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Ukraine has increased gas transit by 73,2 % - to 19,2 billion cubic m. for 2 months 2010.

Ukraine has increased gas transit from Russia by 73,2 % - to 19,2 billion cubic m. for 2 months 2010 in comparison with the similar period of 2009. The government has informed about it. The increase is connected with an essential falling of transit in the beginning of 2009 because of the Ukrainian-Russian gas crisis. In February, 2010 volumes of gas transit increased in comparison with February, 2009 by 41,4 % - to 9,052 billion cubic m. It was transfered 18,394 billion cubic m. to the EU countries in January-February, including in the direction of Slovakia - 12,762 billion cubic m, Hungary - 1,866 billion cubic m, Poland - 738 million cubic m, the Balkans - 3,028 billion cubic m. 827 million cubic m of gas was transfered to Moldova in January-February, 2010 by transit. In 2009 gas transit through Ukraine made 95,2 billion cubic m that is 24,4 billion cubic m (20,4 %) less, than in 2008. RBC-Ukraine


The Ukrainian grain association declares necessity of compensation of the VAT to grain exporters

The Ukrainian grain association declares necessity of compensation of the VAT in summ 5 billion UAH to grain exporters in March-May. The president of UGA Vladimir Klimenko has informed on it at a press conference. «Considering the necessity of export support of the Ukrainian grain, a non-admission of decrease in procurement prices for producers of grain by 20 % and necessity of financing of spring-field works, to find money means in the sum about 5 billion UAH.», - the president of UGA has told. Klimenko also has noticed that debts repayment under the VAT before exporters of grain is necessary for carrying out in March-May, 2010 on purpose to provide rhythmic compensation on current operations. He also has noticed that debts repayment should be carried out in all companies-exporters of the proportionally existing debts. As it was informed earlier, the Cabinet has charged to the State tax administration, to the Ministry of Finance and the agrarian policy Ministry to compensate to exporters of grain the value-added tax in the sum 1,5 billion UAH due to Agrarian fund in March - May. Earlier the Ministry has prolonged the mechanism of compensation of the VAT operating in 2009 to exporters of agricultural production through Agrarian fund for 2010. The agrarian fund on account of budgetary compensation of the VAT can realise to exporters grain and flour from the state intervention fund, and also ammoniac saltpeter.


[23.03.10] Chernomorsky dockyard has constructed a container ship for the Dutch company «Damen Shipyards Bergum»

The state joint-stock holding company «Chernomorsky dockyard» has finished building of a container ship for the Dutch company «Damen Shipyards Bergum». Chernomorsky dockyard has made case designs mounting, all-ship systems, painting, isolation and a covering of premises. The vessel is intended for transportation of dry cargoes and containers. The container ship designed speed - 12,3 knots, maximum loading – 193 containers of TEU type. Length of the vessel makes 88,6 m, width – 12,5 m., board height – 7 m., deadweight - 3,800 tons, draught - 5,4 m. «We are glad that, despite the financial problems of the Ukrainian shipbuilding, we have finished vessel construction», — the chief executive – the director for production of the state joint-stock holding company Valery Kalashnikov has commented on the end of building. The container ship case has been built in May, 2008 in covered slip of the dockyard. In connection with the bank crisis in the end of 2008 the works on building have been suspended. In June, 2009 after the change of management of the enterprise the factory has resumed works on the vessel building. The state joint-stock holding company «Chernomorsky dockyard» is the largest enterprise of branch in Ukraine and one of the most powerful in Europe, it is foundeded in 1897. During the century it was constructed more than 1000 ships and vessels of various types and appointments, including war ships at the dockyard. 90,25 % of actions of the dockyard are owned by Open Society «Kherson ship-building factory». The Kherson ship-building factory and the Chernomorsky ship-building factory are the parts of the formed ship-building holding of Joint-Stock Company "Smart holding". Maritime Business News


Scrap metal deliveries to metal enterprises of Ukraine will increase by 12 % in 2010

The association of secondary metals predicts an increase in deliveries of scrap by steel enterprises by 12,2 % or by 0,624 million t, to 5,724 million t in 2010, informs president of the association Valentin Kulichenko. As he said, to growth of scrap deliveries will promote as predicted increase in manufacture of steel to metal enterprises in 2010, and increase of account operating ratio of an imported scrap by steel production. Following that, V.Kulichenko predicts an increase in 2010 of a stake of scrap deliveries to the home market in total amount of preparations in comparison with 2009 by 1,2 items to 86,4 %. Also the president of "Vtoremet" has underlined that despite expected growth of account factor of an imported breakage from 168 to 178 kg/t of the produced steel in 2010 in comparison with 2009, the association predicts reduction of the general account index about 325,3 kg/t up to 303 kg/t of the produced steel. It is caused by that metallurgists have predicted reduction of an account index of turnaround breakage about 157,3 kg/t to 124 kg/t of the produced steel. Reduction of an account index of turnaround scrap can be caused as increase in deliveries to metal enterprises of the production in the form of slabs, so that the increase in volumes of steel production of the continuous casting will lead to reduction of metal waste. V.Kulichenko has added that the association has coordinated balance of scrap metall deliveries (which underlies the given forecasts) with the association "Metallurgprom" and the Ministry of an industrial policy. In 2009 suppliers of scrap have reduced delivery of production by metal enterprises to 11,6 %, or by 0,67 million t to 5,1 million t. As it was informed earlier, the Ministry of an industrial policy predicts the increase in steel production at 5,86 %, or 1,743 million to 31,5 million t in 2010 Ukranews


The State fleet inspection of Ukraine carries out a constant monitoring of the situation with spring flooding

The State fleet inspection of Ukraine carries out constant monitoring of the situation with spring flood waters, informs the press-service of the Ministry of transport and communications of Ukraine. According to the order of the State administration of sea and river transport from February, 24th, 2010 «About preparation of "Ukrmorrechflot" for an admission of an ice drift, flooding and high waters on the rivers in 2010», the State fleet inspection of Ukraine has created an emergency response to control the situation in the difficult spring period and has confirmed its own action plan. All divisions of the State fleet inspection inspect readiness of recsue brigades in ports, navigable companies, ship-yards and check of a readiness and equipping of check boats n the fleet parking lots, on waterways, sluices. RBC-Ukraine


The state committee of veterinary medicine has forbidden import to Ukraine of birds, production and raw materials from it from Romania

The state committee of veterinary medicine of Ukraine has forbidden import to Ukraine of birds, production and raw materials from it from Romania (№15-2-23/2310 from 16.03. 2010). The interdiction is entered in connection with of highly pathogenic bird flu in the territory of Romania, informs the press-service of the committee of veterinary medicine. Import of other cargoes from this country which are under control of the state veterinary medicine, should be carried out according to veterinary requirements of import to Ukraine of objects of the state veterinary-sanitary control and supervision. Besides, the state committee of veterinary medicine has informed that in order to make changes to the decision of the Cabinet of Ukraine from 01.07.09 №652 "About the Approval procedure on import to the territory of Ukraine of animals, products of an animal origin, reproductive material, biological products, pathological material, veterinary preparations, substances, fodder additives, premixes and forages", it is necessary to put in the statement and a package of the documents provided by the Law of Ukraine "About veterinary medicine" and the corresponding decision. MDOffice


The EU enters a vessel monitoring system

The European agency on sea safety (European Maritime Safety Agency, EMSA) has declared launch of a new navigation monitoring system in the European waters. Starting from 3/10/2010 the authorized users have got an access to it in the EU Member Countries. The monitoring system named STIRES is an informational module platform on the base of SafeSeaNet. The system allows to observe all trading vessels in the near-real time mode, on a map. The system "AIS" is fundamental for the positioning system. Users can see all vessels setting the signal "AIS" on a map, and also specify, whether there is a dangerous cargo onboard (and what kind of), to do selection of vessels of a high risk, to receive an information on incidents with vessels. There are also possibilities in the system to be switched from the scale of the whole EU to a local mode (the system shows arrangement of ships in a concrete port or at a port berth) to receive the information on following port of call and an expected arrival time, and also a number of other options. Creation of the platform SafeSeaNet has been authorized by the EU instruction 2002/59/EU, all countries-participants of the EU have been involved in its working out. The round-the-clock control over a correctness of the system functioning is carried out by the EMSA support group. SeaNews


The draft bill introducing transshipment mode in the ports of Ukraine with transit cargoes has been affirmed.

The parliament of Ukraine has affimed as a basis a draft bill introducing transshipment mode in ports. The document developed by parliamentary committee concerning transport and communication, introduces respective alterations into the Law of Ukraine «About transit of cargoes». That legislator enters for the first time concept of transshipment, missing in the Ukrainian standard base (the mode of transit of container cargoes without overriding the borders of a check point or a customs control territory, with customs registration without cargo customs declaration and without warranting of cargo delivery). «Without entering of respective alterations into the Law «About transit of cargoes» the introduction of transshipment is impossible. Accordingly, the Ukrainian ports have no possibility to involve new container goods traffics and to receive additional incomes of cargo handling and service of container trucks», - ascertained the Ministry of transport and communications, making comments on the project. According to the Ministry of transport and communications, the potential of financial income from introduction of transshipment in ports makes about $58 per year ($54 million – the income for cargo transfer, $4 million – port dues). RZD-PARTNER


The discount for grain transit by the Russian Federation to the ports of Ukraine is increased

The state administration of railway transportations of Ukraine ("Ukrzaliznytsya") has initiated decrease in the cost of transit cargo transportations. According to the decision of the departmental commission on realisation of a tariff policy of "Ukrzaliznytsya", the action covers a number of perspective cargoes of eastern (Russian) and western (European) transportation directions. Thus, twice, from 20 % to 40 %, the discount for grain cargoes transit arriving through the Russian border crossing by a direction to the ports of the Odesa region is increased. An application condition of the discount is the guaranteed volume of transportation not less than 100 thousand tons during privilege action (March-May inclusive). Besides, the discount for transit of alumina from the ports of Ukraine to the Russian border crossing transitions (destination to Tajikistan) is increased from 23 % to 32 %. The condition of granting of the discount prolonged up to the end of this year, the guaranteed annual volume of transportations is 250 thousand tons. By the same decision a special rate in summ 18$/t for transit transportation of coke in a direction of the Ukrainian Danube it is entered (Reni seaport through overland western border crossings of Ukraine). The discount is prolonged for the 1 half-year c.y. Earlier "Ukrzaliznytsya" entered discounts for transit of grain, coal and bulk fertilizers to ports, which come from Russia. trans-port



The State accreditive commission (SAC) of Ukraine has resolved (by the report № 81 from 2/25/2010) to license the professional training of workers by 32 types of trades of the Educational centre of Odesa port.

The previous license allowed to train personnel by 18 trades. The present list has increased, first, at the expense of almost full coverage of trades of a shipboard personnel. Except of sailors, mechanics, liquidators of oil spills, ship electricians and electrical/gas welder, boatswains, donkermans, navigators and mechanics of low-tonnage ships there were added. Teachers and masters of the educational centre train now in trades of a ship-repair field (lath operator, machine operator of a multiply types) and repair-building (concreter, mechanic-sanitary technician, house painter).

Preparing for licensing the crew was guided both by internal, and by a labour foreign market. According to chief of the EC Vadimir Krupka, 80 % of contracts on training are necessary are with the foreign organizations and private persons. In its turn, it does show the authority of the Odesa port in the field of vocational training. By the way, from last year legitimacy of the certificates which are given by the ED to the Ukrainian seamen, is recognized by the international navigable companies.

Information. The educational centre of the Odesa port is the one of the oldest training establishments in the south of Ukraine. It was founded on July, 3rd, 1944 by the Order of the National Commissioner of the Marine sea fleet of the USSR. Now about one and a half thousand persons per year are receiving training by the educational classes of the EC of SE «ОCSP». The centre cooperates on a contractual basis with stevedoring, crewing, construction, commercial and industrial companies and organizations.

N.STEPANOVA, Odesa port worker