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The Ministry of transport and communications of Ukraine has charged "Ukrzaliznytsya" to analyze throughput in the direction of the Azov-Black Sea ports

Minister of transport and communications of Ukraine Konstantin Efimenko has charged the State administration of railways of Ukraine ("Ukrzaliznytsya") to analyze throughput capacity in the directions of the main Black Sea ports of Odesa, Nikolaev and Crimean regions. The press-service of the Ministry informs about it. "Ukrzaliznytsya" is entrusted with examine of the current situation and prospects in the view of increase in freight traffic and to make proposals on actions of high priority which are to be taken in order to increase in throughput of railway directions aside the Azov-Black Sea ports. «We are speaking about that Ukraine is a transit country. The transit country is not a place on a map. The transit country is a presence of an infrastructure, communications, technologies, etc. After that it can be called the transit country, - admits the minister. - We have unique opportunities: a powerful railway network, the sea, an output to the open ocean. Therefore our task is to create conditions, to involve cargoes ». PortNews


Railways of Ukraine increased loading by 7 % in January - May

Railways of Ukraine increased volumes of loading by 7 %, up to 137 million tons in January - May, 2010, in comparison with the corresponding last year’s period, informs the press-service of "Ukrzaliznytsya". In May about 31 million tons of cargoes was shipped by railway transport of Ukraine, that is 22 % more, than for the corresponding period of the last year. In the structure of cargoes during a month prevailed coal (8 million tons), ore (6,2 million tons), oil and mineral oil (0,8 million tons), ferrous metals (2,5 million tons), building materials (4,3 million tons) and grain (0,6 million tons). RZD-PARTNER


The marine transport branch: for 5 month the result of 6

The marine transport branch transferred 899,1 million UAH to the state budget for 5 months 2010 - 15 % more, than for the corresponding period of the last year. Then this indicator has been 781,5 million UAH, informs the press-service of the Ministry of transport and communication of Ukraine. For 6 months 2009 889,6 million UAH was transferred - less for 5 months, than this year. In particular, sea commercial ports transferred 740 million UAH for 5 months of this year - by 11,4 % more, than for the last year’s corresponding period. In 2009 these results made 664,4 million грн. RBC-Ukraine



On June, 2 general manager of the port of Odesa, Hero of Ukraine Nikolay Pavlyuk held a meeting with the ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to Mexico in Ukraine madam Berenis Rendon Talavera. During the conversation an intercommunication on possible participation of Odesa port in the economic and cultural projects of two countries took place.

In particular, madam the Ambassador has offered Odesa port in the nearest year or two to accept the «cultural ambassador of Mexico », sailing vessel of Academy of the Navies (Cuauhtйmoc").

N.Pavlyuk, in turn, told the guest about the program of cruise tourism development executed by the port, which the Mexican firms can join to. Having accepted the offer on a call of the sailing vessel with gratitude, the ports general manager has sounded the most advantageous time for visit of the vessel: it can be the first Sunday of July when in Ukraine the Day of Fleet is celebrated, or on September, 2 The Day of foundation of Odesa city.

The parties have also spoken about trade and economic relations between Mexico and Ukraine and opportunities of sea transport complexes of two countries.

Information: Mexico (Mexican United States officially) - the state in a southern part of North American continent. Population - 107 million pers. (the biggest spanish-speaking country of the world). Th ecapital is Mexico (20 million pers.). The major seaports: Tampico, Veracruz, Coatzacoalcos, Salina Cruz, Guaymas. Their total cargo turnover - over 250 million tons per year.

A.Stetsuchenko, « Odessky portovik».


Ukraine introduces "transshipment" system in the container ports

The Verkhovna Rada has enacted the Law "About modification to the Law of Ukraine "About transit of cargoes", concerning customs registration. Pro - 318 People's Deputies of Ukraine. The law is developed with the purpose of introduction of the "transshipment" system in the Ukrainian container ports, i.e. a special transit mode of cargo in containers which are shipped by a sailing charter - the simplified procedure of containers registration in the transit communication. It is stipulated that declaring of transit cargoes which are transported by sea and river transport, according to the requirements of the legislation of Ukraine is carried out by granting to customs bodies of the ВІLL оf Lading and the cargo customs declaration. The cargo customs declaration is not needed for the goods (except for excisable), transported in transit mode by sea and river transport in containers and which remain in the limits of one check point or a zone of the customs control of seaport in during a storage time. Without introduction of "transshipment" the Ukrainian ports have no opportunity to involve new container freight traffics and to receive additional incomes for handling of these cargoes and service of container ships. Thus, the basic regional competitors of the Ukrainian container ports for today are the Romanian Constanta and the Russian Novorossiysk. Taking into account that fact, that up to today the system of "transshipment" in Ukraine was impossible, the majority of the leading navigable container lines (MAERSK (volumes of transportations in the Ukrainian ports in 2008 - 175,2 thousand TEU), MSC (137,6 thousand TEU), ZIM (141,1 thousand TEU), CMA CGM (178,9 thousand TEU), CSAV NORASIA (125,2 yew. TEU), CSCL (66,4 thousand TEU), Hapag Lloyd (56,4 thousand TEU) and other) before calling at the ports of Ilyichevsk and Odesa usually call at the Romanian port Constanta with the purpose of unloading containers in the "transshipment" mode. It is expected, that after modification in the current legislation it will be possible to reorient in the first years up to 50 % of containers in "transshipment" from port Constanta to the Ukrainian container ports. It is more than 400000 TEU per year (or 30 % from the total amount of container handling of 2008). Taking into account the present level of freight rates, national ports and terminals can receive about $54 one million only for handling of the specified quantity of containers in "transshipment", reoriented to Ukraine. Additional incomes of port gathering are estimated at level not less than $4,0 million. ЛIГАБiзнесIнформ



Kabotazhnaya harbour of the port of Odesa for the first time has accepted cruise vessel of about 300 m length.

On June, 2 at 7 o‘clock AM liner COSTA MEDITERRANEA (length of 292,5 m, flag of Italy) moored 18-19-th berths of the Odesa ports passenger terminal on Noviy mole. Onboard the steam-ship there is 2140 tourists, mainly citizens of Italy, France and Spain. Onshore they were welcomed by brass band, representatives of the accepting tourist company wearing national clothes and 34 comfortable buses. 900 persons from all passengers have wished to make the pedestrian walk from the vessels board to city centre through Potyomkinskaya stairs. For handicapped the passenger terminal administration has provided special ramps and lifts. The call of s/v COSTA MEDITERRANEA became the sign event for Odesa port. Earlier the ports passenger terminal was accepting ships of large dimensions (over 290 m) with call at Noviy mole and moorage on the right from Noviy mole (berths №15-16). This year, because of reconstruction of berth № 16, the port administration has been compelled to offer the captain more difficult moorage in Kabotazhnaya harbour with a reserve variant of moorage at one of the freight berths.

However the reserve variant was unneeded. The enormous liner has made maneuvers in the harbour and has been accurately moored. Alongside with skill of navigators (vessels captain C.Maddaloni, pilot of SE "Delta - pilot" S.Shanin) the success of the operation has been provided with equipment of the vessel 2003 year of construction, up-to-date propeller-rudder columns with 360 degree radius of turn in a stern part of case and maneuvering propulsion devices in a part of ship‘s head.

Acceptance of s/v COSTA MEDITERRANEA shows that the passenger terminal of Odesa port is able to accept cruise vessels up to 300 m in length with moorage both on the right and on the left sides of Novy mole.

Remarkable fact is that Rob Roberts, manager for excursion services of Princess Cruises cruise company has pointed out at well-coordinated and field work of the passenger terminals personnel, supervisory bodies and tour-operator, watching after vessels moorage and landing of passengers.

A.STETSUCHENKO, "Odessky portovik"


The law "About seaports of Ukraine" will be worked out in the near future

The law "About seaports of Ukraine" needs to be finished in the near future and contain an inducement for port development as a business. The minister of transport and communications of Ukraine Konstantin Efimenko declared it on Friday during a meeting on a subject of state-private partnership and cooperation with sea commercial ports with participation of stevedoring companies. The minister has charged to involve in the legislative draft working out port employees, stevedoring companies, forwarding agents, lawyers, and also international experts. "We should fulfill the law which will stimulate branch development", Konstantin Efimenko underlines. "We’ve been working over the law "About seaports of Ukraine" during 10 years". Probably, for 10 years it has become the best, but we still have no benefit from it, - the minister marks. – We have got no law yet; the game rules are not made. Think of it as work is a steam which goes to a hooter, instead of motion. Therefore the Law "About seaports of Ukraine " for the moment is the number-one question", - Konstantin Efimenko marks.


Ukraine exported about 850 thousand t of grains in May

Ukraine exported 20.2 million tons of grain crops from the beginning of the marketing years 2009/2010 (July 2009-June 2010). It goes about it in the message of the Ukrainian agrarian confederation. According to the message, in May, 2010 export of grain from Ukraine has made about 850 thousand tons that is twice less than the indicator of May, 2009. Particularly it was exported 230 thousand tons of wheat, 340 thousand tons of barley and about 280 thousand tons of corn. Thus, according to experts, following the results of 11 months of the current marketing year total export of the Ukrainian grain has been 20,2 million tons of the crop 2009, in particular 8,9 million tons of wheat is exported- 3 million tons less than last season. Besides that it was exported 5,9 million tons of barley, 5,2 million tons of corn – export of these two crops practically coincides with the last year’s level. trans-port


Customs regulations of ships and goods, transported by them are modified

State customs service by the order from March, 11th 2010 № 230 has made modifications to the Instruction about customs control and customs registration of ships and goods, which are transported by them. The document has not yet come into force. In particular, the Instruction item 1.5 is complemented by the position that start of cargo operations without participation of a special commission is supposed for ships-container trucks and ships transporting bulk cargoes, during moorage in port. In the case of no objections on the part of state authorities which are carrying out border control, free practice can be also applied to other ship classes. Besides, the Instruction regulations about free practice application have been also modified. In particular, the cases when free practice cannot be applied: - Non-observance of terms of preliminary application submission with notice about of free practice application; - Objections about its application on the part of supervising authorities; - Application with an incomplete list of necessary data; - Presence of operations briefing or other information from law enforcement authorities, briefings of department for the prevention of unlawful trading and customs rules infringement. LIGABusinessInform



Company Princess Cruises is interested in expansion of its presence on the cruise market of the Black Sea. It has been declared by representative of the company, director for organization of coastal service of tourists (the European destination) mr Rob Roberts during the visit to Odesa port. The visit took place on May, 31st. Together with the manager on excursion service of the world famous cruise company general manager of SE "Odesa commercial sea port" Nikolay Pavluyk, his first deputy Yury Vaskov, chief of passenger terminal Nikolay Makovetsky and others have taken part in the negotiations.

Speaking about a long-term program of cruise tourism development which Odesa port‘s management realizes since 1994, N.Pavlyuk has emphasized renewal of membership of the enterprise in the cruise ports association "Medcruise", organization of conference «Black Sea Cruise», participation of SE «ОCSP» in the international exhibitions and conferences in Miami, stage-by-stage modernization of the passenger terminal on Novy mole, and also has noted the own tourist product of the port city tours «Odesa port: yesterday, today, tomorrow», which are annually being visited by thousand tourists, including foreign.

The representative of Princess Cruises management is not the first "scout" from club of grandees world cruise business which studies possibilities of ports and tourist infrastructure of the cities of the Black Sea. In August-September of 2008 with the same purpose the port of Odesa was visited by its colleague from company Royal Caribbean Int. The purpose of similar visits of cruise corporations‘ top-managers is to inform in due time the companies management about changes on the market of cruise tourism of our region, the segment which, under forecasts of experts, the next years will increase three times.

Information: The port of Odesa owns one of the largest marine passenger terminals in Europe, annual throughput capacity to 4 million tourists. Each season at its berths 60-70 cruise liners under a foreign flag are moored. The passenger turnover makes 100-120 thousand persons.

Company Princess Cruises is founded in 1966. Presently it is a part of Carnival Corporation. The company fleet totals 17 ocean liners, 9 from which already visited the Odesa port. Princess Cruises first-ever has constructed the passenger steam-ship whose tonnage has exceeded 100 000 tons (s/v «Grand Princess», launched in 1998).

N.STEPANOVA, «Odessky portovik».


Ukraine and Montenegro deepen cooperation in customs sphere

On June, 1st, 2010 the Agreement between the Cabinet of Ukraine and the Government of Montenegro about mutual cooperation in customs field comes into force. The Agreement is being signed to minimize frequency of infringements of the customs legislation in Ukraine and Montenegro. After all they do considerable harm to economic, fiscal and commercial interests of the countries. Performance of the Agreement on mutual cooperation in customs affairs will promote not only to closer cooperation directed to prevent infringements of customs rules and contraband, but also will promote international cooperation about application and observance of the customs legislation. Except the above-mentioned aims the general actions will provide legitimacy of customs valuation and, accordingly, legitimacy of charge dues and other taxes which are to be paid during import and export of goods. According to the Agreement cooperation of Ukraine and Montenegro lies in close cooperation of customs authorities and provides: - Data exchange which is given in accordance with a request; - Technical support (personnel exchange and organization of trainings, educational programs and new equipment testing, and also carrying out of administrative actions); Thus the Agreement provides data protection that is recipient has no right to use the received data for any other purposes except those which are defined by the Agreement and are registered in the request. The coming into force Agreement will allow to promote the mutual coopration between Ukraine and Montenegro in the field of economy protection of and safety of the both countries MDOffice