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Published on Wednesday, 03 February 2010 02:00
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Today in the port of Odesa the veteran of the enterprise, the Hero of Socialist work, the Winner of the USSR State award the Deserved the worker of transport of Ukraine Nikolay Tymun was honoured. General manager of SE "OCSP" Nikolay Pavlyuk and chairman of the trade-union committee of the port Vladimir Zaykov participated in ceremony chief.

In 1971 N.Tymun headed a brigade of dockers of the second cargo area. After few years his 208th komsomol-youth brigade became the first brigade in the port, it was being charged the most difficult operations on loading-unloading of ships.

Labour productivity at «tymun-workers» was the highest in the system of the Ministry of fleet of the USSR. Colleagues from Leningrad, Varna, ports of Vietnam, etc. were coming to the foreman to share with experiences. On July, 20th, 1984 the foreman of the interbranch self-financing integrated complex brigade of the port Nikolay Tymun was awarded with the title Hero of Social Work.

On February, 3rd the honoured port worker celebrated his 70th anniversary. 47 from these 70 has been devoted to berths. «For a long-term honest work... and a comprehensive personal contribution into the development of the Odesa port...» The senior stevedore of Open Company "Novotech-terminal" Nikolay Aleksandrovich Tymun is awarded with the Medal of the port of Odesa.

A.STETSUCHENKO, «Odesa port worker».