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Within the limits of celebrating of the 66th anniversary Odesa defense from fascist aggressors, the exhibition of documents-testament of port workers participation in the Great Patriotic War has been launched in the history museum of Odesa port name after de Volan, which has just celebrated 40 years since its foundation,. After presentation of the new exposition in a museum hall the celebratory concert for veterans of the Second World War, organized by forces of 13 14-year-old musicians pupils of the Fontansky comprehensive school of social rehabilitation took place.

According to principal Vyacheslav Baranov, just two years ago «these boys were the homeless children, many were not able to read and write... Under the direction of talented musical teacher Michael Chelyadin, they have seized musical instruments and at good level execute difficult enough pieces of music...».

The concert program in a port museum has been made of musical compositions popular in the days of war. Expensive to heart of a melody performed by young musicians have forced grey-haired veterans to shed a few tears.

Information. According to the order of general manager of «OCSP» Nikolay Pavlyuk, graduates of school for problem children can hi off working trades in the port educational centre.

V.VOLYANSKY, newspaper «Odesa port worker».


Cargo Turnover of the Odesa Port in January-March 2010 (online data)

According to the operative data cargo turnover of the port of Odesa for January-March, 2010 made 6899.7 thousand tons that is 451.6 thousand tons less, than in January-March, 2009. In particular, it was handled 3661,6 thousand tons of dry cargoes that is 478,2 thousand tons less the indexes of January-March and 3238,1 thousand tons of bulk cargoes that is 26,6 thousand tons more than indexes of the similar period-2009.

In January-March, 2010 in the Odesa port transfer of cargoes in containers has increased by 311,7 thousand tons (+60,7 %) from 513,5 thousand tons in 2009 to 825,3 thousand tons in 2010 or from 54 733 TEU to 70 527 TEU. Port.Odesa.Ua


The Ministry of economics initiates reduction in the cost of ship-calling and cargo handling in ports

The Ministry of Economics of Ukraine initiated the project of reduction in the cost of ship-calling and cargo handling in sea ports. The purpose is the increase of competitiveness of ports of Ukraine and alignment of prices for port services in comparison with neighbours in the Black Sea water region. According to the project, decrease by 30 % of port dues (except for administrative) is offered. According to the ministry, presently the cost on ship-calls in the Ukrainian water region is much more, than at neighbours, 1,5-2 times. The decrease in stevedore rates by 30 % and covering by this order of all subjects of port handling not counting a form of ownership should become an additional action. As a whole, the ministry considers expedient replacement of a tariffs setting order in the sphere of cargo handling. Thus, introduction of the co-ordinated rates for transportations on the ports, concerning separate directions of transportation and the limited cargo nomenclature, is recognised by breaking principles of a free economic competition. In exchange it is offered to enter the unified order covering all ports equally. The corresponding offers are on consideration of the Ministry of Ukraine. RZD-PARTNER


Ukraine exported 280 thousand t of grain from the beginning of April

Ukraine exported 280 thousand t of grain from the beginning of April. Director general of the Ukrainian agrarian confederation Sergey Stoyanov informs about it. S.Stoyanov has noticed that this data is as for April, 12th of the current year. As a whole, according to association, in March, 2010 has been exported 1,4 million t of grain. "We see that within March exporters have quickened, it is possibly connected with weather factors, as well as with that the government has decided to compensate debts on VAT by bonds emission. However further we’ve seen that in April export has started to falling", - he has told. Under forecasts of the association, about 700 thousand t of grain will be exported in April it, 1 million 100 t of grain - in May-June. trans-port



On April, 10th, in the memorable day for all Odesa citizens the Day of defense of the city from fascist aggressors, the first pile is hammered into the grounding of the future container terminal which becomes a continuation of the existing terminal on Karantinny mole. There were present: governor of the Odesa region Eduard Matviychuk, ambassador of Germany to Ukraine Hans-Jьrgen Heimsoeth, general manager of the port of Odesa Nikolay Pavlyuk, president of "HPC-Ukraine" Klaus Schmoecker and other officials.

The company "Mustbud" became the winner of tender for terminal construction. According to the order of the Ministry №1632 from December, 23rd, 2009, capacity (throughput) of the terminal will make 600 thousand TEU; amount of berths two; extent of berths 650 m; bank protection 920 m; protective structures 900 m; territory area 19,3 hectares; area of warehouse grounds with technological driveways 112,4 thousand sq. m; number of workers 405 persons; general budget cost 4 billion 443 million 895 thousand 630 UAH.; duration of consrtuction 36 months.

Introduction into service of the deep-water container terminal in the port of Odesa will allow Ukraine to compete as equals with the largest container ports, first of all, Constantza, will restore the earlier lost transit cargo traffics to Scandinavia, the Baltic State and the Eastern Europe.

T.OVRUTSKAYA, «Odesa port worker».



On April, 10th, in the port of Odesa, in the day of 66th anniversary of Odesas defense from fascist aggressors, the torch of the Eternal flame memorial to participants of the Great Patriotic War was at first lighted. 2 thousand workers of SE Odesa commercial sea port and the stevedoring companies, representatives of city and regional authorities, numerous journalists took part in the meeting devoted to the event.

The monument to port workers, victims of the Second World War, was erected in front of the administration building of Odesa port in Tamozhennaya sq. in 1970 for the cost took up by port workers by subscription. Exactly 40 years after this event, the port youth organization of the port (YOOP) took up donations on the monument reconstruction and installation at its bottom of the Eternal flame memorial.

According to chairman of YOOP Ivan Brovkin, about 1,5 thousand of port workers have subscribed for the memorial complex modernization. The Total sum of the collected means made 170 thousand UAH.

According to general manager of SE OCSP the Hero of Ukraine Nikolay Pavlyuk, «the youth has took over at veterans the memory about feat of arms of Odesa port workers in the days of the Great Patriotic War».

Information: By the Decree of the Presidium of the USSR Supreme authority, in 1967 the port of Odesa is awarded by a medal «For defense of Odesa». In the award list the contribution of the port workers to heroic defense of a native city is marked: in the conditions of incessant bombardments and shellings the workers of the port have sent 300 thousand people of civilians to rear area, 25 thousand tons of the valuable factory equipment, have provided supply by an ammunition, technics and staff.

V.VOLYANSKY, «Odesa port worker».


The general balance of light oils of Ukraine in the І quarter 2010 has made 1,8 million t., - expert

The overall balance of light mineral oils of Ukraine (in total: production, import and export) in March, 2010 made 772,35 thousand t that is 3,33 % less than in March, 2009 (798,96 thousand), according to "Consulting group A-95". The balance of gasoline in March, 2010 made 375,02 thousand t that is 8,2 % less than for the similar last year’s period (408,69 thousand). In particular, gasoline deliveries on import were reduced to 36 % (112,79 thousand) whereas internal production has increased by 24,65 % (292,05 thousand). The balance of diesel fuel in March of the current year made 397,31 thousand t, having exceeded the similar last year’s index by 1,8 % (390,27 thousand). The volume of diesel fuel import in March of this year in comparison with the similar last year’s period decreased by 6,58 % (166,5 thousand). Volume of diesel fuel production on the Ukrainian oil processing plants has also increased: in March it was 281,01 thousand t that is 18,72 % more than in March, 2009. As a result the accumulative balance of light mineral oils in the I quarter 2010 was 1,822 million t in comparison with 2,174 million t of the quarter index 2009 (-16,19 %). The balance of gasoline has made 981,79 thousand t (15,29 % decrease), diesel fuel - 839,77 thousand t (17,34 % decrease). According to the experts of "Consulting group A-95", decrease in balances during the current year is connected with the decrease in consumption of lighst mineral oil and stock rate decrease in the open market and at consumers that is, in its turn, speaks about high rates on bank credits. RBC-Ukraine


For 3 months 2010 Ukraine has chosen a quarter quota on reinforcement metal delivery to the Russian Federation

From January, 1st till March, 31st, 2010 Ukrainian metal enterprises choose a quota for 25,38 % on delivery to the Russian Federation of bars for concrete structures reinforcing. It is saying about it in the materials of the Ministry of Economics of Ukraine. For the specified period metal enterprises supplied 101,528 thousand т of this production to the Russian Federation. Let's remind that for two months 2010 the quota has been chosen for 12,48 %. Totally annual quota (from January, 1st till December, 31st, 2010) makes 400 thousand t of reinforcement metal. Business portal


Ukraine has offered Kazakhstan joint development capacities

Ukraine considering Kazakhstan as a perspective partner in the world grain market, offers the Kazakh joint projects on the organisation of marine transfer of grain cargoes. Such statement was made by president of Ukraine Victor Yanukovych during official visit to Kazakhstan. «I would like that you became our partner in the grain market. In the territory of Ukraine, in the Ukrainian port, it is possible, to construct a good grain terminal together with us, fifty-fifty», - declared V.Yanukovych, acting in Astana. During the visit the president was accompanied by head of Ministry of transport and communications of Ukraine Konstantin Efimenko, head of Ministry of agrarian Nikolay Prisyazhnyuk and head of Ministry of production policy Dmitry Kolesnikov. Let's remind, that earlier Kazakh grain traders expressed a wish to have own transshipment capacities at the Ukrainian coast. As perspective points of a disposition there were port zones of the Odesa and Nikolaev sea regions. These projects are not realised yet. RZD-PARTNER


Grain export from Ukraine has been increased in March



On April, 5th at 18th berth of passenger terminal the gorgeous CRYSTAL SERENITY (250 meters, under the flag of Bahamas) with 1080 tourists from America onboard.

According to deputy chief of passenger terminal Tatyana Yakovleva, the program of the 1.5-daily stay in Odesa included full-day sight-seeing tour, and also the tours «Jewish heritage», "Catacombs" and various kinds of other sightseeing tours.

In the evening on April, 6th CRYSTAL SERENITY headed for Constance. The previous visiting of the Odesa port by this liner took place on 9/9/2009.

V.VOLYANSKY, «Odesa port worker» newspaper