-z on Androsovskiy pier was completed, that had been considered a long-term construction project for almost a decade;

- new railway unloading fronts have been created at berths №№9-10 of Platonovskiy pier;

- IT-service for advance planning and guaranteed entering of freight transport to the port "Time-slot" was introduced;

- the prestigious award of the largest cruise ports association in the world "Medcruise" - Mare Nostrum MedCruise Awards, as "The port of the Black Sea region, which demonstrates the greatest commitment during the pandemic" was received;

- and, finally, the operation to remove the damaged tanker "Delphi" from the beach area of ​​Odesa was successfully carrying out, we showed to all of Ukraine that in Odesa it is possible to assemble a team of professionals capable of solving such problems.


In addition, we managed to start work on other projects that are vital for the competitiveness of the port and the well-being of the team in the future: project works are already underway as part of the largest reconstruction of the left wing of the Platonovsky breakwater over the past 20 years, the reconstruction of the 3rd stage of the main overpass and the capital repair of intra-port roads.


Leaving the post of the General Manager of the Odesa branch of the Ukrainian Sea Ports Administration, I want to say a sincere "thank you" to everyone with whom I had to work side by side for the last 17 years, primarily to my teachers, thanks to whom I was able to go through this difficult but exciting path from a simple engineer to the head of the "first port" of Ukraine. Also, I am sincerely grateful to the leadership of the MIU and the SE "USPA" for the fruitful work, and as a result, invaluable experience.


I hope that this experience of professionalism, teamwork and constant movement towards new goals will help me benefit the maritime industry in the future.



Let me wish you all a Happy New Year and Merry Christmas! I wish you good health, family well-being, a peaceful sky over your head and new successes in your professional activity for the benefit of the Odesa port and all of Ukraine!


Yours sincerely,

Ruslan SAKHAUTDINOV, General Manager of the Odesa seaport Authority