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In last dates of February the Odesa port‘s ship subdivision "shipyard «Ukraine» has received from the State Register of sea navigation a package of allowing documents for the dock №2.

According to the deputy director of the shipyard Alexander Yakovlev, all restrictions on depth of immercion, load-carrying capacity have been removed. In practice it means that the dock age of 58 years can be used as a new one.

INFORMATION. The concrete dock № 2 is constructed in Kherson in 1952 Weight of the floating device is 20 000 tons, load-carrying capacity is 6000 tons, length of 130 meters, width of 30 meters.

The port of Odesa has owned it together with the property complex Ship-building plant-1 in 2007. It has been basically repaired for the means of the port (over 4 million UAH). During the repair the both towers‘ surfaces (6 thousand sq.) were covered by a special solution, units and mechanisms were restored, tightness of pontoons was raised.

V.VOLYANSKIY, «Odesskiy portovik».



26 лютого в Одеському академічному театрі опери та балету відбулися торжества з нагоди 78-х роковин утворення Одеської області. Поздоровляючи гостей зі знаменною датою, губернатор області Микола Сердюк вручив державні нагороди кращим працівникам ряду галузей народного господарства. Серед нагороджених був представлений і Одеський порт.

«За вагомий особистий внесок у розвиток морегосподарського комплексу та участь у розвитку виробничого потенціалу Одеської області...» президентською відзнакою Орден «За заслуги» III-го ступеня нагороджений 1-й заступник начальника ГП «ОМТП» Юрій Васьков.

Ю.Ю.Васьков працює на підприємствах морського транспорту України з 1999 р. В 2002-2005 рр. посідав посаду заст. головного диспетчера і головного диспетчера Одеського порту. У 2005 р. призначений на посаду 1-го заступника начальника ДП «ОМТП». В 2006 р. нагороджений нагрудним знаком «Почесний працівник морського та річкового транспорту», кандидат наук, Член-кореспондент Транспортної Академії України.

Газета «Одеський портовик».



55 persons of students and teachers of the faculty of economics and management of the Odesa National Maritime University (ONMU) have opened the tourist season-2010 in the port of Odesa. On February, 26 bus excursion for them across the enterprise was organized. B> According to the manager of marine station Tatiana Yakovleva the phone calls have already received from other schools and institutions of the city and tourist companies about organization of excursions in the Odesa port in March. Last season, according to T. Yakovleva, the port held 163 bus excursions, over 2.5 thousand of Ukrainian citizens and foreign visitors visited the port. Newspaper "Odesskiy Portovik"


The Cabinet has confirmed an appointment order of the state agent on grain export and import under international contracts

The Cabinet of Ukraine has confirmed the Order appointment of the state agent on export and import of grain and products of its processing under international contracts. The corresponding decision from January, 27th, 2010 №99 is published on the official site of the government. According to the document, the commission structure joins representatives of Ministry of Agrarian, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Economics, Ministry of Justice, head of supervision and auditing service, State Customs service, the Ukrainian agrarian confederation and the Agrarian union of Ukraine. The commission places on the official web site of Ministry of Agrarian the corresponding announcement where the date of the competition and the terms of documents acceptance are specified within 10 days from the date of the decision-making. The state enterprises or economic societies can become applicants for participation in the competition, if the governmental stake in their statutory fund makes not less than 75%. It is not allowed to participate in the competition applicants who are declared as bankrupts or in respect to which the bankruptcy procedures are initiated; are in a liquidation stage; have delayed debts on a wages, payment of taxes and tax collections (obligatory payments); have submitted the competitive documentation which do not meet the corresponding requirements of the Order. RBC-Ukraine


Through the deep-water ship channel Danube – Black another vessel with draught over 5m has passed.

Through the deep-water ship course Danube-Black Sea, mouth "Shvidke" another vessel with draught over 5 m has come. It was dry-cargo ship "Epirus" (flag of Panama) which went from Algeria to the Romanian port Braila. The passing of the vessel was fulfilled by I class pilot of MLS "Danube" of SE "Delta-pilot" Ruslan Putintsev. The vessel went to the Romanian port «in ballast», but despite that, its actual draught makes 5,20 m. It is important to note that the vessel is 105,70 m in length , and its maximum draught makes 8,66 m. The dry-cargo ship "Epirus" was the third vessel with draught over5 meters which has passed the deep-water ship channel in 2010. Let’s remind, that on January, 16th dry-cargo ship «Kerem E» (flag of Turkey) with actual draught of 5,10 m. passed the national ship channel. On February, 4th, leaving the Moldavian port Dzhurdzhuleshty, sea dry-cargo ship "Melwill" (flag of Sierra Leone), actual draught - 5,32 m.passed the whole line of the Ukrainian deep-water channel on an outlet to the sea. As a whole, from the moment of navigation restoration on the mouth "Shvidket" (April, 2007), 44 vessels with fraught 5 and over meters passed through the Ukrainian deep-water ship channel. trans-port



On February, 23rd container truck CMA CGM BAUDELAIRE 300 m in length (flag of Germany). has approached to the 42th berth. There would be nothing special if not to take into account the sizes of the container truck. This is the first vessel of postpanamax type, which has moored to the terminal operated by the company «Brooklin-Kiev port». Until present time there were only feeding vessels processing. As far as such moorage became possible, the port of Odesa had executed the first stage of dredging works of the restricted areas of Khlebnaya harbour, in particular the second reach of the Zavodskaya harbour channel.

It is insignificant that during the first call of the container truck it was shipped to the container terminal «Brooklin-Kiev port» a small volume of containers. The main thing is that in Khlebnaya harbour has got a waterway for modern container trucks calling.

Т.OVRUTSKAYA, «Odesa port worker».


The European countries have signed an agreement about protection of the river Danube

Representatives of the governments of 14 countries located in pool of the river Danube, have signed an agreement providing measures on protection of the European river. The sides have agreed that within the next 5 years they will try to lower essentially pollution of the river and to minimize a negative influence of anthropogenic changes of the channel, informs Ukrinform referring to France Presse. For this purpose it is necessary to make repeated naturalization of water-bog agricultural lands, to create natural barriers to flooding, to modernize dams and to improve danger warning and forecasting systems. Ukrinform


Kazakhstan has increased by third oil deliveries to Odesa

In January, 2010 railway shipments of crude oil from Kazakhstan in a direction Odesa-Peresyp-export are increased by 35 % in comparison with indexes of December, 2009 and have exceeded 200 thousand t. It became possible owing to growth of delivery volumes from the station Mahambet in 2,15 times — from 770 tanks in December up to 1658 tanks in January, 2010, informs NA "Trans-port". Shipments from the station Kulsary are also increased by 4,16 %. trans-port



Defense of fatherland is the privilege and duty of real men! Our sincere congratulations to the February, 23rd the Defender of the Fatherland Day! This holiday is special in our history.

On February, 23rd we pay a tribute of respect and gratitude to soldiers those who always protected and still protecting our fatherland.

We express gratitude and to veterans of the Great Patriotic War and local conflicts, those who serves the cause of our country.

A home and a fatherland defense are the first dues, which are a point of honour for everyone. For this reason the day on February, 23rd is a public holiday, the day of all strong, courageous, and strong spirit people.

Every man, whether he is it on a military post or is in a civil case engaged, is a fatherland defender in the first case.

On this remarkable day we wish with all the heart wellness, happiness, consensus and well-being for each family. Health and longevity to veterans! May this holiday of brave and courageous people be peaceful and joyful!

Yours faithfully, Chairman of Public organisation «Youth organization of Odesa port» I.Brovkin


Ukraine will agree with Algeria about sea trading navigation

Ukraine and Algeria intend to make an agreement in the sphere of sea trading navigation. It says about it at the disposal of the Cabinet № 234 from February, 17th. The government has authorized deputy minister of transport and communications Vasiliy Shevchenko to sign the corresponding intergovernmental agreement. As it was informed earlier, in December, 2009 the Cabinet of Ukraine and the government of Morocco have agreed about sea trading navigation. Ukrainian news


Marine export of iron ore to China from Ukraine has grown 2,5 times for 2009

According to customs of the Peoples Republic of China, in 2009 Ukraine imported to China 11,58 million sea t of iron ore that is 2,5 times more than in 2008. Nevertheless, the Ukrainian stake in of Chinese import of iron ore in total amount makes only 1,84 %. Also deliveries of ore from the republic of South Africa and Canada are showing over 2 times increase- by 140 % and by 130 % accordingly, up to 34,12 million t and 8,65 million t . The largest suppliers of ore to China in 2009 were Australia, Brazil and India. Thus Australia has increased import of iron ore to the Peoples Republic of China by 42,6 % - to 260 million t. Brazil has increased the export by 41,5 % - to 140 million t. These two countries are making 64,4 % of all Chinese import of iron ore. Deliveries from India have increased by 18 % - to 110 million t (17,1 % in total amount). As a whole import of iron ore by China has increased by 41,6 % in 2009 and has reached the performance in 630 million t, here the stake of state enterprises makes 64,4 % of all import. Thus Chinese metal plans have smelted 692,4 million t for 2009 which is 18,5 % more than in 2008. trans-port