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Despite objective economic difficulties and unfavorable weather conditions, the port of Odesa port has finished the first month 2010 with an excess of the planned targets on the basic industrial and financial indexes. General manager of the SE «ОCSP» Nikolay Pavlyuk declares about that at a meeting with journalists on February, 3rd.

Thus, according to N.Pavlyuka, the cargo handling volume in January c.y. makes 2,14 million t. (140 % to the plan), incomes - 178 million UAH. (175 %), net profit 50,2 million UAH. (128 %), deductions into the State budget 26,3 million UAH. (118 %).

As the outlined positive tendencies the general manager has noted the stabilization of the container cargo traffic ("plus" 27 % to January, 2009) and the arrosen interest to the port from the side of the largest world cruise companies.

The last thing, according to N.Pavlyuk, is a direct consequence of the accepted in the last year‘s autumn the Governmental order about introduction of discounts for port duties on calling of cruise liners at the Ukrainian ports. Confirming his words the general manager of the port has shown the journalists ten fax documents from foreign tour operators with offers to increase the amont of passenger liners calls to the harbour of Odesa. N.Pavlyuk has expressed hope that already in two months, during the next tourist forum in Miami (USA), these suggestions will be realized through the signed contracts.



Ukraine has joined the European agreement on the international transportations of dangerous cargoes throught internal waterways

Ukraine has joined the European agreement on the international transportations of dangerous cargoes through internal waterways (ADN) on January, 28th, 2010, after the handing over by deputy minister-head of the State administration of sea and river transport of Ukraine Michael Chubay to executive secretary of the United Nations Yan Kubish of the corresponding legal document in the Palace of the nations of the United Nations Organization (Geneva, Switzerland), infors the press-service of the Ministry of transport and communications of Ukraine. The Ukrainian delegation as a part of experts of "the National classification society «Register of navigation Ukraine», representatives of Permanent mission of Ukraine at Branch of the United Nations and other international organizations was headed by deputy minister of transport and communications of Ukraine by M.Chubay. According to the agreement ADN Ukraine has got the status of the party of the agreement and has the right to vote at sessions of the Administrative committee of the European agreement ADN. The event has taken place within the limits of regular working group session on transportation of dangerous cargoes through internal waterways, sessions of the Administrative committee of the European agreement ADN and the Forum on safety issues on inland transport of the Committee of inland transport of the United Nations. During the thematic sessions of working bodies of the Committee of inland transport the United Nations delegates discussed measures of strengthening of safety and improvement of the operating international legislation on transportations of dangerous cargoes through internal transport ways to the European region. The delegation of Ukraine also has submitted on consideration of the Administrative committee of the agreement ADN the demand concerning inclusion of "the National classification society« the Register of navigation Ukraine »to the list of the organizations which are recommended for a recognition by the contractual parties of the agreement ADN. RBC-Ukraine



Today in the port of Odesa the veteran of the enterprise, the Hero of Socialist work, the Winner of the USSR State award the Deserved the worker of transport of Ukraine Nikolay Tymun was honoured. General manager of SE "OCSP" Nikolay Pavlyuk and chairman of the trade-union committee of the port Vladimir Zaykov participated in ceremony chief.

In 1971 N.Tymun headed a brigade of dockers of the second cargo area. After few years his 208th komsomol-youth brigade became the first brigade in the port, it was being charged the most difficult operations on loading-unloading of ships.

Labour productivity at «tymun-workers» was the highest in the system of the Ministry of fleet of the USSR. Colleagues from Leningrad, Varna, ports of Vietnam, etc. were coming to the foreman to share with experiences. On July, 20th, 1984 the foreman of the interbranch self-financing integrated complex brigade of the port Nikolay Tymun was awarded with the title Hero of Social Work.

On February, 3rd the honoured port worker celebrated his 70th anniversary. 47 from these 70 has been devoted to berths. «For a long-term honest work... and a comprehensive personal contribution into the development of the Odesa port...» The senior stevedore of Open Company "Novotech-terminal" Nikolay Aleksandrovich Tymun is awarded with the Medal of the port of Odesa.

A.STETSUCHENKO, «Odesa port worker».



Two swans have been saved death in the frozen water area by workers of Odesa port.

On February, 1st the employees of the petroarea of SE «OCSP» have found a swan the in water area which has frozen to the ice and have informed the department of environmental protection about it. At the instance of the port ecologists the fleet service has allocated tow-boat "Truzhenik" (captain V.Kravchenko) who carried the engineers of environmental protection department S.Perfilyev and A.Matushkoto to the petroharbour. Rescuers managed to direct an ice snippet with the perishing bird to warm waters where the water arrives fulfilled by city thermal power station. After a short time the bird was free.

The second swan in the similar circumstances was found near the 5th berth of the petroarea by the employees of departmental fire protection brigade. According to G.Maystrenko‘s, the bird was handed to the Odesa zoo.

N.Stepanova, "Odesa port worker"


Ice campaign - 2010 in the port of Odesa

Today, 25.01.2010 starting from 0:00 by the order of the captain of SE «Odesa commercial sea port » the ice campaign was declared . Port.Odesa.Ua


Ukraine and Slovakia intend to introduce the system of through tariffs for cargo transportations

Railways of Ukraine and Slovakia intend to introduce the uniform through tariffs for cargo transportation in the direction of East-West. Representatives of the Ukrainian and Slovak sides have agreed about it during a meeting of general director of the administration Michael Kostyuk, minister of transport, mail and telecommunications of Slovak Republic Lubomir Vazhny, chairman of the administrative council of Slovak railways Yuray Mravchuk, general director of joint-stock company "Railway society "Cargo Slovakia"" Matey Augustin and general director of state company "Railways of the Slovak Republic" Stefan Glinka. The sides are planning to discuss more detailed the new tariffs terms on January, 28th at the international conference on transit questions in the Zakarpatye city Chop. Business-portal


The president of Ukraine has promulgated the Security Council’s decision on participation of Ukraine in the antipiracy operation "Atalanta"

The decision of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine on participation of Ukraine in naval operation of the European Union "Atalanta" has been promulgated. It was told about it in the decree of the president of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko from the January, 20th, published on the head of the Ukrainian state’s official site. The decree comes into force from the date of its publication. It is entrusted to the government to prepare the corresponding suggestions. The Security Council of Ukraine in November, 2009 declared expedient the participation of Ukraine in the European Union’s operation EU NAVFOR ATALANTA. The participation of Ukraine in this operation is estimated in $4 million annually. The naval operation "Atalanta" is aimed against pirates nearby the Somalia coast. The European military men have the right bring down fire on the pirates hunting trade vessels. PortNews