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The first shipment of transit oil from Venezuela is processing.

On April, 25th at 3 o‘clock in the morning the tanker SEA STAR (249 m, flag of Malta) with 80 thousand tons of cargo by direction to Mozyr Oil processing plant has moored to the berth #1 of the ports petroharbour. Profitability of the scheme of transportation of oil for Belarus through the Odesa port and by rail to a cargo recipient is calculating now by economists. In case of favorable result of the experiment the cargo traffic can make up to 4 million tons per year (according to arrangements of two countries).

General manager of SE Odesa commercial sea port Nikolay Pavlyuk is commenting for mass-media, that there will be no problems for the port of Odesa to ship transit oil to Belarus. Viability of a route depends on synchronization of work of tank farms which provide capacities, and presence of the required amount of railway tanks.

According to the representative of the pertoharbours administration, it is expected to finish the unloading of the first shipment of oil from Venezuela, till the end of today. Thus, processing of the steamship SEA STAR will take two days.

A.STETSUCHENKO, «Odesa port worker» newspaper.



Last Friday the delegation of representatives of the National government and business of Shaanxi province (Peoples Republic of China) has visited the port of Odesa. First deputy ports general manager Yury Vaskov, head of contractual and tender work service Alexey Myaskovsky, deputy main operator Jury Kizlevitch, engineer of development and external relations department Elvira Leshchinskaya have welcomed the visitors.

Y.Vaskov has acquainted the visitors with our enterprise and its activity, its place among domestic ports, difference from the other ports on the Black Sea, development prospects. In his turn governor of Shaanxi province Yuan Chunging has acquainted with the province he heads, its economic activities. By the way, inhabitants of Odesa has amazed that the province population makes 36 million, i.e. almost the population of whole Ukraine. Though the province has no outlet to the sea, the foreign trade activities are carrying out through the ports of Chindao and Tjanching. And at themselves they build passenger port, logistical centre - the largest overland port which will connect the centre of China with other provinces and the countries.

After the meeting the visitors have got an excursion in the port territory. They have stated interest in the further cooperation with the Odesa port.

T. OVRUTSKAYA Odesa port worker


Container lines have reliance in fast restoration

Global volumes of container transportations, predictably, in 2010 will restore positions after the last year crisis. It becomes possible in the conditions of economic stabilization and the raised demand which promote essential reduction of a jobless fleet. Thus, Clarksons recently has reconsidered the forecast for 2010 and now expects that container transportations will increase by 7.5 %. In February Clarksons predicted increase at 5.5 %. It is necessary to notice that last year recession of container turnover has made almost 10 %. Analysts of Alphaliner are even more optimistical concerning prospects for 2010, firmly expecting growth over 10 % this year thanking to export growth from Asia. Last forecasts compel lines to admit that growth of cargo transportation volumes which has begun in the end of the last year can be something more, than a simple stocks’ replenishment. Carriers obviously did not expect such demand runup which is proceeded within winter months. The last data of Alphaliner speaks about that the jobless fleet makes 8.9 % from the general tonnage. For the first time this index has decreased lower than 9 % in comparison with February, 2009. In particular, as of the end of March c.y. 455 ships by total capacity of 1.18 million TEU stood idle, that is the lowest level for the last13 months. Despite the inflow of 150 thousand TEU of capacities predicted in April in the market at the expense of new tonnage deliveries, new services launch and renewal of the earlier suspended ones "will absorb" about 60 ships by capacity 3500-6000 TEU each within the next several weeks. Alphaliner now expects that the net increase in capacities will make 9.6 % in 2010, at that time Clarksons expect only 5.6 % - up to 13.7 million TEU. Now the stock of orders for new vessels makes 34.5 % from a tonnage aggregate number. For container trucks of Post-Panamax type the given index remains very high – a 70 % equivalent of the existing capacities. Clarksons in the last report on the container market informs that the balance between supply and demand growth will be set in favour of demand of this year. Nevertheless, some uncertainty remains, the company warns. trans-port


"Ukrzaliznytsya" has lowered cost of transportation of large-capacity containers, following through ports

The state administration of railway transportation of Ukraine ("Ukrzaliznytsya") initiated decrease in cost of large-capacity containers transportations (including empty), following through ports. The discount at rate of 20 % is granting for the containers following through sea commercial ports of Ukraine, port railway stations, and also container terminal of "Ukrzaliznytsya" Odesa-Liski. The category of a cargo traffic which are under the discount are large-capacity containers in the export-import communication, loaded and 40-foot empty ones (the stake of the last in is up to 15% in transportations through the ports of Ukraine). Loaded containers are discounting upon the condition of transportation for the distances exceeding 300 km. Let's remind, earlier the discount at rate of 20 % from the base tariff has been initiated by "Ukrzaliznytsya" for transportations by contrailer route "Yaroslav". This order, turned out to be a consequence arrangements between "Ukrzaliznytsya" and joint-stock company «PKP LHS» (Polish broad-gauge roads), is prolonged till the 2nd half of the current year. The new discount of "Ukrzaliznytsya" expanding action of the 20 percent discount, is prolonged up to the end of this year. RZD-PARTNER


Containerization of the Ukrainian export has made 3,6 %

The level of containerization of the Ukrainian export makes 3,6 %. In accordance with an analytical data of the State committee of statistics of Ukraine this is a stake of the export goods transported abroad by containers, following the last year’s results. In cost estimation the containerized export of the year from Ukraine makes $1,469 billion that is 13,2 % less than the previous year. In import the level of containerization is more considerable – 8,9 % or $4,069 billion. Nevertheless, decrease in volumes of the containerized import is much more convincing – by 58,2 % to the level of 2008. As specifies the State committee of statistics, the basic part, over 90 % of the external economic container turnover, is goes to a sailing charter. This stake makes $4,996 that is 51 % less the previous year’s volume. The second place is by railway transportation where the turnover of containers makes $0,24 billion (-79 % by 2008). The Motor transport took container cargoes in volume of $0,3 billion that is 13 % more than the volume of 2008. The outstanding feature of marine and railway container transportations of Ukraine is a considerable prevalence of import against export (3 times – in sailing charter, 1,6 times – in railway). More smoothed picture is on motor transport, where export and import are almost equal in cost estimation (last year import was transported in the volume twice exceeding export). RZD-PARTNER


Transport of Ukraine increased cargo transportations by 12 % in the I quarter

According to the State committee of Statistics of Ukraine, the volume of cargo transportation of all types of transport increased by 12,4 % for the I quarter 2010, in comparison with January-March of the previous year, up to 172,7 million tons. The cargo turnover increased more substantially – by 16,1 %, up to 92,941 billion t-km. The biggest volumes are made by railway transportation which has transported 95,21 million tons (+9,2 %) at a cargo turnover in 49,109 billion t-km (+8,9 %). The leader on loading temps restoration among the "wheel" types of transport is the motor transport, having increased transportation volumes by 9,8 % (up to 28,5 million tons) at the increase in cargo turnover by 20,4 % (to 8,09 billion t-km). The sharp breakoff in temps of increase of cargo turnover in this type of communication reflects the increase tendency in a stake of distant cargo transportations. The sailing charter showed growth in volumes of transportations by 7,1 % (up to 1,7 million tons) at the increase in cargo turnover by 6 % (up to 1,877 billion t-km). It’s noticeable that following the results of 2009 the water communication of Ukraine lost over a half of loading. The volume of cargo transportation by pipeline transport has increased by 21,3 %, up to 47,4 million tons. The cargo turnover has thus increased by 28 %, up to 33,78 billion t-km. In the I quarter 2009 the cargo transportation by all types of transport of Ukraine decreased to 33 %, following the results of 2009 – by 22 % to the comparable last year’s periods. РЖД-ПАРТНЕР


Ukraine needs to import 450 thousand t of sugar

Ukraine has a necessity in import of 450 thousand t of sugar to cover the deficit and provide food safety. It was informed about during the press conference by minister of agrarian Nikolay Prisyazhnyuk. According to Prisyazhnyuk, presently the deficiency becomes covered at the expense of 260 thousand t, imported due to the WTO import quota for sugar raw materials from cane. According to the minister, licences are being inefficiently used, as the price for sugar cane has sharply decreased, but owners of licences do not try to buy cane, referring that the price for sugar did not decrease. "We have collected them, have fulfilled the delivery schedule of this production, in conformity with the schedule they should import 200 thousand t of cane till June including have a balance of sugar, and we will trace their obligations every week, the time they carry out them, we will deprive for a licence", - Prisyazhnyuk notes. As he said, today the ministry works over how to provide import of 150 thousand t of sugar in order to provide the country with transitive stocks of sugar in a crop. "There are two decisions, and we consider their acceptance. One decision is by the Supreme Rada about increase in import of sugar-raw from cane at 100 thousand t that will give a chance to work for sugar factories, or we will go by the previous government’s way - delivery of sugar from Belarus", - declares Prisjazhnjuk. As he said, the decision concerning sugar import will be accepted in the near future.


Russia and Ukraine will sign a cooperation memorandum in the shipbuilding field

Russia and Ukraine prepare the intergovernmental memorandum of cooperation in the shipbuilding field. According to the Ministry of production policy of Ukraine, the question was discussed during the VI session of Subcommittee on industrial policy of the Committee of the Russian-Ukrainian interstate commission economic cooperation which took place on April, 15th in Kiev. «Cooperation in branch, very important for economy of both countries – shipbuilding, especially in the field of heavy-tonnage vessels building» is discussed, - informs the Ministry of production policy. According to the ministry, the memorandum of cooperation in the field of shipbuilding is at the closing stage. Preparation for document signing is almost finished, declares the ministry. The next session of the Subcommittee on industrial policy of is agreed to hold in November, 2010 in Moscow. PortNews



Dear sirs!

In connection with cancellation of flights from France the date of the announced earlier Ukrainian-French business forum, within the limits of the French companies‘ visit, is rescheduled from April, 24th, 2010 to May 2010.

The date and time of the business forum will be announced further.

Administration of SE "Odesa commercial sea port"


The average level of tax take for one container which is processing in Ukraine, has grown by 30,5 % in April, 2010

The average level of tax take for one container which is made out in Ukraine, in April has grown by 30,5 % against 25 % in the I quarter of the current year. First deputy chairman of the State customs service of Ukraine Alexander Dorohovsky has informed about it. As he said, in April there was an increase in the average level of customs cost for 1 container at 24 % against 20 % in the I quarter. «At steam-ship registration in Odesa last year customs receipts in the budget reached 0,5 million, and at present it is 5 million. And it is not a limit. And this with the fact that the quantity of containers which is made out for today, has decreased for 30 % in comparison with the first quarter 2010», - Alexander Dorohovsky notes. As he said, taking into account Christmas vacations which were in the I quarter, the average day norm of container processing has made 180 units per day, in April it decreased up to 130 that is caused by expectations from the outside importers. «It is not necessary to wait. It is necessary to make out cargo and to pay money into the budget. Our position - business should earn, but business should not steal. We promote legal business», - Alexander Dorohovsky has noted. PortNews


Russia and Ukraine will consider possibility of joint building of the grain terminal on the Black Sea

Russia and Ukraine will consider possibility of joint building of the grain terminal on the Black Sea. Minister of agrarian of Ukraine Nikolay Prisyazhnyuk informed about it at the meeting in Moscow with the Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation Elena Skrynnik. He has noticed that this question has been discussed at the taken place meeting within the limits of the Russian-Ukrainian agrarian commission. Creation of a through railroad rate for reduction of grain transportation expenses in the territory of Russia and Ukraine is thus considered. Realization of such problem as considers the minister, will allow both countries to be competitive on grain foreign markets. In her turn E.Skrynnik has noticed that look-ahead food balances of the Russian Federation and Ukraine in the near future will be signed. In a basis of these balances the increase in cargo turnover of agricultural products of two countries is put. According to N.Prisyazhnyuk, these balances will give the chance to predict, what branches of agriculture of the Russian Federation and Ukraine need to be developed, being based on the data about potential of each country. Balances are directed also to maintenance of food safety of two countries. "We have stipulated that after maintenance of food safety of our countries and observance of balances of the food markets we will consider the problem on a joint output to foreign markets", - the minister has noted, having specified in a greater potential of the agricultural grounds and agromanufacture in the Russian Federation and in Ukraine. E.Skrynnik has noticed that within the limits of interaction in agrarian sphere of the Russian Federation and Ukraine cooperation expansion in seed-growing sphere is necessary, the strategy of joint development of an agropolicy of two countries will be developed, and also the joint commissions on inspection of the enterprises on processing of meat and milk for increase in mutual deliveries of this production will be created. RBC-Ukraine