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Sightseeing tour of Odesa port

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Sightseeing bus tour of Odesa port


Dear Odesa residents and guests of our city, if you check out the port website in the ‘Excursions’ section, you could ask the question: ‘Why do we need to go on an excursion, and even pay for this if the port is clearly visible from Primorskiy Boulevard?’


Count A.F. Langeron, one of the founders of our city, answered your question at the beginning of the 19th century: ‘The port here is the very existence of Odesa’ And we will credibly add that Odesa was born here. And only after passing through the entire regime area, you will discover the phenomenon of Odesa port - perhaps the city`s main attraction.

Indeed, through the bus windows you will see that our port is:

- an open-air museum with architectural and sculptural historical monuments preserved to this day; (photo collage of historical monuments)

- a mini city in a big city with a developed infrastructure: road junctions, streets, embankments, squares and parks, pump rooms, a hospital, a training center, a sports complex and a sauna, a gas station and a car wash, and even an arboretum; (photo collage of infrastructure facilities)

- a multi-purpose port of international importance with powerful terminals and unique specialized equipment; (photo collage of specialized complexes and equipment)

- the ecological flagship of the industry, which like in a reserve you will meet ducks diving in the icy waves, a squadron of feathery animals, and of course the Black Sea dolphins; (ecological photo collage)

- a city of professional masters, hard-workers of berths and the sea with their own traditions and dynasties. (photo collage from the heading ‘Your people, port!’)


Being in full view, the port is fraught with so many mysterious and interesting things, and in order to comprehend the phenomenon of Odesa port during the excursion program, you turn over the pages of history and plunge into the world of the modern port.


Still doubt? So, here you are:

If you were not in the port, then you were not in Odesa.


Tour cost:

- guide services - 90 UAH/person.

- motor transport services - 967.03 UAH/group

- the minimum number of guests in the group - 10 people

- maximum bus capacity - 55 people.

- duration - 1.5 hour


The procedure for booking the date and application form


Contacts: (048) 729-34-90, (048) 729-36-01 - for booking dates

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for applying for a tour