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Tomorrow, 23.02.201, in connection with ice removing from the Odesa port‘s water area, starting from 0:00 AM by the order of the port‘s captain the end of the ice-campaign-2010 is declared. The port captain‘s order



The State customs service: The stake of import from the EU in the trade structure

During customs registration of film tape "Avatar" 400 thousand UAH has been allocated for royalty of its demonstration in Ukraine, at the end of a film distribution it will be paid about 1,5 million UAH for royalty. The press-service of the State customs service of Ukraine informs about it today following the results of a department board. As a whole in 2009 businessmen have independently declared 267 million UAH for royalty and other royalties against 250 thousand UAH in 2008. As a whole for a year the quantity of participants of foreign trade in Ukraine, carrying out import foreign trade operations, has decreased over 2 thousand Quantity of the registered import trading operations has decreased by 36 % and makes 790 thousand against 1 million 241 thousand in 2008. As a result of all negative factors influence there was an essential falling of import volumes to Ukraine, structural changes in commodity and geographical structure. In 2009 the volume of statistical (general) import of goods to Ukraine decreased in comparison with 2008 by 40 %, without gas - reduction in 2 times. Thus in the basic forecast macroindexes of economic and social development of Ukraine for 2009 reduction of import by 9,5 % is detected. There was also a reorientation of import from the EU countries on behalf of the countries of free trade. The volume of import without such strategic goods for Ukraine as gas, oil crude, mineral oil, mineral products, and also automobiles, has decreased by 48 % and has made 29,6 billion dollars. RBC-Ukraine


In January, 2010 the Ukrainian metallurgists have increased production against the last year's statistics

In January, 2010 metallurgical production and production of finished metal products has grown in comparison with the similar last year’s period by 26,6 %. The State committee of statistics informs about it. Besides, in January, 2010 in comparison with December, 2009 the metal production was decreased by 5,4 %. In January, 2010 pig-iron production in comparison with the last year’s period of last year has grown by 25,3 %, to 2,34 million t, and in comparison with December of last year was decreased by 0,8 %. Last month the production of steel except of the half-finished products of continuous casting, increased by 23 %, to 1,464 million t, and in comparison with December, 2009 have decreased by 2,9 %. In January, 2010 production of semi-finished products of continuous casting, increased by 29,1 %, to 1,292 million t, and in comparison with December, 2009 - by 0,4 %. Last month production of finished hire of ferrous metals increased by 24,2 %, to 1,415 million t, and in comparison with December, 2009 decreased by 3,7 %. In January, 2010 production of pipes of big and small diameters increased by 26,5 %, to 120 thousand t, and in comparison with December, 2009 decreased by 2,9 %. Last month production of steel wire increased by 10,5 %, to 21,2 thousand t, and in comparison with December, 2009 decreased to 3,1 %. Let's remind that following the results of 2009 metallurgical production and production of finished metal products in Ukraine was reduced by 26,6 %. In December metal production has grown by 2,1 % in comparison with November of last year, comparing with December, 2008 it has grown by 27,3 %. Business-portal



The port of Odesa has become a winner of the allukrainian award "TOP-ENERGY EFFICIENCY". SE «OCSP» presented the device project of a thermal pump and solar collectors in the building of fleet service in the nomination «Best introduction of energy effective technologies». According to head of ports energy supply service Boris Molchanskiy, the introduced innovation is recognized as the most progressive in the country that is noted by the special diploma. Automated heat supply station with integrated in the system heating pumps of the well-known firm WIESSMANN and solar collectors it is installed in the administration building on 28th berth and it is placed in operation at the end of the last year. The port invested 1.2 million UAH into its equipment. By calculations these means will pay off in 8 years. The power supply service represents the Odesa port in the named award already for the second time. Last year the project of a hot water supply modernization of a motor depot with the installed solar collectors was noted among the best introductions. Information. The allukrainian award "TOP-ENERGY EFFICIENCY" is held by the National agency of Ukraine on effective utilization of energy resources (NAUCM) according to the Cabinet order. V.VOLYANSKIY, «Odesa port worker».


The agrarian fund in March will start export of grain

The agrarian fund of Ukraine in March of this year will start export of grain, informs the Ministry of agrarian. As it is marked, the first shipments will in two-three weeks. Let's remind, within the modification of the Law of Ukraine "Of state support of agriculture of Ukraine", the right of grain export from the state intervention fund is given to the Agrarian fund. Thus the export volume cannot exceed 500 thousand tons.


Cargo transportation in Ukraine in January, 2010 was increased by 17,4 % - to 54,3 million t.

In Ukraine in January, 2010 it is transported 54,3 million t of cargoes by the Ukrainian transport enterprises that is 17,4 % more than the volume of cargo transportations in January, 2008. It says about it in the message of the State Committee of Statistics of Ukraine. The cargo turnover has been increased by 15,8 % what makes 27,3 billion t/km from the volume of January, 2009. The rail freight turnover has been increased by 9,2 %. The cargo turnover of Lvovskaya railway has grown by 33,6 %, on Donetskaya one - by 14,9 %, Yuzhnaya - by 12,7 %, Yugo-Zapadnaya - by 6,1 %, Pridneprovskaya - by 5,1 %, Odesskaya - by 4,7 %. The increase in a cargo turnover has taken place also in the field of river transport (by 74,3 %), pipeline (by 29,8 %), aviation (by 7,1 %), automobile (by 3,5 %), marine (by 0,1 %). Transportation of cargoes by railways in comparison with January, 2009 has grown by 12,9 %, including departure of cargoes - by 10,9 %. Sending of cargoes has increased on the Pridneprovskaya railway - by 29,8 %, Yuzhnaya - by 18,6 %, Donetsk - on 1,2 %, Odesa - on 0,9 %, Lvov - on 0,2 %. On the Yuzhnaya railway departure of cargoes has decreased by 3,2 %. Trabsportation of iron and manganous ore has increased by 47,2 %, wood cargoes - by 46,9 %, ferrous metals breakage - by 44,4 %, coke - by 21,6 %, ferrous metals - by 16,3 %, chemicals and mineral fertilizers - by 14,5 %, oil and mineral oil - by 8,3 %. Cement sending has decreased by 44,8 %, building materials - by 20,0 %, grain and grinded products - by 19,0 %, coal - by 1,4 %. Domestic sea and river merchant marine fleet have executed transportation of cargoes in 0,5 million volume t that is 6,1 % more than in January, 2009. Transportation of cargoes by river transport has grown by 42,2 % from the volumes of January, 2009, sea transport has decreased by 16,4 %. Foreign transportations of cargoes by sea transport were reduced to 17,5 %, river have grown - by 44,4 %. The cargo handling volume in trading and fish ports and on industrial berths (sea and river) has decreased for 0,7 % and makes 11,8 million t. Handling of inward cargoes has increased by 37,6 % export - by 18,2 %. Handling of transit cargoes was reduced - by 30,3 % and internal connection - to 36,5 %. Quantity of the processed ships - foreign and infraht - it was reduced to 4,3 % and has made 1,3 thousand units. By the motor transport enterprises (taking into account transportations by physical persons-businessmen) for January, 2010 6,6 million t of cargoes is transported that is 4,5 % less than the volume of transportations of cargoes in January, 2009 and the cargo turnover in volume 1,8 billion t/km which has grown by 3.5 % is executed. By the main pipelines in January, 2010 it is transported 17,8 million t of cargoes that is 38,7 % more than in January, 2009. Gas swapping has grown by 59,1 %, ammonia - 3,8 times. Oil swapping was reduced to 19,7 %. Gas transit has grown 2,1 times, ammonia in 3,5 times. Oil transit has decreased by 30,6 %. For 2009 by air it is transported 5.6 thousand t of cargoes that is 2,6 % more than volume of January, 2009. RBC-Ukraine


The Ministry of Transport and Communications suggests to simplify customs registration of containers in sea ports

The Ministry of Transport and Communications suggests the Cabinet to allow to cargo owners to spend customs registration of the cargoes imported in containers, in territory of sea trading ports. The given decision of The Ministry of Transport and Communications suggests the government to introduce changes into the decision of the Ministry №1989 from December, 24th, 2003 «Admission Questions through frontier of automobile, water, railway and air vehicles, carriers and cargoes which are being transported by them». Owing to entering of the given changes cargo owners can choose a place of customs registration of the cargoes imported in containers, between a check point in territory of sea trading ports and extraport cargo customs terminals. Earlier the Ministry by the decision № 279 from March, 5th, 2009 has defined that since January, 1st, 2010 customs registration and the control of the goods imported in containers should be carried out behind territory of the sea ports check points. At the same time, according to an explanatory note to the decision project, the organisation of customs procedures in extraport cargo customs terminals demands presence of the developed infrastructure of "dry ports» and a corresponding transport infrastructure. At present there is no such infrastructure in the country, and its development demands considerable time and investments. In the message it is noticed that owing to the ancellation of customs registration and the control of the imported goods in sea ports since 2010, there was an essential threat of loss of container turnover volumes. As it was informed earlier, the greatest capacities on processing of containers in Ukraine have got the Odesa sea commercial port and Iliychevsk sea commercial port (the Odesa region).



On February, 12th on 18th berth of the Odesa port official flag-raising ceremony of of the Ukrainian flag onboard the new tow-boat "Bulat" has taken place. In the solemn event were present: Hero of Ukraine, general manager of SE «Оdessa commercial sea port» Nikolay Pavlyuk, deputy director of the State sea administration of Ministry of Transport and Communications Victor Sudarev, deputy chairman of the Odesa regional state administration Peter Hlytsov, representative of DAMEN SHIPYARDS in Ukraine Vadim Akimov, director of the company "Tekom-leasing" Pavel Mukhin and journalists of the regional mass-media.

Henceforth the Odesa ports fleet service has got two powerful, small-sized and highly-maneuverable tows of the Dutch construction of the type ASD Tug 2310. According to the general manager of the port of Odesa port, «It leaves a problem of mooring operations with heavy-tonnage vessels for behind upon condition of constraint of ship canals and harbours...»

The contract on construction of "Bulat" , as well as the received two months earlier tow "Patriot", is executed by the world leader of shipbuilding DAMEN SHIPYARDS under the contract of financial leasing with company "Tekom-leasing". The vessels have been purchased by the port for 5 700 000 Euros each, without customs and leasing payments. The pay-back period - 5 years. Expected profit from each tow makes 8,5 million UAH per year. For the first full month of work of "Patriot" (December, 2009) the income of its operational activity has made 3,9 million UAH. The Both tows "Patriot" and "Bulat" have been constructed ahead of schedule.

Information. The towing fleet of the Odesa port presently reckons up 16 operating units, capacity from 250 to 5000 horsepower. Two new tows of the type ASD Tug 2310 are constructed on the shipyard of the Chinese branch of Dutch firm DAMEN CHENJE. The basic characteristics of shipss: length - 23,73 m, width - 10,43, capacity 4020 hp., speed (forward and backing) about 13 knots, draught on a hook - from above 47 t.

V.VOLYANSKY, «Odesa port worker».



On February, 15th on the automobile terminals berth № 37 of the Odesa port ro-ro type vessel SEA ANEMOS moored. There are 632 cars onboard the vessel, which are being placed in the territory of the automobile terminal. At the end of check operations of the port authorities the dockers of PHC-11 (production-handling complex) have immediately started to unload motor vehicles.

The ports automobile terminal is constructed in the territory of PHC-11. Its capacity allows to place up to 1100 motor vehicles. According to the supervising bodies requirements the terminal territory is equipped by necessary safety facilities (warehouse ferro-concrete covering, fence protection, fire gateways etc.). The automobile terminal is connected by the sixth turn of the overpasss with the basic transport port platform thanking to what car transporter trucks have got a possibility to outtravel the city boundaries, passing city streets. Berths of the port automobile terminal allow moorage of ships length of to 180m and draught of up to 9,2-9,75м.

R. SAHAUTDINOV, port main operation manager - head of port operation service.


The cargo turnover of sea commercial ports of Ukraine for January, 2010 has been increased by 4,9 % – up to 8,175 million tons

The cargo turnover of sea commercial ports of Ukraine for January, 2010 has been increased by 4,9 % in comparison with the last year’s index – to 8 million 175 thousand tons. Results of work of the country transport industry testify to it, published by the Ministry of Transport and Communications of Ukraine. Also it was informed that the volume of cargo transportations by railway of Ukraine in the accounting period has grown by 14,8 % in comparison with January, 2009 - to 29 million 860 thousand tons. Let's remind, that sea commercial ports of Ukraine in 2009 have reduced a cargo turnover to 17 % in comparison with 2008 – to 109,716 million tons. PortNews


"Port discounts" for foreign going vessels

Ministry of Transport and Communications of Ukraine with the order from 21.01.2010 N 19 has introduced changes into Dues and payments for services which are rendered to foreign going ships in the seaports of Ukraine, which state, that the foreign going cruise ships of the B-group (except of those who make passenger-cargo voyages) which navigate during the period from November, 15th till March, 15th, get the discount of 50 percent from rates of all sorts of Dues and payments. The order is registered in the Ministry of Justice on February, 2nd, 2010 on N 124/17419 and comes into force from the date of the official publication. Watch the full text of the Order here ЛIГАБiзнесIнформ