Day of Armed Froces of Ukraine!

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Опубликовано 06.12.2019 12:07
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The Administration and the Trade Union of Odesa Sea Port warmly congratulate all servicemen and veterans of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with their professional holiday!


In 2014, with the onset of actions in the Crimea and the Donbas, a number of employees of public and private companies of Odesa port were called to the Armed Forces of Ukraine and with arms in hand defended the independence and territorial integrity of our country. At the same time, the labor collectives of these companies provided effective assistance to the military hospital and participated in the reception and equipping of Ukrainian Navy ships withdrawn from Sevastopol. Even today, port Authority and the Trade Union are actively cooperating with the Naval Forces Command of the Armed Forces in the area of ​​strengthening our state's defense capability and social protection of the military.


On December 6, we bow our heads in memory of the heroes who gave their lives for Ukraine. Eternal glory to them!


On this day, we thank and regard the mothers who had raised their sons true patriots and blessed them to defend their native land in the forefront.


We express our respect to all servicemen who serve their people faithfully and truthfully, revealing courage, unbreakable spirit, boundless dedication to their homeland!


We wish our defenders good health, well-being, and family harmony, and to Ukraine peaceful heaven and prosperity!


With regards,

on behalf of the staff of the Odesa Branch of the SE ‘Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority’

acting General manager of the OB SE ‘USPA’ D.V. Karpov

the chairman of the Trade Union ‘OSP’ V.N. Zaykov.