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The 2019 cruise season in the port of Odessa started with the visit of the world's largest operator of river cruise ships (photo-report)

Today, May 24, at 9:00 am, VIKING SINEUS, the passenger ship with the tourists on board, has moored at the berth of the Odessa Port Passenger Terminal. The river-sea type liner performs the first Dnieper-Black Sea cruise in this season. The ship arrived in the sea capital of Ukraine with 187 passengers. All of them are the US citizens. In the morning, the tourists went on a sightseeing bus tour “Panorama of Odessa”, an excursion “Odessa Catacombs” is planned for the afternoon, and in the evening, the tourists will enjoy an eventful cultural program.


Igor Tkachuk, the head of the port Authority stated: ‘The ship has called and moored exactly as scheduled – right on time. We regard this as a good sign for the entire season of servicing river liners. This year, two motor vessels, the Viking Sineus and the Princess of the Dnieper are sailing on the Dnieper-Black sea cruise routes. According to the schedule, we are going to serve 15 ship calls from May till September. This is the level of the last year’.


According to unofficial information, the representatives of the Viking Cruises company in Basel (Switzerland) have arrived to Odessa together with tourists on the VIKING SINEUS motor vessel. The purpose of their trip is a special inspection: to ensure that the standards of passenger service on the ship correspond to the high level of the company, as well as ‘to see through the tourists` eyes’ at the port service and the state of the tourist infrastructure in the city, etc.


Viking Cruises company was founded in 1997 as a river cruise operator in Europe. In the early 2000s, after actively entering the American market, it has received the status of the “Leading World River Cruise Line”. Today, Viking Сruises operates a huge fleet of 62 river and 6 ocean liners. The company's river cruises sail along the rivers of Europe, the Volga, the Dnieper, the Nile, the Yangtze and the Mekong. In particular, last season, the m/v VIKING SINEUS made 14 cruises along the Dnieper between Kiev and Odessa calling at Kherson, Zaporozhye, Dnieper and Kremenchug.











The Port of Odessa jointly with colleagues from the Black Sea Working Group presented the Black Sea region’s potential at the annual world-wide exhibition - conference dedicated to the cruise industry in Miami

According to the reports of Odesa branch of the State Enterprise ‘Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority’ (“OB SE USPA”), a working group of Black Sea ports established last year being interested in the revival of cruise shipping in the Black Sea, has already formed a united team to participate this year in one of the main events of the world's cruise industry - the annual Seatrade Cruise Global Exhibition, which usually takes place in Miami (USA). On April 8-11, at the exhibition, the opportunities for the development of the Black Sea cruise shipping were presented jointly by Odesa, Constanta, Varna and Burgas.


Ihor Tkachuk, the General manager of OB SE USPA’ stated that during the exhibition the representatives of the Odesa port managed to negotiate with top managers of leading cruise companies that until recently have directed their cruise ships routes to the north of the Bosporus and in particular to Odessa.


‘Our specialists met with the heads and managers of cruise route planning of  such well-known companies as American Royal Caribbean, Italian Costa Crosiere, British Noble Caledonia, startup cruise line - Virgin Voyages and some others,’ said I. Tkachuk. — These meetings showed the readiness of cruise market operators to include the Black Sea geographical segment in the Mediterranean cruises plans for 2020-2021 ... In general, the purpose of the exhibition participation of Ukrainians was to convince our partners of security of the Black Sea region for the ‘white steamers’ calls and to present the best tourist destinations features of the region.


As it was reported, last year on October 17, the Authority of Odesa sea port initiated an international conference «MedCruise Black Sea Working Group Meeting» in the Black Sea capital of Ukraine. The participants discussed the issues of the revival of cruise shipping to the Black Sea.


The meeting was attended by the Deputy Minister of Infrastructure Yuriy Lavrenyuk, acting CEO of the «USPA» Rayvis Vetskagans and Airam Diaz Pastor - the president of the world's biggest association of the Mediterranean and adjoining (including Black Sea) ports «MedCruise».


In addition,


From 2007 to 2013 the number of cruise liners visiting the port of Odesa increased from 69 to 106 vessels for annual navigation. Since 2014 when Russia annexed the Crimea and warfare began in the Donbass, this rate has been falling steadily and reached zero in 2018. For the 2019 season two applications are submitted. Thus, on May 10, the AEGEAN ODYSSEY (LOA of 145 m, passenger capacity of 380 people, the flag of Malta) is going to open the cruise navigation in the port of Odessa. Almost half a year later, on October 30, the AMERA motor ship (LOA of 205 m, passenger capacity of 800 people, the flag of the Bahamas) is going to visit the sea capital of Ukraine. The mentioned vessels are operated by the Greek company Aegean Experience Maritime Co Ltd and the German Phoenix Reisen.


Press service of the Odessa Sea Port Authority 






Representatives of the port of Odesa took part in the Second Meeting of the «MedCruise» Working Group for the Black Sea Region

The MedCruise Black Sea Working Group Meeting was held last Friday on the 2nd of February at the headquarters of the National Company Maritime Ports administration S.A. Constanta. The meeting was attended by representatives of administrations of the ports Burgas, Varna, Odesa and Istanbul, as well as the general secretary of the MedCruise Association, Jordi Caballe.


According to the data of Odesa Sea Port Authority representatives (Odesa branch SE “USPA”), the participants discussed the status of implementation of the Action Plan for the Black Sea Ports, aimed at returning cruise tourism to the Black Sea region, under the Minutes of the first meeting of the working group, which took place in Odessa on the 17th of October, 2018. In particular, “participants focused on the marketing strategy of the ports for 2019-2021, new investments in the field of cruise tourism in the Black Sea Region, news announced by cruise companies to the Black Sea region”, etc. A separate issue on the agenda was the proposals of the parties to jointly participate in the most significant event of the international industry of sea travel - the annual exhibition and conference «Seatrade Cruise Global», which will traditionally be held this year in Miami, USA in April.


The Black Sea Working Group within the framework of the Association “Medcruise” was established relatively recently by the initiative of the port of Odesa, however, today we can discuss the first results of its activities, - commented Igor Tkachuk, general manager of Odesa branch of SE «USPA».


- Large passenger capacity cruise liners are already announcing their entry into the Black Sea in the upcoming three years. Thus, for 2019 the Greek and German cruise lines included Odesa in the cruise routes on the AEGEAN ODYSSEY and AMERA ships, in 2020 we expect 10 ship calls, in 2021 - 4 and up to now we have received one application for 2022. It should be noted that the cruise liners of world famous tour operators such as Phoenix Reisen, Azamara Club Cruises, Crystal Cruises are returning to Odesa ...


Reference: MedCruise Mediterranean Cruise Ports Association was founded in 1996. Today it is the world's largest association of ports, shipping companies, tour operators and other structures operating in the cruise tourism industry. More than 70 ports of the Mediterranean, Black and Red Seas, the Middle Atlantic and 35 international companies (107 members in total) act under its name. The port of Odesa has resumed membership in this association since 2008.


Press Service of the Administration of the Odessa Sea Port



Road map of implementation of the Memorandum of Cooperation with the global carrier CMA CGM Group discussed in Odesa port

The project for the reconstruction of berths No. 13z and No. 14z of Odesa port, which will double the throughput capacity of the container terminal in the Khlebnaia Harbor, will be submitted for approval by the Port Council in the first quarter of this year. By that time, the legal basis of the public-private partnership on the project and the indicative points of the business plan should be agreed.


This was agreed by the participants of the first meeting on the implementation of the provisions of the quadripartite Memorandum of Cooperation between SE ‘Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority’ (SE ‘USPA’), SE “Odesa Port”, ‘Brooklyn-Kiev’ LLC and the French shipping company CMA CGM Group, which is one of the top 5 world container shipping operators.


The signing of the Memorandum took place on May 7 in Marseille with the participation of the Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine Volodymyr Omelyan, and the head of the SE ‘USPA’ Raivis Vetskagans. The provisions of the document provide for the continuation of the line of berth No. 42 for 370 meters and the creation of 9 hectares of warehouse space on the territory of the former shipyard. These measures will allow the terminal operator, Brooklyn-Kiev Port, to double its transshipment volumes over the next five years and bring them to the level of 0.5 million TEU. Investor`s financing of his part of the project should amount to at least 20 million euros.


‘Not much time has passed since the signing of the Memorandum. However, the port Authority and our partners from the Brooklyn-Kiev company managed to do a lot for its implementation,’ Igor Tkachuk, General Manager of the Odesa branch of the SE USPA. - A preliminary schedule for resolving all issues related to obtaining permits and performing construction work is already ready, a technical task is being developed, negotiations are underway with a company that is going to prepare a business plan and other documents necessary to open investor financing for its part of the work.


During today's meeting, we discussed with our partners a clear sequence of actions: who undertakes what obligations, what issues are required for the creation of working groups, what timeframe one or another point of our roadmap should be completed.


CMA CGM Group Chief Financial Officer Jan Odin, who also participated in the meeting, expressed his satisfaction with the operational launch of the Memorandum.


- Once again I want to emphasize that our company believes in the future of Ukraine. We are interested in increasing cargo flow through the terminal in Odesa port and have intentions to invest in this, said Y. Odin. - We have old and time-tested partnerships with the Brooklyn-Kiev company, we have met and discussed the project in Marseille and we see that we can move on. I hope that this meeting allow us to expedite the process of implementing our agreements.


The representative of the investor also added that in February CMA CGM Group specialists are going to visit Odesa and to help Ukrainian colleagues in the implementation of technical calculations for the project.


Reference from

Brooklyn-Kiev Port LLC is a container terminal operator based on berths No. 42-43 in the Khlebnaia harbor of Odesa port. The company, whose founders include the CMA CGM Group, was established in 2006 and was involved in the construction of berth No. 42 on the territory of the former SRZ-1 transferred to the port.

The first berth accepted the first container vessel for processing on October 23, 2008. Now, the processing of vessels at the terminal is carried out by three berth cranes. In 2018, the volume of container transshipment exceeded the mark of 260 thousand TEU per year.

CMA CGM Group (headquarters in Marseille) is the fourth container line in the world. According to current Alphaliner data, the company controls 11.9% of the global container shipping market. The carrier’s active fleet is 521 vessels (130 of its own) with a capacity of 2.710.490 TEU (1.015.968 TEU). The company is represented by 600 offices in 163 countries. The staff is about 30 thousand employees.


Press Service of Odesa Sea Port Authority







SUMMARY-2018. The port of Odesa leads in terms of container turnover, grain acceptance from the railway and the number of passengers traffic


According to the USPA, the seaports of Ukraine in 2018 increased container turnover by 19% compared to 2017, up to 846 485 TEU.

Cargo operations with containers during the reporting period were carried out at the capacities of four sea commercial ports. The share of the Odesa port in the joined indicator of the industry is 70.7%, the seaport Pivdennyi makes up 14.7%, the seaport Chernomorsk (including fishing port) has 14.4% and the specialized port Olvia makes up less than 1%.

Odesa port increased container turnover by 15.2% to 598 613 TEU. The transshipment of imported containers increased by 10.8% to 298 428 TEU, the export increased by 26.4% to 274 199 TEU. Transit container processing decreased by 18.2% to 25 986 TEU.



In 2018, 65% of grain export cargo delivered to seaports by rail transport was accepted by six port stations serving deep-water ports of Great Odesa and Mykolaiv. Despite a number of objective circumstances that have led to a decrease in grain transshipment rates at Odesa Sea Commercial Port terminals, the Odessa-port station has become the leader in the volume of processed trains with this type of cargo. According to the resource, the quantitative indicators of grain accepted by port stations are as follows:

• Odesa-port exp. station - 5868 thousand t;

• Chernomorskaia exp. station (For TIS) - 5502 thousand t;

• Nikolaev-Cargo exp. station - 4884 thousand t;

• Chernomorsk port exp. station - 3240 thousand t;

• October exp. station (Mykolaiv) - 2491 thousand t;

• Ksenievo exp. station (Chernomorsk) - 2073 thousand t.



In January-November 2018, the passenger traffic of Ukrainian sea ports and river ports amounted to more than 512 thousand people, which is 2.7 times more than the same period of 2017. It was reported by «Center of transport strategies» with reference to operational data of the USPA.

CTS notes that most of the passenger traffic was domestic - 464.5 thousand people. Odesa port served the biggest number of passengers - 321.6 thousand people. Indicators of other rating participants are as follows: Kherson port - 146.1 thousand passengers, the port of Chernomorsk - 38.6 thousand passengers, the port of Ust-Dunaisk – 5.3 thousand passengers, Izmail SCP - 400 passengers.



Igor Tkachuk, General Manager of the Odesa branch of the SE USPA, regarding the strategic leadership in the container handling market by Odesa in 2018:

«Last year, the competition for container cargo among Ukrainian ports has become even more aggravated, as one can see by at least the reorientation of the service of one of the world's leading carriers - MAERSK LINE from Odesa port to Pivdennyi port. It should be noted that the transfer of the line from one terminal of the Black Sea basin to the other was not related in any way to the technical or technological features of operation in a particular port, and depended only on commercial reasons. At the same time, the high level of service received by the customers of two container terminals of Odesa port – SE CTO and Brooklyn-Kiev Port LLC in 2018 was confirmed both by an increase in cargo transshipment volumes and by an increase in the number of lines themselves. Thus, in April, last year, the Japanese carrier OCEAN NETWORK EXPRESS (ONE) opened a new service in Ukraine with an emphasis on cooperation with CTO company. In addition, the long-standing partner of Odesa port - the Israeli carrier ZIM, which is traditionally serviced at the Quarantine pier berths, increased the volume of cargo flow (which required attracting a larger displacement fleet). An extremely important outcome of 2018 is the development of cooperation between the container terminal operator in Khlebnaia Harbor - Brooklyn-Kiev Port LLC with the world-famous carrier CMA CGM. By the way, today it is the only ocean service that comes to Ukraine and is serviced exclusively in Odesa. At the end of last year, with the participation of the Ministry of Infrastructure and the central office of USPA in Marseille, a strategic document was signed - Memorandum of Understanding, which envisages the investment of CMA CGM in the development of container handling capacities of Odesa port … The port Authority is sincerely grateful to the top managers and collectives of the companies of SE CTO and Brooklyn-Kiev Port LLC for their professionalism, innovative approach and customer orientation, which allows Odesa to retain its leadership in the domestic market of port transshipment of containers.


Press Service of Odesa Sea Port Authority





Traditional Christening bathing at the Odesa Passenger Terminal

On January 19, Orthodox and Greek Catholics in Ukraine commemorate the Christening of the Lord, the third and final holiday of the New Year and Christmas cycle, replete with traditions, customs, and signs. Both in antiquity and today, many bold spirits dare to dive into the icy water three times with the belief that they will protect themselves from disease during the year this way ...


Next Saturday, on January 19, 2019, at the Odesa Passenger Terminal will traditionally set a christening font, the so-called Jordan. The pious rite of bathing with holy water this day can be performed from 10 am to 5 pm at the foot of St. Nicholas (Primorskii) Church, at the berth No.17. Before bathing, everyone could attend the festive liturgy in the church, Eucharist and receive holy water.


- Christening bathing at the Passenger Terminal has been carried out since 2010 and we see that every year the number of participating port workers is increasing, - Igor Tkachuk, General Manager of Odesa Sea Port Authority comments. - Meeting the wishes of our staff, as well as the parishioners of St. Nicholas Church and those of Odesa citizens who have become accustomed to diving into the christening font at the Passenger Terminal, the port management takes all necessary measures to conduct bathing in comfortable conditions. At the same time, we urge participants of the rite and accompanying persons to abide by the personal safety rules and to listen to the doctor's advice regarding the benefits of the rite for their own health. I hope that this year the water bathing at the Passenger Terminal will bring only pleasant impressions to the inhabitants of Odesa as earlier...


According to I. Tkachuk, on January 16, two wooden cradles with handrails were installed and tested on the makeshift Jordan of berth No.17. Directly on the day of the holiday, there will be two locker rooms - male and female - next to the font. The security of the event will be provided by port rescuers, representatives of the diving service and health unit. A police patrol will follow the berth.


Press Service of Odesa Sea Port Authority



Traffic on technological passage along the retaining wall in the area of ‘red packhouses’ is blocked

Dear colleagues!


We would like to inform you that in connection with the implementation of the transfer of video surveillance networks (lying under the road surface) and the further implementation of the project ‘Overhaul of the retaining wall of the southern fence from RBU to SRZ-2, inv. No. 0777806 (2 stage of construction) of Odesa branch of SE ‘USPA’ from 10:00 03.01.2019 to 09:30 08.01.2019 the traffic on the technological passage along the retaining wall in the area of ​​‘red packhouses’ will be blocked.



Transport will be provided by the central roads and overpasses of the port.



MedCruise launches new Black Sea Working Group in Odessa

MedCruise launched a Working Group to promote cruising in the Black Sea at a meeting in Odessa today.


President Airam Diaz Pastor and recently elected MedCruise Black Sea director Teodor Patrichi together with the Ukrainian deputy minister of infrastructure, the acting head of Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority, the deputy mayor of Odessa and the general manager of Odessa Port presented the new MedCruise Working Group following an Action Plan signed by the ports of Odessa, Varna, Constanta and Burgas during the 52nd MedCruise General Assembly held in Malta in May 2018.


This Action Plan highlights the absence of ocean-going cruise ships in the Black Sea in 2017 and the slow return of cruise activity in the region both in recent years and forward to the 2019-2020 cruise seasons.


Joint marketing strategy

By creating a unified brand and developing a joint marketing strategy, a plan will be implemented in the coming months to promote the Black Sea as a cruise destination.

‘The launch of this Working Group will have a positive impact on the regional cruise sector and it will bring new opportunities to all MedCruise members from the Black Sea – Port of Odessa, Port of Varna, Port of Constanta, Port of Burgas, Port of Trabzon and Port of Istanbul - as well as the cruise-industry-related-companies that operate in the region,’ Diaz pastor remarked.



The black sea ports decided to join forces and signed the action plan for the nearest three years

Odesa Sea Port Authority put forward an initiative to reunite the Black Sea ports for the development of the joint touristic product for the cruise lines to be offered. This project, supported by MedCruise Black Sea Director Teodor Patrichi was submitted by the Deputy Chief of USPA Odessa branch – Ruslan Sakhautdinov and the Head of Cruise Infrastructure and External Relations Service – Oleh Fetisenko to the participants of the 52nd General Assembly of MedCruise that was held in Valetta (Malta).


The project was supported by the representatives of Constantza Port (Romania), Varna and Burgas (Bulgaria). As a result the working group was established, the participants of which have signed the Action plan for the nearest three years being certified by the President of MedCruise Airam Diaz Pastor. The plan includes elaborating a letter addressing the targeted cruise lines, which will announce that there are no negative impact events in the Black Sea that would affect the cruise vessels. Besides, this letter will state that the cruise infrastructure of the signing ports is ready to support any cruise vessel that would be able to enter the Black Sea. In 2020 -2021the cruise companies are planning to return to the Black Sea region.  


It should be reminded that the Black Sea region was the most affected by the war in the East of our country as well as by the situation in Turkey. As a result almost all the cruise calls were cancelled.


Nevertheless, despite the absence of cruise liners, Odessa Sea Port Authority has modernized the Marine station by refurbishing the inner premises, rebuilding the kinetic frontage which has no analogue in Ukraine. The passenger terminal provides a high level of security. Importantly, that in comparison with the last year the number of port calls of sea-river vessels has increased. This type of vessels is in demand with Americans, Germans, Swiss. As noted by the specialists, it’s a positive signal for the cruise calls renewal to the Port of Odessa.


- We initiated the integration of all the Black Sea Ports for the development of the joint touristic product enable to renew the cruise shipping in the Black Sea region. It has been shown that there is no profit for the cruise lines to call just into the Port of Odessa, they tend to call into several ports. Passengers, in turn, are interested in visiting not only Odessa but the whole region. Encouragingly, the representatives of Varna, Costantza and Burgas Ports have supported us. The joint document – Action plan was signed. Taking into account that our port was an initiator of joining forces of all the Black Sea ports, the document states that an organizational meeting will be held in Odessa in September 2018 in order to establish the program and to develop a mechanism for cooperation. – commented on the chief of Odessa Sea Port Authority Igor Tkachuk.


- The fact that the Black Sea region is interesting for the cruise lines, - noted R. Sakhautdinov indicates the decision of the Board of the Association that the 53rd MedCruise General Assembly, scheduled for 2021, will be held in Varna. Such an important event will take place in the cities of the Black Sea for the second time: in 2016 the 48th MedCruise General Assembly was held in Odessa.


REFERENCE. MedCruise is the largest association in the world, uniting the cruise ports of the Mediterranean and its adjoining seas, as well as companies that are policy makers on the cruise market. Every year MedCruise is enlarged with new members. So, according to the latest data for 2017, about the 15 ports were joined to the association.


Press-service of Оdessa sea port authority



To attention of stakeholders!

Odesa Sea Port Authority has declared the purchasing of works for construction of №1 Berth by procedure to open a tender with publication in English.


In order to attract contracting construction organizations we announce that Odesa Sea Port Authority has declared the purchasing of works: The New construction of  №1 Berth for general cargoes at Androsivskyi Quay Pier with connection of the State Enterprise «Odesa Sea Trade Port» at the address: Mykola Gheft street, 3, Primorsky District, Odesa, Odesa branch of  the State Enterprise «Ukrainian Sea Port Authority» The final set of works according to the corrected working project (by the code DK 021: 2015 - 45000000-7 - Construction works and current repairs).


The details by link -


The representatives of construction organizations interested in taking part in the project implementation are invited to the project presentation.


The presentation will take place on 10.11.2017 at 10:00 at the address: Odesa, Mytna Square 1, Administration Building No. 1

(Administration of the Odesa Sea Port Authority), 2nd floor, conference hall.


Applications for participation in the presentation are sent in the period up to 06.11.2017 inclusive till 12.00 at the following address: \n This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Специалисты Министерства инфраструктуры проверяли выучку пожарных Одесского порта

26 июля 2017 года, в Одесском порту состоялось проверочное пожарно-тактическое учение, в ходе которого портовые пожарные  ликвидировали условное возгорание на территории  резервуарного парка производственного комплекса ООО «ОППК», расположенного в тылу 39 причала. Мероприятие прошло в рамках плановой проверки состояния пожарной безопасности в Одесском филиале ГП «АМПУ» комиссией Министерства инфраструктуры Украины, возглавляемой начальником  отдела транспортной безопасности и гражданской защиты МИУ Андреем Ченчиком.


В ходе учения отработаны вопросы взаимодействия структур администрации Одесского морского порта с предприятиями разной формы собственности, проверилась боеготовность подразделений Службы пожарной безопасности.


Как сообщил начальник службы пожарной безопасности порта Юрий Третьяков, учения прошло на достаточно высоком профессиональном уровне и в условиях максимально приближенным к реальным боевым. Не смотря на высокую температуру воздуха, все действия по ликвидации условного пожара проводились пожарными не только в боевой одежде, но и в теплоотражательных костюмах.


В завершающей стадии учения с работниками компании ООО «ОППК» были проведены практические занятия по применению первичных средств пожаротушения.


Пресс-служба администрации Одесского морского порта