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Contracts conclusion

Port concludes contracts with the legal persons and individuals - residents and non-residents of Ukraine:

1. Contract on transport-forwarding services.
2. Contract on agency services.
3. Contract on surveyor services.
4. Contract on shipchandler services.
5. Contract on transport-forwarding services of foreign economic and transit cargoes by port’s forwarders.
6. Contract on services of customs brokers.
7. Договор на фумигационніе услуги.

To conclude the contract with Odesa Sea Port Authority it is required:

1. To fill the registration card of contractor.
2. To submit entitling documents of the company (scanned ones, as specified below, in PDF format, size not more than 4 MB) .
3. To fill the standard form of request.
4. To send the data as per items 1-3 on following e-mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .
5. Port authorities guarantees signing the contract by Odesa Port within 7 work days since receiving the request by the Port and entitling documents of the company.

After 10 work days since receiving the request by the Port and entitling documents of the company it is required to the authorized person of a Contractor to arrive to the Property and Contracts department of Odesa port for signing the contract (Tamozennaya sq, 1, rooms #13-15, resp.Olga Pulenko, Alexey Myaskovskiy, tel. 048 729-31-66, 729-43-32).

To prolong the contract with Odesa Sea Port Authority it is required:

To fill the standard form of request to prolong the contract with Odesa Sea Port Authority.

It is prohibited to conclude/prolong the Contract with Odesa Port in following cases:

1. contractor has debt to Odesa Port;
2. contractor regularly breaks conditions of acting contracts;
3. lack of entitling documents of the Contractor;
4. discrepancy of information in rendered by Contractor documents.

The following entitling documents are required:
(certified by the seal of the company)

For the residents of Ukraine

1.Charter of the company or other similar document.
2. Extract from the Certificate on state registration of the company
3. Certificate of registration of the tax payer
4. Protocol of the meeting of founding parties about assignment of the director of the company or Power of attorney (if necessary)
5. Bank certificate about the current account
6. copies of contracts/contract with Line Agent of Container Line (for contract on transport-forwarding services)
7. copy of first page of passport of the person signing the Contract 

For the non-residents of Ukraine

1. Charter of the company
2. The registration certificate of country, where the company is registered (legalized).
3. Certificate of the bank about current account (about solvency).
4. The power of attorney on a person who signs the contract (should be legalized in the Ukrainian CONSULATE).

Abovementioned documents should be notarized in the place of issue and duly legalized in the Ukrainian CONSULATE (or apostillized according to the law).